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600 SqFt House Plan Designs for 1bhk, 2bhk, Duplex Home

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If you have a small lot, then you will want to find a house plan that is designed for a smaller area.

There are many different styles of homes, so you will want to find a house plan that reflects your personal taste.

In light of the pandemic and the current economic state, “tiny houses” have been getting increasing attention in the media.

People are opting for designs like a 600-square-foot house plan that includes 1 bedroom due to its practicality and affordability.600 square feet 3bhk house plan

Although the strategy of 600 square foot house plans is not groundbreaking, it has been around for centuries. In fact, many others who sought out a modest lifestyle often chose to live in small homes with limited furnishings. The idea is simply resurfacing again now.

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Just because your home will be smaller does not mean that it has to be boring or lack storage space either. 600 square feet house planThere are plenty of floor plans for 600 sq ft houses that include two bedrooms and even a garage!

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Why opt for a 600-square-foot home?

A common reason people build small houses is that they’re cheaper. The two main aspects that affect how much a house costs are the roof and foundation.

Since small houses have smaller roofs and foundations, the building cost is lower. why 600 sq ft house planIn addition, since the square footage of the property is smaller, the assessment and property taxes will be lower as well.

Building and maintaining a small home is significantly cheaper than traditional-sized houses, which includes things like legislation for solar panels and steel studs. Moreover, you have less surface area to cleanse and declutter. Sometimes, less really is more!

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Because of the room’s size, furniture and add-ons with clean, simple shapes are required. There is no space for sofas protruding into the walking path, for example. As a result, the inside has a sleek, modern, streamlined appearance.

Who Lives There?

A 600-square-foot house plan is perfect for those who want to downsize or live a more minimalist lifestyle. These homes are also great workspaces for people who work from home or wish to have their own private space.

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If you’re someone who wants to save money or doesn’t focus on material possessions, then this type of housing might be right for you.600 Square Feet House Plan

This house design may also be used as a guest home. It’s an ideal method to accommodate guests without disturbing the main household’s routine. Your visitors may socialize with you during the day. When it comes time to sleep, your visitors can go off to their own private cottage for a good night’s sleep.

A home of this size, nicknamed an in-law or granny home, is ideal for a family member who wishes to live near relatives without sacrificing independence and privacy. They may keep their pride and self-respect.

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600 sqft House Design

This country-style home is simple in design and construction, but it’s packed with character and charm. The property has 619 square feet of functional living area, including one bedroom and one bath, as well as two covered porches at the front and rear of the structure.600 sq ft house with porch design

The spacious kitchen, which measures in excess of 17’x10,’ opens into the large living area, which is approximately 17’x22′. The hall bath includes large vanity, toilet area and tub/shower combination with private access to the bedroom.

This is a modern single floor house design that has spacious bedroom with an enormous walk-in closet and a private entrance to the adjacent screened or covered porch space; this area is ideal for early morning coffee, as it adjoins the bigger covered porch off the kitchen.

600 Square Feet 2 Bedroom House Plans

It can be difficult to pick the right 2 bedroom house plan design from all of the different options available, which is why some people prefer to look through books and magazines specifically focused on houses. 2bhk 600 square feet house plantKeep in mind that you should ultimately choose the floor plan based on what best suits your needs as a family.

Open-concept kitchens that are visible from other rooms is a design trend for houses of all sizes, not just large homes. With one or two bedrooms downstairs, this house is both budget-friendly and filled with natural light.

Perfect for anyone who prefers a more simplistic layout, each bedroom has its own closet space. In addition, the attic area near the slanted ceilings on the upper level can be used for storage or anything else you might need.

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The home has two loft bedrooms, both with private bathrooms and a shared staircase. A cozy fireplace is available in the great room. Behind the kitchen counter, you’ll find a washer and dryer.

2 BHK 600 sq ft house Plan

This design is great for first-time homebuyers with tiny properties. Its meager size and low cost are balanced by its numerous important features.2 bedroom 600 square feet house plan

Most prefer an open kitchen that leads to the dining or living room because it allows the cook to be social with visitors and watch children play.

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Duplex 600 sq ft House Plan

On this floor, you will find a Kitchen complete with a laundry room off to the side. 6 square feet is the bathroom’s surface area. north facing duplex house planIn terms of size, the utility space measures 12 square feet and lies in the southeast part of the house.

The shared bathroom is of standard size and is located near the stairwell. This Bangalow design will feature an extra large sit-out for parking. This 600 sq ft duplex house features some unique column locations as well.north facing first floor 600 square feet house plan

The layout of each room is described in detail, including measurements and suggestions for furniture placement. The upper level is built to the same dimensions as the lower.

A balcony measuring 6.6 × 6.6 feet and facing north is also included in the living room, which measures 6.6 × 6 .6 feet overall and faces north.

To facilitate air circulation, large windows were incorporated into this house’s design. You can also have a look at some beautiful and trendy 15 by 30 house plan listed here for reference.

600 Sq Ft 1BHK House Plan

The ceiling of the basement is entirely covered with a water heater in the winter. A modular kitchen may be accessed in this design. 20 by 30 house plan 600 square feetThe master bedroom can be found past the kitchen, in which you’ll discover all you need for your stay. A modern bed, TV cabinet, and dressing area/wardrobe are among the furnishings provided.


Be sure to take into account the size of your family, the amount of available space, and your budget when making your decision.

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