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Best POP Brands for Best Usage


POP brands are needed to know so that one can use the best POP brand for walls. Plaster of paris or POP is used to make the interiors look more furnished and to make them more durable.

Using POP can be very helpful for the building or homes. Plaster of Paris is a powder used to create various architectural designs.

One may need to choose from POP and from wall putty. Best POP brands make it easier to have good and effective designs in the interiors of buildings. POP is used for false ceilings.

We will discuss more about plaster of paris and the popular pop brands in the following section. Let us first talk about the benefits of using plaster of paris.

Benefits of using Plaster of Paris

Let us discuss the benefits of plaster of paris in this section.

Benefits of using Plaster of ParisBenefits of plaster of paris are as follows-

  • It provides an easier and more perfect way for interior walls to be designed.
  • POP ceilings are more smooth and they are also durable.
  • Layout can be chosen as per the preference of the customer.
  • It is more affordable.
  • Seamless appearance.
  • Pattern or design can be chosen accordingly.
  • These ceilings are water resistant.
  • Overall good texture.

All these are benefits of using plaster of paris.

Types of Material as False Ceiling

Plaster of Paris is the type of material that is used as a false ceiling.

Types of Material as False CeilingTypes of material of false ceiling are shared as follows-

  • Plaster of paris is used to decorate ceilings and for making false ceilings. Moulding can give a better and perfect look to the ceiling.
  • PVC is also used for false ceilings. It is fire resistant. It can be installed in bathrooms or basements. This can be easily installed and this can be removed too.
  • Wooden false ceiling helps to add a more naturalistic touch to the room. It looks elegant. It can be used by combining pop or other materials.
  • Fibre is also used for making false ceilings. It is a less preferred material because it has less patterns and designs.
  • Metal is also used for false ceilings. It is known for its resistance and is suitable for water pipes or electric wiring.
  • Glass false ceilings are used for a more perfect look. They are installed in jewellry shops, cafes etc. It gives a more modern touch.

All these are materials for false ceilings.

One can use any of them for making a good false ceiling.

Make sure to keep their salient features in mind while choosing the best.

Let us now talk about what are the most popular pop brands in India.

By knowing the top false ceiling brand of India you will be able to choose the best pop that will suit your interior.

Best false ceiling pop are as follows-

  • Armstrong is a leading company that manufactures good ceilings.  Armstrong world industries is known for its services and reliability. It has 24 manufacturing plants.
  • SHERA manufactures various ceiling patterns. Products like boards, floor planks, fibre cement fencing are available.
  • USG boral is a multi-country plasterboard manufacturing plant. It has been serving since the last 18 years. Products like joint compounds and wall putty are available.
  • Gypcore is another well known brand and it has good services. Plasterboards, plasters , joint fillers all are available.

One can check these brands and can check whether they can meet the demands or not.

Price of Best Pop in India

Now let us talk about the best pop price range.

Knowing price ranges is essential as it can help getting a brief idea of which pop brand to go along with.

Some of the options and price ranges are mentioned as follow-

  • UTHAYA brand of pop in 50 kg size with super fine standard. Packaging of this is a laminated bag. This can be used in construction. Cost of this is Rs5,900 per pack.
  • Sakarni plaster of paris Under Rs 200 per bag. Usage of this is LED panel. Trader name is Shri Giriraj.
  • Neelkanth plaster of paris powder under Rs 14 per kilogram. It is also the best pop brand.
  • Superfine commercial plaster of paris for construction. Brand name is Big bull. Cost of this is Rs 1,700 per ton.
  • Plaster of paris for home decoration and wall decoration under Rs 5,800 per ton. Trader name is Patel interiors.

One can consult a good trader for choosing the best pop brand. A good trader will help you by telling you which pop brand will fulfil your needs.

How to choose the Best Pop?

While choosing the best pop one should take care of various things. The things that are needed to be taken care of are as follows-

  • Always prefer good quality pop material.
  • Go with a durable type of pop brand that will make the appearance smoother.
  • Make sure to check the pop so that it can match aesthetics.
  • Make sure to choose an affordable pop brand.
  • Go with the fine false ceiling material.
  • A good pop brand should be of fine material quality.

All these points are needed to be taken care of while choosing the best pop material for usage.

Best Pop Designs

Now let us talk about the best pop designs for the bedroom that will help you make the best bedroom of your choice.

  • Zig zag pop design will make your room look more pleasant and this zig zag pattern will make your room stand out. 
  • Square pop design will look good in your bedroom . You can insert lights inside it. It will look pleasing.
  • Customised pop design will not only give a pleasing look but will also give you a more perfect and aesthetic design.
  • Central pop designs are built in the centre and they can be magnified by designing them as per the need.
  • False ceiling with lighting looks aesthetically pleasing and will enhance the beauty of the room. One can get it done as per the need.
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