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Beautiful Single Bed Design For Kids with Price

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As a concerned parent, you always stay together with your baby like his shadow. From feeding him, and cuddling him to sleeping with him and making him sleep peacefully by singing a sweet lullaby. 

But with time, as they are growing up it is important that you make them a bit independent by arranging for them a strong and beautiful little bed. We recommend you choose a beautiful and comfortable single bed for your kid.

Proper sleep is very important for your child’s mental and physical health. Being a parent, it is really a daunting task to select the best single bed for your kid’s sound sleep. For buying the best single-design bed for your kid, you need to consider the following factors.

  • Your little munchkin will love some beautiful designs with bright colours. Choose decorative single bed designs with bright colours for your kid.
  • Select the bed that occupies less space in the room. Your kid’s bedroom should have sufficient space for him to play freely.
  • The height of the single bed should be low to the ground.
  • Your little munchkin may fall down from the bed. Choose the one which has side guards on both sides of the bed.

Taking into consideration the above factors we have selected the 7 best single-design beds for your kids

Unique Best Buy Bunk Bed For Kids 

This iron bed has one bunk. It has a removable ladder for climbing the upper bunk. This kid’s bed has a side guard rail on both sides to ensure safe sleeping.

Unique Best Buy Bunk Bed For Kids

This guardrail will prevent your child from falling down. The bed comes in a beautiful mint green colour. The length of the bed is 75”, with width 35” and a height of 65 inches.

It comes with a price of Rs 16500 after 27 % off on Amazon. Click here to know more

Yipi Princess Smart Bed Meta For Kids 

This single bed design for kids comes in two colours-pink and blue. The customized theme of the bed will attract your kid, making him feel like living in a fantasy world. 

Yipi Princess Smart Bed Meta For Kids

The bed is decorated with pictures of lovely princesses on the stylish footer to make your kid feel happy. And it will be more beautiful if you know how to decorate a room for kids. The bed has two protectors on both sides for safety purposes. 

It comes with a warranty of 1 year on the bed. The mattress that best fits on this bed should be 149 cm x 85 cm. The bed has two baskets for storage. It is easy to clean the bed for its laminated scratch-free surface. It costs Rs 5839 after 34 % off.

Decor Nation Wooden Pippa Kid’s Single Bed 

This single bed for kids has a ladder to climb to the bed. The material is made of artificial wood. The bed comes in white colour with height 27.5 x width 63 x length 32 inches, very beautiful to look at. 

Decor Nation Wooden Pippa Kid’s Single Bed

The bed is made low to the ground, enabling your kid to get up and get down the bed easily. To prevent the kid from falling down, it has safety railings on both sides. 

So, your kid can turn around in the bed comfortably, making you least bothered about your child’s safety. After a 27 % discount, the price of the bed is Rs 10999.

Winkle Solid Sheesham Wood Kids Single Bed 

This sheesham wood made single bed comes in four different colours-white, blue, dark pink and light pink. The bed is made kid friendly, which is low to the floor, making your kid get in and get down from the bed very easefully. The single bed has enough space to move comfortably for the kid. 

Winkle Solid Sheesham Wood Kids Single Bed 

The dimension of the bed is 152 length x 84 width x 91 height which is perfect for your small kid.

It is available on Amazon at a 35 % discount with a price of Rs 18994. Here you can know more about Sheesham wood kids single bed.

Unique Handicraft Single Bunk Bed For Kids

This brilliant single bed is made of iron with silver powder coated with a glossy finish. The bed comes with a dimension of 198 length x 96 width x 165 height. It has a fixed ladder attached to it, making it easy for your kid to climb to the upper bunk. 

Unique Handicraft Single Bunk Bed For Kids


The bed also comes with one side railing for the upper bunk. You can keep the bed on the side of the wall, to prevent the kid from falling down while sleeping. The price of the bed is Rs 15048 after 28 % off on Amazon. in

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Home Decoration Art Metal Bunk Bed For Kids

The design of the bed is unique and interesting for your munchkin. The single iron bed has two bunks with a slide on the right side and a ladder on the left side. Your kid can have a lot of fun on his bed with a slide to play on and a ladder to climb up and down easily. 

Home Decoration Art Metal Bunk Bed For Kids

The kid-friendly bed makes your kid spend more and more time on his bed. The bed has white power-coated paint with a glossy finish. The kid’s bed has a dimension of 198.1 length x 104.1 width x 134.6 Height. This finely designed kid’s bed has a discount of 13 % with its price Rs 27999.

Wudniture Furniture Solid Sheesham Wood Bunk Bed For Kids 

The single bed is durable with the frame made of solid wood and the secondary material is of plywood. It is very easy to clean with a dry cotton cloth. And it will be perfect if there would be a study room furniture. Remember not to clean it with water. The single bed is made with a combination of two colours – brown and blue. 

Wudniture Furniture Solid Sheesham Wood Bunk Bed For Kids 

It has an attached ladder on one side and a fixed staircase on the other side of the bed. It has two drawers under it, providing excellent storage. You can put your toddler’s toys in the drawers. A beautiful design self is attached to the bed, enabling your kid to keep his books on it. 

For safety purposes, the upper bunk has a safety guard on both sides, with a safety guard on one side for the lower bunk. After a 43 % discount, the bed comes at a price of Rs 64998 on Amazon.

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  1. The designs are really beautiful .They are also kids friendly with few safety features.I will gift one to my child on his 11th birthday on February.I liked Yipi princess bed the most.


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