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Orange Modular Kitchens Ideas – A Comprehensive Guide

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It is mandatory that the cooking spaces where good food is made look stylish also. These are spaces which we tend to ignore usually when pitching in ideas for interior decorations. The colour scheme that we select for kitchens are also important to give it a trendy and casual look. 

Orange, the colour of autumn which never stops exuding warmth is an ideal colour to paint your kitchen with. In this blog post, let us discuss some ideas that would elevate the style of your modular kitchen without any doubt. Are you ready then?

Orange Modular Kitchens With Accent Walls

Accent walls have been in trend in the colour scheming for a while now. This will be one of those creative ways that you can opt to paint your cooking space orange.

Orange Modular Kitchens With Accent Walls


This will also not make the space look overwhelmed. This wall will be the focal point and the rest of the walls in the kitchen can be coloured in any light colour or you can paint it white, which will definitely make your culinary space a work of art for sure.

You can also add patterns or textures to make the wall stand out more. Other than this, you can also bring in any decorative element to increase the focal of the wall.

Another way to make the accent wall more prominent looking is to allow it to soak in the natural light, or make it well-lit using the aid of artificial light.

This orange accent wall in your modular kitchen is definitely going to be the visually attracting space of your house.

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Orange Modular Kitchens Cabinetry

This is yet another creative and interesting way to incorporate the colour orange into your kitchen space. You can do it in several ways.


You can opt for cabinets that are in a solid orange colour, which will exude an immense amount of boldness into your modular kitchen.

You can also embrace the idea of two-tone. This is one of the brilliant ways to reduce the above said boldness of the orange colour.

When you can decide on what colour to paint your upper cabinet, the lower cabinet can be painted in orange; you can also consider doing it vice versa if you love it.

You can also incorporate certain more factors to emphasize the warmth of the orange colour.

The ideas are to integrate the hardware in a colour that would complement the orange colour or doing certain intricate embellishments in whatever material the cabinetry is made up of. These are different ways to integrate the orange colour into your modular kitchen.

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Orange Modular Kitchens Accessories and Décor

Accessories and décor are the important factors when it comes to interior decorations and nothing can beat the charm that it provides when done rightly.

Accessories and Décor

Even the minute details like the pot holders and even the dish towels should be crafted with meticulous consideration, to add the elegance that you expect out of your bathrooms.

You can incorporate the orange shade in the bar stools and cushion chairs if you have a separate bar area integrated into your kitchen.

Bring in the shade of orange even to your floor mats in the cooking space, you can look for floor mats or rugs with various patterns or shapes which will help you add a touch of your personality into the décor, no doubt.

If you want to make your modular kitchen’s countertop visually appealing, then choose the orange containers to store your culinary items.

If you have painted your wall in orange, then the containers and jars can be chosen in another colour that would complement orange. This will also be a great idea!

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Orange Modular Kitchens Appliances and Fixtures

The appliances and fixtures are great tools through which you can integrate the colour orange into your cooking space. If you are about to do it this way, then there are a variety of options that help you achieve this.

Light fixtures can be chosen in the orange shades. It can either be pendant lights or chandeliers. Or, another idea is to paint the wall orange and incorporate yellow lights, this will compliment each other elegantly.

You can also add a pop of colour through your handles and faucets. Even these smallest details can bring in sophistication to your cooking space. Why not bring in a tint of orange through these?

If you are not satisfied with these ideas, then you can definitely have your cookware and bakeware in the shade of orange to make the look complete. These will bring in creativity to your otherwise perfect kitchen and will also complement the décor.

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Orange Modular Kitchens Backsplash Ideas

One of the aspects that is going to add elegance to your cooking space is the backsplash. There are a lot of creative ideas to do this. You can choose different tiles like the subway tiles or the mirror tiles to decorate your backsplash.

Backsplash Ideas

Whatever you are choosing, try to bring in a shade of orange into it, this will be a gamechanger in transforming your kitchen. If you want to add sleek look, then choose for tiles that have a glossy finish.

This will elevate the whole ambiance by making your culinary space look classy. Orange hues can all be incorporated into the kitchen area by choosing the tiles that are hand-painted. This will bring in a Personalised effect to your decorations for you to look at and be proud of.

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More than serving their functionalities, with the arrival of the interior designers, kitchens have started to become a space that are the stylish centrepieces of any home.

The interior designers in this modern day and age rack their brains to explore brilliant design ideas that would make the cooking space aesthetically appealing without stripping them of their functions.

They want to make these spaces look like a work of art. The suggestions that were put forward in this group will definitely add charm to your kitchen. You can also add your personal touch to make the space feel more close and homely.

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