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10 Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

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If you have a small kitchen in your house, then guess what! There are a lot of ways you can right away increase the storage space of your kitchen. DécorChamp is going to tell you about 10 storage ideas for small kitchens that you must try out.

A small kitchen doesn’t always have to be chaotic, our ideas will help you overhaul your kitchen in just a few minutes. All you got to do is try and get started with these wonderful ideas. So, shall we begin?

  1. Get a Pegboard for the Kitchen Walls:

Since your kitchen is small, adding separate partitions for everything will not be an easy task. So, what we can do here is instead of creating separate shelves in a small kitchen to store pans, pots, or other essential utensils, we can buy a pegboard and hang a pegboard on the kitchen wall and store all the hanging utensils on it. This way your kitchen will have more room to incorporate more ideas. It is flexible and you can right away store as many things as you want to in an organized manner. Sounds good right! So, try it out today! You can buy pegboard online easily.

  1. Create a Separate Table for the Oven:

You must be thinking, how on earth a separate table for the oven will be possible! But, hey! We have the answer for you. To create a separate table for the oven you just need to fit in another table right on top of the kitchen top. You can use the space below to store other stuff as well. Having an extra table for the oven, cook tops provide more flexibility.

  1. Turn Your Convertible Stove Top for Some Extra Counter Space:

Now, this is extremely easy to achieve. While making your dinner how many times have you wished to have a bigger kitchen to be able to function properly? Well, here’s an idea that you can work on right away and by that we mean right now. Look at your stove, do you see the stove top empty and nothing on top of that? Well, use it. Place your chopping board on top of it whenever you need to chop vegetables and fruits. You have your counter space ready for another purpose.

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  1. Utilize the Space on Your Counter Space:

The best way to utilize the counter space is by hanging shelves wherever you see the space. You can hang the shelves on the wall, put it in an empty space that you see. Keep things organized and in place, this way your counter top will remain empty and everything will look neat and clean.

  1. Use the Space Above Your Fridge:

Don’t let the fridge lie at the corner just like that! If you have a single door refrigerator at home, then you will easily get hold of the fridge top. You can buy for a few shelves or order for a small table which you can put on top of the fridge top and store all the spice jars and neatly store paper napkins and other small things on top of your fridge. The idea is to use whatever empty space you see, for better use.

  1. Using the Sides of the Cabinet:

If you look at the kitchen, you will see a lot of space that you can utilise. Take the sides of the cabinet for example. You can hang some of your utensils there, like knives, spatulas, and more. This can be your partition. Rather than creating separate cabinet storage for small items. Just use empty spaces.

  1. Using the Bottom of the Cabinets:

The cabinets do help us to store everything in place, but space right below is often ignored. Creativity can begin from anywhere. This is what you got to do. Just put some glue on top of mugs which has solid stuff in it, like cinnamons, cloves, black pepper, cumin, ginger powder, and more. Whenever you need it, just unlock the jar and take out what you need and put it back after using it.

  1. Do You have an Old Door? Use it:

A door piece won’t consume a lot of space. So, bring it in, throw in some colour to make it look attractive. Keep it in an empty space and use it. This idea will replace pegboard too! Use it to hang anything you want. A frying pan, some spatulas, a kitchen towel, some knives, and more. Simple idea, but highly productive.

  1. Power of Containers:

The idea is to consume as less space as possible. The moment you buy spices, oil, new utensils, or anything. Start by storing them right after buying them. Buy appropriate containers for everything. For example, if you have small portions of ingredients to store, use smaller containers, they will save you some space and likewise for a bigger portion of the items, like rice, wheat, and more, use big containers.

  1. A Crockery Drawer is Useful:

Crockery drawers are genuinely useful. If you don’t have crockery drawers in your kitchen yet, then install them today. Start storing all your crockeries in a systematic manner. This way crockeries will be in place and you will have enough space in your kitchen top to store other things.

Go ahead and try these ideas to make your small kitchen look spacious and tedious. Try all of these 10 must-try ideas and completely change the look of your regular kitchen right now!

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  1. For storage, Crockery drawers are quite useful. And, I have found that personally. One can easily start storing the crockery drawers in a systematic manner and in this way crockery will be placed and one can have enough space in your kitchen top.

  2. This blog has definitely helped me a lot in making the most of my kitchen space, and the ideas discussed here have made my kitchen more attractive and spacious than before. Thank you for your valuable time and effort.


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