Vastu for Black Horse Shoe


When we talk about vastu we mainly concentrate on the walls of the house. The overall interior of the house etc is where our focus is. We have to keep in mind that vastu shastra is a science where we have to take into consideration every aspect of the house including the doors and the windows. Every home has some drawbacks which can be rectified with the help of vastu shastra.

When a vastu specialist analyses the various facets of the house he will first take into consideration the main door of the house. The ideal condition would be to have 4 doors in all the four directions. But practically speaking this may not be possible for most of us in today’s world. Talking about doors one needs to focus on the main door or the entrance door of the house. The entrance door should open in the East, North or North East direction of the house. The main entrance door has to be larger than all the other doors in the house. The main door should always be presentable, clean and decorated.

Since the main door is the first thing about the house which an outsider will see it is important to protect the main entrance door of the house. Several remedies are used by people for the purpose. Hanging of lemon and green chillies on the main entrance is one way by which people try to keep evil eye away from their homes. As per vastu shastra one of the most widely used remedy to keep all bad and evil things from entering your house is by using a black horse shoe at the entrance door.

Black Horse Shoe

Horse represents valor and energy. It is believed that when a horse runs he will take in all the positive energy and will give away all the negative energy. Similarly it is believed that the horse shoe (काले घोड़े की नाल) will absorb lots of magnetic energy. It becomes so powerful with the positive energy that it can easily repel negative energy. Therefore it is considered to be auspicious to nail a black horse shoe at the main entrance. It is believed that when you place a horse shoe on the main entrance then it absorbs and transmits positive energy into your house. At the same time it does away with all negativity. It does not allow negative energy to enter into the house. It protects the house from evil eyes and bad omens.

Black Horse Shoe on Door


The placement of the black horse shoe at the main entrance is of importance. Nail it on the top of the door. When you nail it make sure that the ends are pointing in the upward direction. This will help the horse shoe to absorb and store positive vibes and energy. Never ever nail the horse shoe with the ends pointing downwards. This position will result in loss of positive energy. If you want to bring positivity and good luck into your house then use this tried and tested method. The pinning of horse shoe at the main entrance door has been used by people since ancient times.

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