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Vastu for Drawing Room to Bring Positivity and Prosperity in Modern Day Living Room

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Drawing Room or Living Room Vastu is basically the methodical knowledge that is bequeathed upon us by our seers. The guidelines and principles of Vastu can be easily and smartly integrated into designing and creating a beautiful and modern drawing-room. As a result, you will see your modern-day living room making your life healthier and meaningful. From selecting the best location for drawing to color scheme and arrangement of accessories and furniture, the Drawing Room Vastu covers it all to make the living space truly profitable for you and your family. Below are some of the Vastu principles which you need to keep in mind when designing a drawing-room to make it the space full of memories, fun, and positivity.

Drawing Room Location

The best drawing room location is actually based on the direction of the house entrance. As per the Vastu Shastra Experts, the best location for constructing a drawing room is the northeast direction for the houses that faces north or east. Houses that face west can choose the northwest direction for constructing the drawing-room. The south-facing houses must prefer choosing the southeast direction of the drawing-room. As per Drawing Room Vastu Tips, the drawing-room must be constructed on central west, central south, central east or central north of the house.

Arrangement of Sofa and Other Accessories in Drawing Room

Every modern-day living room has a beautiful and designer sofa set and placement of the sofa in the drawing-room according to Vastu is extremely important. Vastu guidelines state that the sofa set must be placed against the west and south walls of the drawing-room. If these locations of your drawing room are blocked, then you may place the sofa set on the east side of the walls. Since the windows of the drawing-room are always on the north side, it is best to place the sofa set to the opposite walls to make the room look beautiful. Besides you need to place the other accessories in the drawing-room in following directions.

  • Landline Phone – Southwest
  • Appliances – Southeast
  • Furniture – Western and Southern Corners
  • Showcase – Southwest Corner
  • AC or Cooler – North or West
  • Pictures and Water Fountains or Aquariums – East or North Area
  • Door – North or East
  • Chandelier – Towards West, but not at Centre
  • Windows – North or East

Placement of these accessories must be in the mentioned direction only to bring in prosperity and positivity in your house. These guidelines are also applicable for the dining room also as Vastu for Dining Room also states the same direction for the accessories.

Colour for Drawing Room

To make the drawing-room look attractive and alluring homeowners make use of different color schemes. Paints on the walls play a crucial role in making the drawing-room look beautiful and it also represents the nature and persona of the homeowners. But the selection of the colors for the drawing-room must be done carefully according to Vastu. According to Vastu for Drawing Room Colour, homeowners must prefer choosing blue, white, green or yellow for the walls of the drawing-room. These colors make the room look positive, larger and brighter.

Remember to paint the east and west walls with light shades so that the sunlight engulfed in the room brightens the area. You must avoid using black or red color or any other dark shades for the walls of your drawing room as it brings negative vibrations.

Some of the Extra Vastu Tips for Drawing Rooms

According to Vastu, having exposed or external beams in a house can ignite the stress zone and also disturbs the rational judgment, therefore it must be avoided. Moreover, the drawing rooms with exposed beams also hamper the vision and make it uncomfortable for you to sit in the room. This can be the irritating factor indeed and hence it must be avoided.

When it comes to decorating the drawing-room with statues and paintings, ensure that it depicts positivity and the paintings on walls spread peace and love. Negative paintings on walls and statues can make the area look unpleasant and hence it must be avoided. This can also trigger anger and negative emotions in mind.

So, these were some of the Vastu tips which you need to keep in mind when designing a drawing-room for your house. You can also check online to learn about Vastu for Bedroom which is equally important to bring in positivity, prosperity, and happiness in your life.

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  1. My sofa is against the south and east walls. How can I change it as per Vastu? Because the west side wall has a window so I am not sure if it will be good to move the sofa that side. Could you please guide me here?

  2. I had read some basic information on the colours one should use as per the Vaastu. But, I was looking for furniture placements too. Thank god that I came across such a well-written and explained blog. Kudos! Also, what kinds of furniture do you think I should avoid in the drawing room?

  3. The article on Vastu for the drawing room from DecorChamp provides insightful tips for arranging your living space to attract positivity and prosperity. It covers essential Vastu principles, including furniture placement, color schemes, and decor elements, to create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere in modern living rooms. A must-read for those looking to enhance their home’s energy and well-being.


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