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All about modern Indian design with colourful paint

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Many people have quarries about what colour they need to paint their walls. While we support the colours of the wall paintings in the premise in their interior space in the current fashion and decor, we also experience that it is a lot like trying to recognize what to eat for lunch on that one day.

Because there are many options, the choice comes down to your personality, the possibilities, and the results you want.

Modern textured paint design for home

Interior paint design

The dark paint shades give the house a classy, intimate, and luxurious charm. For example, dark crimson or perhaps fig is a rich, conventional wall coloring for a semi-formal or formal home.

In the room above, together with the painted wall, the curtains and chairs are colored in the fig. Dark wood tables add intensity to the room, although the white ceiling offers breathing space.Interior Paint Design

Similarly, dark shades of blue have emerged as popular house dyes. Indigo, navy, and ink blue are cutting-edge alternatives that effortlessly add a natural touch to your space.

Red is another excellent choice. Being an energy coloring, its darker shades are super for living rooms where conversations need to be stimulated.

In this room, the red-paneled accessory wall pairs fantastically with the hardwood floor, complemented by sofas with a warmth-like coloring. Choosing paint is also a very difficult task. 

If you need soft, soothing, eye-pleasing coloring on your room’s walls, choose from pastels such as powder blue, lavender, lilac, mint green, purple colour, etc.

But so the room doesn’t stand out as fancy as a child’s bedroom, it’s graced with sleek steel accents, glass-topped tables, state-of-the-art wood furniture, and quilted and woven furnishings. 

Exterior paint design

In modern exterior texture paint design, the brick wall texture is trendy. This colossal fame is ordinary; this is the perfect way to give exterior partitions a natural look without investing in installing stone panels or tiles. 

The charm of this basic, simple yet striking design is universal. Although many homeowners have selected this design, the wall still has a positive area of expertise that provides the attraction for the Indian house colour combination outside.Exterior Paint Design

Fabric texture design for exterior partitions with softer coloring is trendy due to the smooth and elegant look of the finish. Many industrial and residential business people in India want a sparkling appearance that is normal and beautiful. This texture is elegant, but it also has beauty in its minimalism.

Striped design! Homeowners who don’t want to look at hundreds of design templates need to stick with the striped design, which gives a graceful and punchy look to the partitions.

Have a look at the living room paint colour ideas for a new look.

It is the most favorite, and this contemporary design is very customizable, being one of the awesome exterior wall designs for the house. 

Pastels are the latest fashion today, so if you choose stripes for the pattern of the outer wall, shades of dark blue colour, pink, violet colour and grey could work excellently.

Whether interior or exterior wall design, Marble is every other adorable alternative you must look at! If you want a designer texture, an ultra-smooth look to the eye of the members of the house. The exterior wall texture design will remain famous for a lifetime.

Try these two colour combination for bedroom walls shown here as well.

Brand new multi-material designs that look beautiful and cutting edge. The over-contrasting palette of those textured paint designs for the exterior wall creates a top-notch experience and, as a result, has emerged as a required texture design for huge, state-of-the-art bungalows. Add some gold to the corners of the corners, and the design grows from raw to authentic beauty.


Choosing home paint colors is a vital part of your home. When you have to select the finest paint for your hall room, you should know that it is a thing where you could entertain guests, return from your work to relax, and spend most of your time in your home. 

Sure, you’re looking for a charming yet calming color scheme. Maybe that’s why some homeowners are surprised to see which colouring won the best room divider colour. The most straightforward manner of picking out the distinctive interior paint colours is initially the colours you love. 

Consider Reading:

When you begin with the colours you love, you aren’t sure about conventional colour schemes for a specific readorning style.

With your preferred colour as your base colour, you may use it to create a colour scheme around it. Your favorite colours may be the best suggestion for your new color palette for the complete home.

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