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Transform Your Living Room with Stylish Wall Clocks

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The famous quote “Time is what we want most but what we use worst” defines the value of time in a wonderful way, but this is not only valid for time but also for the style in which we place time at our home. The days have gone when we display old age boring clocks which give ugly looks.

And, yes, now is the time where we have ample options to display wall clocks as per our taste, ranging from different colours to different sizes and ending up at different styles and shapes.

In earlier times, wall clocks were considered important element in our life where we don’t have mobile phones to check time and every time to confirm time, we look at the wall clock, but now the time has changed and wall clock has become an important accessory or we can say important part for our interior design considering the impact it makes on our mind when we look at it which is well-made and well-placed.

From the word “well-placed” it can be defined as the making best combination of our interior design where it has to be displayed.

If we consider the fact of displaying a grey colour clock over a grey wall, obviously it will not match up and will give a look to both walls as well as to the clock.

And, now if we consider clocks in some shape, for example boat shape which is made in different colours like light orange with some spice of white and some touch of white inside the clock where numbers are displayed.

How does it look? Different people with different minds are thinking and the conclusion everyone got attracted to that clock! So, now compare the old wall clock you had at your time or still have in your home and the wall you thought in mind.

Which one do you like? Of course, everyone will select an imaginary clock with boat shape. So, if you liked that wall clock then what are you waiting for? We should explore modern wall clock ideas and should start working over them to give our own house a modern look. Come with me and know about the ample ideas we have.

Types of Wall Clocks 

Moon shaped wall clock

This is the perfect style for the ones who are looking for space ideas.

It can also be an option for a kids room where we customize as per their preferences like a space style room including its room, wallpaper, colour, bedsheets, décor etc.


This would work as cherry on the cake. Other than this, this moon shaped wall clock will work perfect for the living room with mute colour walls and modern pattern.

Balloon bouquet design metal wall clock

This is the option for the ones who are preferring modern style clocks in steel pattern design. This will work over dark walls as well.


Imagine the interior with dark colour or even light colour wall with this wall clock and interior with black or dark shape dining table with flower pot. It will definitely look impressive.

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Nordic style wall clock

Just look at this wall clock and its interior and wall colour. You don’t have to think twice for this clock to select.

I love peacocks and cannot stay away from displaying them in any form so this is the perfect idea to display them. It comes in various forms, sizes in steel form.

Fibonacci wall clock

It is an Italian designer wall clock inspired by Fibonacci sequence tea-small quiet wooden clocks especially for living rooms in different sizes.


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Photo collage wall clock

Another option by displaying memories across the clock. This is another way to show your memories.

Guitar wall clock

If one likes playing guitar, then it’s the perfect option to respect your hobby by displaying it in some other form.


Customized wall clock

You can even customize your wall clock as per your taste and requirements. Like I have customized this clock with my family picture.


You can even customize as per your picture or even collage picture or old school memories.

Large modern wall clock with pendulum

Perfect option for the ones who want pendulum designs. With different designs, colours etc. Just look and think of it.

  • Modern wall clock sailing boat
  • Luxury modern minimalist wall clock
  • Peacock shaped wall clocks
  • G-clef music wall clock
  • No border wall clock
  • 3-D acrylic wall clock
  • Mute wall clock bright hall wall clock
  • Wooden painted girl wall clock
  • Radial sunburst diamond silent wall clock
  • Large mid-century modern wall clock
  • Curved modern wall clock with pendulum

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