Bedroom Door Designs: Exterior Look of your Bedroom


Bedroom – a space where you spend half of your life hence it should be well decorated. You should feel a difference while entering in your bedroom. And as the entry is taken care by doors, they should be stylish and attractive. This is not only the case, as bedroom in the house also remains connected with living room so bedroom doors should be taken care of.

As it is said, first impression is the last impression. Similarly, bedroom door speaks all about bedroom. Doors should be selected after keeping various things in mind like lighting, color combination, doors design etc.

Here are few bedroom door designs you can have a look and choose from. Designs vary door to door. Yes, today there are various varieties of doors in Indian market. These are wooden doors, board door, plastic door, waterproof board doors and many more.

Almost all these designs come almost in all type but some are not available in all door type.

Bedroom Doors DesignsToday few new looks also have been arrived in market and people are adopting it very fast in which doors are made of half wood and half glass as well. Such types of bedroom doors are very famous and in fashion now. In the door designs given below you will find some of the door glass look as well. Check these out.


However whether to use glass or not, choice is completely yours. You can keep the glass area with wood or with one sided blur mirror or stylish class with texture. Here are few more designs of bedroom doors.

Wooden bedroom door design

If you use doors made of board then you can also use door skins to give a new stylish look to your door. Board doors are cheaper then teek wood or any wood. You can read about doors in interior decoration section any time.

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  1. I fell in love with all of these designs! Honestly made deciding on one door extremely hard! It’s tough to find good Indian-designed doors, but you certainly made it easier. I hope to see some more designs, especially for modular bedrooms. I will visit your page again when it’s time to redecorate my bedroom!

  2. Love the designs, could you also share some ideas on building a glass door or even a sliding gate door for a house? I am currently in the process of building my own house and I like your style. So, it would be great if you could share some tips.

  3. Amazing designs! I am going to bookmark this article for future reference. I’ll need this to re-do my bedroom doors soon. It’s been years and the doors look so dull. This will help me revamp them. I would love to see some more pictures of the different designs if possible. Thanks


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