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One of the most challenging areas of the house to decorate is the kitchen, where practicality often takes precedence over comfort. Open shelves can make a room look cluttered, and since they are in the middle of the house, that’s where most things accumulate. This article includes practical advice on how to decorate kitchen counters/ cabinets or Shelves. 


  • A collection of styling ideas for stunning open shelving is provided here.
  • Similar in the group. Usually, odd numbers look better.
  • For more variety, stack different sizes together. 
  • A board for cutting 3-Keep your color scheme to no more than two palettes that are opposite or related.
  • Transfer dry goods like pasta, sugar, and so on. to smaller storage containers like auxiliary jars.
  • Include plants, particularly the ones that come after. 
  • Combine elements that are both appealing and useful.
  • Keep them in order.

Place The Ornaments In The Cabinets Of Your Kitchen

  • Finely crafted stemware hanging wine containers are available in our Mette and Lotte collections; however, if space is limited, open shelving that makes use of wall space may be an option. Beautiful tableware is sure to be found if you like to decorate.
  • Always keep your collection consistent to keep your shelves and hooks clutter-free.
  • A good way to soften your style and make your kitchen more comfortable while also making it less useful is to decorate the cabinets.Because their cascading leaves and vines can soften edges and addcolor on open shelves, a few houseplants in attractive pots can achieve this look. It instantly makes you feel at home and warms you up.

Regular Requirements:

  • Among the most prevalent items on open kitchen shelves are everyday items like coffee mugs, bowls, and plates. Due to two factors, these items fit well on open shelves.
  • They are kept close at first, which significantly speeds up the morning and is especially helpful for visitors who want their water glass or coffee mug without having to look through all of the cabinets.
  • Second, putting items that are used frequently on the shelf will keep dust from building up. The item will eventually become obsolete over time if used frequently.You can also put all the mentioned things below in a Small modular kitchen. There are some small modular kitchen designs on a low budget that are perfect for any type of home.

Coffee shop 

If you have a nice coffee maker, you should have a place to keep fresh beans, sugar, coffee spoons, and other things you need to make the best cup of coffee. Simple A station with some trusted cookbooks and a floating shelf above the unit is created to store everything.

Kitchen Coffee Shop

For those who enjoy drinking tea (or homemade soda), you can store tea bags, honey, syrup, cups, and saucers. The list goes on and on.

Think carefully about whether these things should be kept outside the refrigerator because they might get warm sunlight or exhaust fumes from nearby appliances.

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Combine and Contrast

By combining jewelry and functional items, you can create the ideal balance between style and substance. Mix functional items like serving bowls, mugs, and recipe books with artistic items like plants, artwork, and carved vases when choosing what to put on open shelves in the kitchen. increase.

Combine and Contrast for Kitchen

Glasses for Show or Wine

Since everyone needs wine on a Saturday night, always have a glass on hand. Wine glasses and bottles of wine can fit on many open shelves. Make sure you wear them with big, thin glasses for a posh look

Glasses for Show or Wine

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Antique ornaments and trinkets 

Not only do they add character to otherwise plain walls, but they can also be used to store small items like keys and loose coins. For concealing your belongings, rustic storage boxes offer convenience. Vases, bottles, and urns interesting treasures work well here.

Antique ornaments and trinkets 

Delicate Plant 

We believe that the best way to complete a room’s decor is to include indoor plants and foliage. Additionally, they are an excellent addition to your room when placed on attractive open shelves. It’s a great way to start. We recommend hanging plants on shelves that are exposed.

Delicate Plant for Kitchen On the unit’s sides, books and tableware can be arranged and hung naturally. There is no such thing as too many plants. A tranquil and picturesque urban forest can be easily created by planting multiple plants.

Serving Dish 

Select attractive and useful shelving solutions to ensure that your kitchen necessities are always easily accessible., choose Nordic dinnerware that has been finished by hand. This creates the desired appearance.

Serving Dish


Thinking outside the box can greatly expand your storage options, depending on your available space. Installing hanging shelves above your kitchen island or tucking slim shelves under your furniture will provide you with the most storage space possible.


Q.1 What can be kept on the open shelves in the kitchen?

Start by putting things like kitchen utensils and spices on shelves. Put potted plants and colorful artwork in your kitchen to make it stand out.

Q.2 How can you decorate the kitchen shelves?

To fill the empty shelves with decorative items you can add kitchen essentials like spices, utensils, and other utensils. On the open shelves, you can also place potted plants, vibrant artwork, vintage ornaments, and keepsakes.

It can also be decorated. The result is that the kitchen is warm. Additionally, if you want to give your kitchen a personality, add some stunning-colored tableware. These straightforward concepts for decorating the kitchen work in any setting.

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