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How do I Decorate My Home?


So decorating our houses are not just our hobbies but also an important way to give the best impression about your self to the guests. There’s a saying first impression is the last impression. Apart from giving an impression on others is not important for you when you return home after your hectic day in office relaxing on your comfy couch. Watching TV or reading book or anything even if your wall Looks beautiful you feel beautiful. Decorating home is good not for showing it off to others but for our happiness. For changing the whole look of your house you don’t have to make big difference or have to spend huge money all you have to do is start making small changes which will eventually turn into big change.

Here some ways with which you can re-create the new look and can make your house look stylish as ever:

  1. Painting walls: This is the easiest, less costly and quick way of refreshing your house look. While choosing colors for your walls do not go I repeat do not go for quirky, eye pricking colors. Trust me not only they spoil all the efforts you have put in it for decorating your house but also gives bad vibes to you and to others. So next time whenever you go for paint colors for your walls opt accordingly that suits your vibes as well as your room’s vibe. Don’t be afraid to go for different and different colors. You can also go for different patterns and two or more colors on a single wall. You can also stick some wallpapers for more innovation and creativity. If you don’t want to paint all the walls of a room you can also go for either alternative walls or any one wall. Coloring one main wall and keeping all other walls simple and white. It gives your room a decent look. You can consider this as the Living Room Ideas and tips.

Painting walls

  1. Try out new Furniture: Furniture plays unarguably the most important aspect when it comes to decorating the house. If you have been using the same furniture again and again over years then it’s time for a change. You know it’s a fact when you change furniture be it a table in your drawing room or your showcase or your chairs or anything it instantly becomes the eye- catching element of the room. It is a myth that only matching color furniture looks good in the rooms well asking me? No. Mix and match furniture colors look soothing to eyes and go well with almost every wall paints and curtains.

New Furniture

  1. Hang up some artwork: We all know when nothing goes right artwork hanging goes perfectly to the walls. We Indians are known for our jugaads. What we do is hang one frame where any cut or wall has been spoiled. This not only looks stylish but also not so costly way to make your room decorative. You can also paint your wall according to your artworks or frames. You can add your favorite picture or memories inside a frame and hang it on the wall. Also, all your records, plates hanged up on the wall also considered very stylishly.


  1. Add floating shelves: These floating shelves not only helps in decorating home and also not covering space. These are made and placed on walls. These are basically found in bathrooms

Floating shelves

  1. Lighting up: Generic lights and shades may come to your home but they usually don’t enhance the look of the room. Covering your room up by decorative lights creates positive vibes and enhances the look of room way too much. Especially when you wrap the lights around pictures it looks really good. I personally love this way of decorating the room. It is a very economical way to decorate the home in this particular way. You can adopt the Home Decoration Ideas listed here.

Lighting up

  1. Look for matching rugs: the purpose of putting rugs is not only making good and enhancing the look of the room but also covering the old, dirty floors. Finding rugs that goes well with your furniture, curtains, bed sheets etc. they can be of different pattern or color. One thing should be kept in mind that rugs and carpets are two different things. One should not consider carpets and rugs similar.

Matching rugs

Talking of which carpets are also a very good idea of decorating home. They are not just good looking but also helps in less messing up of things.

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  1. I am shifting to a new house. Hope these tips help me to decorate my house and give it a fine finish. Looking forward for more posts like this!

  2. Love the idea of floating shelves and painting walls. This gives a whole new dimension to the house and also helps in enhancing a dull corner. I will try to incorporate the other ideas as well to make my house even more presentable. Thanks a lot.


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