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Decor Delights : Inspiring DIY Ideas

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In the intricate tapestries of Indian homes, decoration is about portraying one’s own self, not beauty. It is an expression of culture, family, warmth and festive atmosphere.

From grand Diwali celebrations to daily social gatherings, every event needs decoration that suits the spirit of its inhabitants.

However, in an increasingly expensive world, the search for beauty often becomes an expectation. Enter the world of DIY decor, where creativity and talent come together to bring magic to every part of the Indian home.

This article is dedicated to exploring various clever and inexpensive DIY decorating ideas for your homes, all of which are great sources of inspiration

Rangoli Art and Home Items

Rangoli is an Indian art that adds color and charm to the home during the festive season, especially during festivals like Diwali and Holi.

Rangoli Art and Home Items

Create beautiful designs using everyday ingredients like rice, lentils or sunflower seeds. The use of flowers is also in great demand and looks so pleasing that you would never want to take them off.

Designs range from simple geometric shapes to designs inspired by nature and Indian culture. Even though rangolis are not of timeless boundaries, they are a great sight to the eyes of any guests. Check out this photo for inspiration. 

Have a look at diy wet bars.

Fabric Wall Hanging

Use an old sari, dupatta or scarf to create a beautiful wall hanging. Cut them into strips or patches and sew or glue them to a base fabric or canvas.

Add glass, beads or embroidery to add texture and visual interest. Pictures below show the beauty of fabric wall hangings.

Terracotta Pot Paintings

Give old terracotta a new life with bright colors and beautiful patterns. These pots can be used as plants or just for decoration purposes.

Terracotta Pot Paintings

Try using traditional Indian patterns like paisley, elephant or peacock to add a touch of culture to your space. Check out the gallery for clay painting ideas.

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DIY Paper Lanterns

Make paper lanterns using colored paper, cardboard and string. These lights can be hung indoors or outdoors to add fun to any event.

Try different shapes and sizes and consider mixing Indian prints or patterns for a traditional look. This picture provides inspiration for DIY paper lanterns

Bottle art

Turn bottles into decorative objects by painting them or embellishing them with beads, sequins or twine. These bottles can be used as vases, candle holders or decorations.

Bottle art

Try different painting techniques like glass painting or decoupage to create unique designs. Check out these images for bottle art ideas.

Here is diy wine rack.

Fabric Cushion Covers

Repurpose old cushions by making fabric covers. Use antiques, vintage clothing or vintage fabrics to create a unique and colorful quilt that reflects your personal style.

Even the embroidery on the cushion cover creates a special sparkle. Experiment with different fabrics, patterns and textures to create a beautiful look

Tassel Wall Hanger

Create a beautiful and elegant tassel wall hanger to add bohemian style to your home decor. All you need is some cotton or string and a wooden dowel or hoop to hang the design.

Tassel Wall Hanger

There are many tutorials on the internet that can guide you through different lace knotting techniques. Try different patterns, sizes and colors to customize your wall hangings to fit your style and space.

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Canvas Painting

Express your creativity and add a personal touch to your home decor by painting your own canvas artwork. Purchase blank canvases in various sizes from your local art store and paint your ideas on them using acrylics, watercolors, or oil paints (if you’re feeling adventurous).

Canvas Painting

You can draw anything from architectural designs to landscapes, from floral designs to portraits. Experiment with different colors and ideas to create a look that will enhance your home. You can create a finished canvas or hang it directly on the wall for an instant look. 

Upcycling Furniture

Give new life to old or damaged furniture by refurbishing it and repurposing it with new colors, new hardware, or beautiful designs. Whether it’s a wooden chair, coffee table or dresser, upcycling your furniture can breathe new life into your living space.

Sand the surface, prime it, and then paint it in the color of your choice to match your trim details. You can add decorative elements like stencils, or mosaic tiles for a special touch.

Upcycling furniture not only adds character to your home, but also supports sustainability by reducing waste. are some great ideas. 

You can also look at waste material wall hanging.

Floating Shelves

Add functionality and beauty to your wall by installing DIY floating shelves. These cabinets are versatile and can be set anywhere in your home, whether it’s your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

Floating Shelves

You can create floating shelves using reclaimed wood, plywood, or even metal brackets for a modern feel.

Mount the shelf securely on wall studs, then hang them along with books, beauty items, plants or picture frames to show off your own style and preferences.

Floating shelves not only provide additional storage space, but can also be used as a display tool to enhance your decor. 

Wall Photo Collage

Create a personal and emotional theme in your home by creating a wall photo collage. Collect your favorite paintings, prints and drawings and arrange them correctly on the white wall.

You can mix and match different patterns, sizes, and colors to add visual interest. Use tape or removable hooks to hang the frame securely on the wall without damaging it.

Consider pairing this with other decorative items like wall stickers, mirrors or inspirational quotes to complete your display. This DIY project allows you to showcase your memories and create beautiful artwork that reflects your personality and lifestyle.


In the realm of your own culture, tradition is innovation and DIY decoration is a sign of creativity and resourcefulness.

With simple yet clever ideas, every home can become a canvas of its own expression, showcasing the richness, color and emotions that define its occupants.

As we begin our home journey, let’s embrace the spirit of DIY decorating and put love, personality and beautiful craftsmanship in every corner.

Because in the end, it is not the beautiful materials that turn a house into a home, but the beautiful handicrafts that are connected with the warmth, charm and timelessness of the essence of your home.

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