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Which are Top Sanitary Ware Brands in India 2020?

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Sanitary Ware Brands in India If you are planning to remodel your existing home, then the first space that worth your consideration is the bathroom. Bathroom renovation must be on the top in your Home Decoration Ideas list and for many good reasons. The bathroom is becoming a luxury space these days. Therefore, remodeling this space according to Vastu and upgrading it with luxury bathroom and sanitary ware brands can help you to have the feeling of luxury and lavishness when you are taking a shower after a hectic day at work.

The bathroom is the space that relaxes your soul and mind after a deep shower. So, making this space attractive and glorious is important and there are Brands for Bathroom Fittings in India that can help you in this endeavor. The sanitary ware products include water closets, faucets, shower, and bath products and washbasins. Below is the list of some popular brands that deal in sanitary ware.


Kohler is an American brand with over 50 manufacturing plants spreading across the world. It also has a production unit in India with a maximum production capacity of 1.5 million pieces per year. This brand specializes in premium sanitary ware and bathroom fittings. Kohler Bathroom Fittings is known for its exclusive design and quality. From bowls to tanks, water-efficient toilets to urinals to pedestals, and more, they offer a wide range of products to cater to the needs of all homeowners.

Cera Sanitary Ware Ltd

This is the second most popular and reliable brand of sanitary ware in India that started its operation back in 1980 and it offers a full range of bathroom fittings and solutions. This brand is awarded as the most trusted brand in 2015 and it is considered as the power brand in 2012 and 2013. This brand specializes in washbasins, urinals, cisterns, water closets, seat covers, and other bathroom fittings.

Hindustan Sanitary Ware

This is one of the popularly used Bathroom Brands in India and this is the first Indian brand of sanitary ware. This brand has two largest production plants and both are located within India. This brand produces sanitary ware and bathroom fittings in the name of Hindware Art, Hindware Italian, and Hindware. This brand not only specializes in bathroom fittings and sanitary ware but also produces other bathroom solutions like shower panels, bathroom tiles, urinals, water closets, bidets, basin, water heater, and cisterns.


Jaguar is the brand that ventured into the Indian sanitary market with the launch of different designers’ faucets. It initially started with sanitary wares and gradually they started their manufacturing unit in India so as to venture into the Indian sanitary market with a variety of bathroom products. Today, this brand offers complete bathroom solutions by offering a variety of bathroom fittings, sanitary wares and even bathtubs.


Toto is a brand that serves only to high-end customers. It ventured into the Indian sanitary market by launching its new model of flush toilets and tornado flush toilets. It designs toilets that have a different mechanism than classic flushing. The toilets of this brand have an advanced flushing mechanism which is better than the classic model water closets. Apart from this it also designs other bathroom products like bathtubs, suite collections, toilets, budget, washlets, lavatories, bathtub accessories, and showers.

Parryware Roca

This is one of the oldest sanitary ware brands that produce bathroom solutions in the brand name Roca. This brand has a robust distribution network across the nation and it has three production facilities dotted across the nation. This is the first brand that was awarded as Super Brand of India and it specializes in designing bathtubs, closets, basin, taps, urinals, lab sinks, seat covers, and electronic flushing systems.

So, these were the top five sanitary ware brands in India and you will surely find bathroom solutions according to Bathroom Fittings Vastu guidelines with these brands. No matter how you want to upgrade your bathroom or remodel it, these were some of the sanitary ware brands that can help you to find the required bathroom fittings, sanitary are and other bathroom products as per Vastu guidelines.

Whether you are looking for Ideas for Small Bathrooms or large bathrooms, these were the brands that can help you to find luxurious and attractive bathroom fittings and sanitary ware according to Vastu guidelines. You must check online for Vastu for Toilet before choosing any sanitary ware or bathroom fittings for your bathroom. This is important both for your house and bathroom. So, consider using bathroom fittings and sanitary ware according to Vastu Shastra.

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  1. This is an eye opener for me coz I struggle a lot when it comes to choosing the right sanitary ware brands. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your input and I will try these brands to find the right fit for me.

  2. This blog is great, and I would highly recommend Kohler products because I have them installed in my own bathroom. From the prices to the quality of Kohler sanitary products, you must go for them.


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