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A Complete Guide To The Arrowhead Plant

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A green home is a happy home, and you make your home a happy place by decorating your house with indoor plants.

Indoor plants have the ability to turn a dull place into a bright one, boosting one’s mood significantly.

You should be glad to know that indoor plants are easy to maintain, provide great health benefits, suitable for different climates, and can be an essential décor component even in small rooms. arrowhead plant benefits

One of the most popular indoor plants, the Arrowhead plant gives a very charming outlook to any space.

Easy to take care of and adding to the aesthetics of your room, this plant can be an amazing go-to indoor greenery choice. 

What Is the Arrowhead Plant? 

The Arrowhead or Syngonium podophyllum is a native plant to Latin America, from Ecuador to Mexico, and is said to be a close relative of the philodendron plant. arrowhead plant There are many Arrowhead plant varieties based on their size and colors. You could get your hands on these viny plants in colors such as evergreen, pink, white, or even a combination of them.  

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Benefits Of the Arrowhead Plant

The arrowhead plant benefits are plenty. Have a look below at some of the benefits you should aware of before bringing an arrowhead plant home:

  • It is a perfect natural air purifier as it can easily filter VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, and xylene from the air. Thus, fresh air is what you will always get with the arrowhead plant. 
  • It is great for maintaining indoor humidity levels and creating the most stable temperature for improved productivity levels. 
  • They do not need much care to grow. Even under miniscule light, it can maintain its charming look. Similarly, this plant can thrive very comfortably without fertilized soil
  • They come in different sizes and eye-appealing colors which makes it a great gift to anyone. 
  • This plant has heart-shaped leaves and grows as an attractive vine, making it a great addition to any part of your home. Overall, the interior beauty of your home will improve tenfold with this plant. 
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Arrowhead Plant Varieties 

Lucky for you, the arrowhead plant indoor is ranged across many varieties. The most popular arrowhead plant for indoor use are the ones mentioned below. types of arrowhead plants If you want to bring positivity into your home, then, these plants can do the job for you!

  • Pink arrowhead plant or Pink Allusion
  • Holly
  • Wendlandii
  • Trileaf Wonder
  • Exotic Allusion
  • Bold Allusion
  • Emerald Gem
  • Pixie
  • Five Fingers
  • Strawberry Cream Syngonium
  • Maria Allusion
  • Berry Allusion
  • Emerald Green

The pink arrowhead plant or those that have a hint of pink hue on them are more popular than the ordinary green ones.  

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Arrowhead Plant Care

People often mistake the arrowhead plant to be a high-maintenance indoor place. But this is not the case! You can understand these factors for an easy arrowhead plant care journey. 


You must let this indoor plant partially dry out between regular watering sessions. Its lower leaves are prone to dry out and turn a dull brown if left dry for an extended period of time.  watering a plantIf this occurs, you must moisten the existing soil and allow the plant to rehydrate. But simultaneously, if the soil remains damp for a prolonged period of time, the leaves will be prone to turn yellow or brown.

You also have to be careful to not overwater the arrowhead plant in water because when this happens, oxygen is prevented from reaching its roots, and being absorbed by it.  The soil’s bog-like condition will become an ideal place for bacteria to thrive.

You should also try swiss cheese plant for your home as this is also a good indoor plant.

An easy hack to this challenge is to water less but at frequent intervals. This hack will prevent the roots from decaying and the soil from drying up.

If your leaves are suddenly turning yellow or brown, try this arrowhead plant in the water method.

Soil for Arrowhead Plant 

Potting mix that is high in organic material and nutrients while still being able to drain effectively is ideal for all arrowhead plant propagation. soil for arrowhead plant Most peat-based or coco coir packaged potting soil mixes will suffice, but you need to make sure that they don’t contain water-retentive crystals, which might cause the soil to stay damp all the time, causing the plant’s roots to rot.

If you are feeling daring, you could even try making potting soil on your own! You must even remember that during the growing season, arrowhead plants should be fertilized twice a month with 12 – 14 strength full liquid fertilizer.

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In the early spring, you must use a slow-release fertiliser or top dress with vermicompost or vegetable compost. Arrowheads are fast-growing plants that greatly benefit from fertilization since it promotes the development of large leaves and a robust root system.

Light for Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead plant propagation requires easy light availability. If grown in medium to strong indirect light for a minimum of 6 hours daily, they will develop quicker and continue to retain their beautiful coloration and markings. lighting for plants care

If there is too much light, the foliage will burn, so ensure keeping it away from sunny windows. Northern placements are ideal for growing the plant.

If the plant becomes yellow, then you must understand that the plant is obtaining too much light.

If your room is light-challenged, you can grow these plants even under artificial lights. LED grow lights perform wonders because they are energy efficient and emit less heat.

Note: snake plant is also a good plant for indoors. Know the benefits here.

During the winter, you can try relocating your arrowhead vines closer to the natural light source, and remember to follow plant rotation each time you water them.


Arrowhead Vines thrive in temperatures ranging from 15 to 27 C. temperature for plants grow They are not suitable for growth in low temperatures below 10°C.  like it when the temperature drops below 50°F. 

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The arrowhead plant benefits one in many ways. From helping you breathe in cleaner air to bringing in praises from your guests about your home aesthetics, you could never go wrong with this plant.

Although they are easy to take care of and do not require much maintenance, you need to be careful at all times to avoid any form of overgrowth or drying up.

Used as an indoor plant for many decades, the arrowhead plant can also be the perfect housewarming gift. You must get your hands on the arrowhead plant if you are a plant lover now!

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