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Johnson Tiles India: All About Johnson Tiles & Catalogue

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Johnson Tiles is one of the largest tile manufacturers in India, offering a wide range of floor tiles, wall tiles, and bathroom tiles.

Its vision is to be the most admired and respected tile company in the world, known for its quality, service, and innovation.

This is an admirable goal and one that the company is well on its way to achieving. Johnson Tiles has years of experience in the tile industry.

It is this experience that has allowed the company to perfect its craft and become one of the leading tile manufacturers in India. Let’s look at the company details.johnson tiles in india

Overview: Johnson Tiles India

In 1958, H & R Johnson (India) was founded, quietly operating in a variety of areas of your life. They believe that honesty, integrity, and fairness are core values that should guide all actions. Johnson Tiles also recognize the importance of teamwork and are always looking for ways to promote creativity and innovation.

By adhering to these values, they hope to achieve the vision of becoming the premier provider of innovative products and services.

Key Features of Johnson Tiles

H & R Johnson is the most reputable tiling company in India, and they are committed to passing on the brand’s value and trust with each item they create. As a result, their Felspar Mines are self-owned and soluble salts, punches, and inks are produced in-house. All of this is done to assure that H & R Johnson keeps every promise it makes to you regarding quality assurance.

Johnson has the most up-to-date manufacturing plants in key locations throughout India. Their tile manufacturing machinery is manufactured using cutting-edge technology from worldwide leaders in the field.

H & R Johnson has more than 1,000 unique dealers and over 10,000 sub-dealers, 35 locations, and several House of Johnson wall tile and floor tiles showrooms to ensure that the very best items are accessible across India. More significantly, with Pan India customer care at your fingertips, the brand provides after-sales assistance.

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Johnson Tiles have taken several actions to meet this obligation, both large and little. They strive to reduce the needless consumption of critical natural resources as a part of their Vision & Mission. To this end, they utilize more environmentally friendly energies like biomass energy and wind power. They also make use of local materials and keep manufacturing and distribution local to minimize transportation fuel usage.

Products Offered

Johnson Wall Tiles

In both residential and commercial settings, wall tiles are critical. In homes, other applications from bathroom and kitchen walls to television back walls, dining area highlighter walls, and passage walls where photos may be hung are common.johnson wall tiles india

Designer tiles from a wide selection of Johnson tiles may be used to tile a specific wall in your home. Select Johnson wall tiles with a natural stone or cozy wood design and use them to complement the rest of your decorating ideas and lighting.

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Johnson Floor Tiles

There are a lot of alternatives for this area. One may choose based on the house’s overall feel or by tile surface finish. In recent years, most people have started to use larger tiles to minimize grout lines and achieve a seamless appearance. Small size tile, on the other hand, allows one to make lovely designs.johnson india floor tiles

Among the many alternatives for flooring, such as wood, Italian marble, or other Marble, tiles, Granite, Slate, Carpet, Terrazzo (tiles), and new generation porcelain tiles are considered the ideal solution.

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Tiles are a great choice for any contemporary space that seeks to keep its high design standards and appeal without sacrificing functionality. Ceramic tiles, in particular, combine the latest technology with an unprecedented number of designs, finishes, sizes, and more. They’re not simply the greatest option because they have superior technical supremacy and ease of maintenance than other flooring choices like wood, Italian marble, granite, or slate; they’re also the greatest alternative since they offer a wider range of styles than porcelain or ceramic tiles do.

Commercial Tiles – These are tiles with heavy foot traffic that are intended to be both visually appealing and robust and long-lasting. H & R Johnson offers a variety of choices in numerous sizes, textures, and styles. Choose floor tiles that match your needs carefully.

Johnson Kitchen Tiles

There are two parts to a kitchen tiling project: the walls and the floor. Johnson Tiles recommends using stain-free, scratch-free tile for your kitchen flooring and easy-to-clean wall or dado tiles. To create a seamless appearance, people frequently extend their living room floor tiles into their kitchens.johnson kitchen tiles india

Black, white, and grey are always popular, but they also have a wide range of colors to choose from. Johnson Tiles has everything you need to complete your kitchen tiling project.

Johnson Bathroom Tiles

This is the chamber that most emphasizes cleanliness and safety. For the greatest impact, use tiles that are simple to clean, slip-resistant, and germy-free for your bathroom tiles design while getting bathroom construction done.

Perhaps the most secluded and little room in a home is recognized by many illustrious individuals for providing clarity on big issues! bathroom tiles from johnson indiaWhile cleanliness and pleasant environments are still the most crucial criteria for Indian urban bathrooms, which are frequently tiny, one may replace the design in seconds with designer bathroom tiles or 3D bathroom tiles!

There are several alternatives for your bathroom floor tiles. One might make a choice based on the house’s overall theme or by tile surface finish. People nowadays typically choose huge size tiles to ensure minimum grout lines and a seamless appearance. Small size tile, on the other hand, allows one to create wonderful designs.

Johnson Terrace Tiles

Endura Cool Roof SRI tiles, created by John Deere, reflect the sunshine and keep the inside temperature cool. It has developed a unique glazing technique that enables the tiles to reflect a substantial amount of solar heat.johnson terrace tiles

The outdoor space must face harsh weather and a high volume of footfall. Johnson has developed strong, aesthetically beautiful, UV-resistant, and slip-resistant tiles especially created for the outside space to alleviate your concerns.

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These johnson tiles come in a variety of colors and may be used as balcony tiling, passage tiling, or terrace flooring.

  • Roof tiles with a Johnson Endura Cool Roof (SRI) moniker, for example, are a series of one-of-a-kind tiles that protect your building from the hot rays of the sun. For terraces, balconies, and exteriors, as well as to beat the heat within your house and save energy.
  • The Johnson Endura Designer Collection includes elements of beauty and attractiveness to the robust (12mm thick) all-weather tiling choices, which are elegant and durable. Come witness a revelation of beauty and power ready to dominate your home.

Johnson Industrial Floor Tiles

Endura was the original and most revered industrial tile solution. The surfaces in this room are exposed to forces generated by the harsh physical and chemical conditions within industrial units as well as other regions inside and outside of factories.johnson industrial tiles

Johnson’s Endura Industrial Floor tiles, which are strong, long-lasting, acid-resistant, and scratch-free, are the greatest option.

The Johnson Endura Meteor collection is the best choice for outdoor usages, such as Gardens, Pathways, Verandahs/Porches, public areas, corridors & swimming pool decks because it includes scratch-resistant and UV-resistant tiles.

Johnson Elevation Tiles

3D design, stone cladding texture, and exclusive front wall tiles design in indian house and latest patterns are becoming increasingly popular in India because they are the most effective technique to create a long-lasting appearance with no maintenance.johnson elevation 3d tiles

Light-bodied tile with scientifically engineered grooves is used to make better bonding with the foundation while preventing de-bonding even after decades of installation.


Tiles are an important part of any home, both for their functionality and their aesthetic appeal. They are durable and easy to maintain, making them a great choice for busy families or those who want a low-maintenance home.

For a more unique look, elevation tiles are a great option.

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  1. Great blog post about Johnson Tiles! As someone who’s interested in interior design and home renovation, I found this article to be very informative and helpful. It’s great to see the different types of tiles and styles that Johnson Tiles offers, as well as the various applications they can be used for. The images and descriptions are also very useful for getting a sense of what the tiles look like in real life. Thanks for sharing.


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