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Design Ideas of Wall Claddings for Living Room

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Bored of the plain, old and lifeless walls in your living room? If yes, then there are two options to rejuvenate your life once again. Buy a new house or make the old one new with smart investment in wall cladding.

Ideas and inspiration for living rooms in India

You will be surprised to see how wall cladding can completely transform your room. The cladding designs getting popular in India are listed below:

  1. You can create an eclectic living room with designs of mosaics and wall panels made from natural stone.
  2. Both rustic and contemporary style homes in India are in love with the ideas of wooden wall inserts in the interior
  3. The photos of living rooms on the internet are beyond inspiration; you can achieve it with 3D wall cladding designs. For a sense of warmth use darker colors of materials.





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Wall cladding can leave a very mesmerising contrast on the wall and you can simply have the best surroundings in your living room with the help of wall cladding. Choose the best wall cladding according to your choice.

Wall cladding for the living room has the following benefits-

  • It gives a good look in the living room.
  • It makes the surrounding aesthetic.
  • It makes the living room more clean and perfect in appearance.
  • It makes sure that the viewer has the best experience.
  • It is affordable too.
  • Many designs are available in wall cladding options.

These were the best features or merits of wall cladding. One needs to choose the best wall cladding according to the price range.

Wall Cladding Designs For Living Room

Wall Cladding Designs for Living Room

One can choose the best wall cladding designs for the living room by considering all these wall cladding designs-

  • Board wall cladding design in various colour options is a good choice to consider.
  • Flat wall cladding looks simple and elegant too.
  • Wooden wall cladding at a very affordable price range is available.
  • Square-shaped wall cladding designs for a sleek look.
  • Shiplap wall cladding designs for a smoother finish and good touch.

One can choose from all these options and can choose the best living room wall cladding design yourself.

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Factors To Take Care Of While Wall Cladding

A few factors are needed to take care of while wall cladding and the factors are as follows-

  • Always note the material of cladding before choosing it.
  • Check the background of the wall and then start the cladding.
  • Go with a good finishing material.
  • Make sure that the cladding process is in your range.

All these simple and easy factors will make sure that your wall cladding experience will make your living room aesthetic and pleasant.

Along with wall cladding, you can try the simple pooja mandir designs for walls here. 

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  1. Really love the wall cladding Ideas that you have shared. Do you think wall cladding will look good with an exposed brick wall in my kitchen? Thanks for your ideas. Because I think the contrast between the two textures would be really interesting and it will add a lot of visual interest to the space. Let me know your thoughts.


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