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Best Orange Two-colour Combinations for Bedroom Walls

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The colour orange represents youthfulness, energy, and happiness, and can even boost your creativity as well as uplift people’s moods.

Colouring your bedroom with orange colour can bring a lot of positivity and happiness. However, colouring the entire bedroom orange might look a little off-putting.

best orange color combo

Therefore, an orange two-colour combination for bedroom walls is a bright idea (pun intended). 

A two-colour combination not only creates an elegant space but also cheerful decor. Additionally, according to Vastu for colors, orange-painted walls in the bedroom signify power and encourage healthy relationships.

It is considered a colour of celebration and encourages you to express yourself better. Lastly, as per Vastu, shades of orange colour all around the house are ideal for prosperity and happiness. 

Orange two color combination

In this home decor guide, we will talk about the 7 best orange two-colour combination for bedroom walls. Let’s take a look. 

Orange Two Colour Combinations for Bedroom Walls

1. Orange and Yellow

Orange and yellow create a vibrant and striking combination. One way to create a two-colour combination is to paint one wall (preferably one behind your bed) yellow and the other walls to be painted orange. Orange yellow two color combination You can also colour your kid’s room in a vibrant yellow and orange two-colour combination for bedroom walls. 

2. Orange and Blue

The orange and blue two-colour combination in a bedroom walls adds a fun element to the walls. Both colours create a beautiful contrast that is playful in nature. Orange blue color combination for bedroom Additionally, if you are planning to paint your kid’s room orange and blue, it will make their room look happy and colourful. 

3. Orange and Red

It is a given that the combination of orange and red on bedroom walls is a bold choice. orange red bedroom walls And if you like bold colours then orange and red are for you and it goes without saying that orange and red are going to uplift the interiors of your bedroom.

If you throw an antique gold table in there, it will completely transform the space.

4. Patterned Orange Colour Combination

If you are hesitant to use orange in your bedroom, you can use orange colour modern texture paint designs for the bedroom. And this opens up a world of possibilities for your bedroom paint scheme. patterned orange bedroom You can use orange with a bunch of colours to add a lively touch. One idea to use this orange two-colour combination for bedroom walls is to add a unique orange pattern to one wall and keep the others plain. 

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5. Orange and Black

Orange and black are going to be a bold choice for your bedroom, but it is going to break the monotony and make it look more beautiful. orange and black two colors for bedroom walls While choosing the orange and black for your bedroom walls, choose black as your dominant colour. You can also get experimental with these colours and go for different patterns. 

6. Orange and White

If creating a feminine impression is your goal with your bedroom while keeping it elegant, you can choose an orange and evergreen colour combination. Orange white bedroom wall combination On the orange wall, make some unique patterns and keep the white walls plain to get a refined look.

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7. Orange and Wood

If you style it right, the combination of orange and wood can never go wrong. orange wood color combination You have to use the right amount of orange and the ideal shade of wood. If done right, your bedroom is going to look elegant yet modern. 

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To Conclude

In this guide, we explored some of the best orange two-colour combinations for bedroom walls. These combinations can be used separately or if you are feeling adventurous, you can also combine two styles to make a unique style of your own. 


  1. What two colours go well with orange?

Orange can work well with a lot of colours, but it looks best with yellow and white. The combination of orange with white and yellow can create vibrant and striking walls. 

  1. Is orange colour good for the bedroom?

Yes, orange is a great colour for a bedroom. Orange represents youthfulness, energy, and happiness. Not only that, oranges can boost your creativity and uplift your mood. According to Vastu, young and aspiring people should use orange shades on the southern walls of their bedrooms.

  1. Do orange and grey go together?

Orange looks amazing with black or white, but when combined with grey, it looks absolutely smashing. This is because grey is a cool colour and orange complements it perfectly. 

  1. What colours go well with orange in the bedroom?

Orange is a bright, citrus hue that livens up a bedroom. It works well with white, bright shades of yellow, green, and even red. Orange works great in a bedroom because it makes modern furniture look great.

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