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How to Choose The Best Bar Stools in India

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If you want the best bar stools in India, you have a huge selection to choose from. Bar owners should take their time searching for, evaluating, and selecting this essential piece of furniture for their establishments. 

You need to choose bar stools that are the appropriate height and design for your bar tables in addition to purchasing ones of high quality. If you’re looking to acquire bar stools, use these suggestions as a reference.

Your Bar Stools Should Be at The Proper Height

From the floor to the seat of a typical bar stool, it is 29 to 32 inches. Pair these with table heights between 41 and 43 inches. The standard distance between a bar stool’s seat and the surface of the bar table is 10 inches.

Your Bar Stools Should Be at The Proper Height

To determine the number of bar stools to buy, measure the width of the area. Measurements for comfort in general and elbow space should not be overlooked. If you are buying fixed bar stools, this is especially true.

Measuring the bar stool’s width and adding two inches for the elbow room will give you the width of space. 

If the result is 5.4, purchase five bar stools since it is preferable to have more room than to be crammed into a small area. The length of the bar counter is calculated by dividing that number by it.

Choose The Materials For The Bar Stools

Your bar stools’ pricing and quality are impacted by the materials used to construct them. Ensure that the bar stools you choose are durable and intended for professional use.

Your bar’s interior design should complement the bar stools you use. Buy items that meld into and enhance your design, whether you have an old-world bar, a tropical resort, or a modern cafe.

Choose The Materials For The Bar Stools

These pieces of furniture can be upholstered and are often built of wood or metal. If you can also go for customized furniture which is perfect for any place. Both the benefits and drawbacks of each of these choices are there. 

Bar stools made of wood and metal are dependable, long-lasting, and frequently maintenance-free. Bar owners that want comfort may opt for upholstered stools. 

They may be simple to maintain and clean, depending on the material employed. When serving food and beverages, the stain resistance of leather, microfibre, and polyester is more significant than that of cloth.

Select The Bar Stool’s Design

You must choose the design of your bar stool after deciding on the material. You can frequently pick among the following features:

  • Fixed or swiveling

Fixed or Swiveling Bar Stool

  • Both with and without a backrest

Both with and Without a Backrest Bar Stool

  • No armrests or armrests

No Armrests or Armrests Bar Stool

Consider utility and your ideal or target consumer base when choosing a style. Wooden swivel bar stools are mainly made from Sheesham wood. For instance, revolve easily back to their initial positions after usage, making them easier to get on and off of and requiring less rearrangement. 

For little children or senior visitors, swivel bar stools may be difficult to use. Additionally, your bar counter-stool design arrangement would need extra spacing.

You may buy barstools in a variety of designs and styles, from conventional to modern. Less room is needed for backless bar stools, which makes them easy to transport and fold away when not in use. 

These are perfect for overhanging or shallow counters. Extended sitting times are not recommended since these provide less support. Bar stools with backrests provide more support than those with armrests, but they also take up more room.

To make sure you’ll be happy with your purchase, take the time to measure your bar tables, examine the design and theme of your bar, as well as the other aspects previously stated.

Counter Height Against Bar Height

Although they relate to two distinct types of stools, barstools and counter stools are frequently used interchangeably.

For tabletop heights of 36 inches, counter stools have seats that are 24 to 27 inches high. 35 to 39-inch high tables should be paired with counter-height stools.

Counter Height Against Bar Height


To focus your product search on bar height or counter height models, we advise measuring the distance from the floor to the underside of your counter before placing an order. 

Here you can also decorate behind the bar tool with different wall shelves designs. 

Counter and Bar Stools with Adjustments

Of course, in an ideal environment, the aforementioned bar and counter heights may be possible. Your own counter or table height may be higher or lower than usual.

You’ll either need an extra-tall barstool or an adjustable barstool design that can meet your needs for extra-tall table or counter surfaces.

Counter Height Against Bar Height

These stool designs, as their name suggests, are specially made to be adjusted to fit a number of various heights.

The seat of this style of the barstool is fixed to a hydraulic column. You can adjust the seat height with the push of a lever, which is useful for young children or when you need to accommodate visitors of different heights.

Creative uses for bar stool seats are possible all throughout the house. To sit comfortably while preparing meals or to make a lovely breakfast nook nearby, place these tall chairs next to the kitchen countertops. 

By combining bar stools with standard dining chairs, you may also provide some variety to your dining space. And to save room on the floor once you’re done using them, tuck them neatly beneath the table or stack them.

Browse through this vast selection to upgrade your home bar right now, whether you prefer vintage stools with chintz padding or sophisticated hardwood designs.

S. No. Best Bar Stools In India Price
1. SAVYA HOME Bar Stool Rs. 4,249
2. STC Bar Stool Rs. 3,099
3. MBTC Bar Stool Rs. 2,689
4. AmazonBasics Bar Stool Rs. 5,699
5. CHAIRWALE Bar Stool Rs. 4,599
6. Urban Art Store Bar Stool Rs. 2,799
7. Finch Fox Bar Stool Rs. 6,999
8. Home Centre Bar Stool Rs. 5,950
9. INDIAN DECOR Bar Stool Rs. 2,789
10. Aaron Bar Stool Rs. 2,999

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A few people are particularly interested in an in-house bar. If you adore drinks and host plenty of parties, a solid bar setup is a must. You must spend money on the appropriate sort of bar seat for yourself if you want to significantly boost the aesthetic appeal of your establishment.  Finding the finest from hundreds of items requires a staggering amount of investigation and practical expertise. Thus, we have curated the best ones available. So, make advantage of this to establish your own bar. Enjoy Your Drinks!

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