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Construction Cost in Bangalore for Knowing Estimated Prices

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Having a dream house is a really big dream for almost all of us. Making a house of our dreams or building anything that means a lot to us requires a lot of things that need to be given attention.

Bangalore is known as the silicon valley. Bangalore offers a good range of professions for various professions. 

People shift in apartments as they enter bangalore but later they manifest their dream house. Construction cost in Bangalore is to be known before starting planning a home in bangalore. In this blog we will share the details regarding construction costs.

By having a main idea of costs one can consider the budget and one can check what factors affect the costs. After knowing all this one will be able to know how one can start with their journey of making a dream house in bangalore which is a big and amazing task.

Some of the things that affect the cost of construction in Bangalore?

The factors or thing that affect the cost of construction in bangalore are discussed as follows and you can check the factors-

  • The conditions of the site matter a lot. The type of soil and the type of nearby locations helps in determining the rate of location. In case the site is near the airport then one needs to have required permission. Make sure that you check and assess the nearby locations.
  • Many regulatory norms are there which need to be addressed before selecting the site.
  • The quality of raw material is another big factor that is required to be paid attention to as the high quality premium luxury homes require great quality material including cement, bricks, etc.
  • Labour cost in Bangalore may also be determined and it may also affect the construction cost.

All these are a few factors that may affect the construction cost in Bangalore. One may focus on all these criterias for choosing a perfect plan for construction.

Construction Cost in Bangalore to know.

Let us now talk about the estimated construction cost in bangalore that may help people to start their journey of building. The construction cost as per the plot dimension has been discussed as follows-

Construction cost in Bangalore for 20×30 feet plot dimension with ground floor only- 

For constructing a plot of dimension 20 into 30 the super built area can be 600 and the cost that may be estimated is Rs 10 lakh per sq ft. In this one may have a ground floor and one can have a decent living area.

Construction cost in Bangalore for 20 into 30 feet plot dimension with ground floor + 1-

Along with ground floor and plus 1 accommodation can be obtained with a super built area of 1200 . This can give more space and the cost of construction that it may have is Rs 21 lakh per sq ft.

Construction cost in Bangalore for 15 into 40 feet plot dimension with ground floor only-

The cost of construction in this dimension can be obtained in 570 super built area and ground floor. The cost of construction per sq ft is Rs 10 lakh. One can have additional charges as per requirements.

Construction cost in Bangalore for 15 into 40 plot dimension with ground floor plus 2-

The super built area for this dimension is 1710 and the cost of construction per sq ft is Rs 30 lakh. If you want a luxury house then this dimension is good and one can simply choose this for their dream house.

The charges or costs may vary as per the location or as per the other factors. One can consult some very good builders for having a dream house in Bangalore.

Which items of work are included while calculating the cost of construction in Bangalore.

The main or essential items of work like these are required and calculated while planning a construction cost in Bangalore. 

The items of work are these-

  • Construction upto plinth constitutes almost 5 percent of construction cost.
  • Superstructure in brickworks has a percentage of 25 percent in total construction cost.
  • The work of roofing requires 17 percent of total cost.
  • Flooring is also a major thing and that requires 6 percent of total cost.
  • Wood work doors and windows require 13 percent of total cost.
  • Along with all this electric work is to be included in the cost of construction too.

Extra 10 percent of share is to be kept for other documents as the legal work requires money too. This consists of all the estimated charges for construction in bangalore. The price ranges or charges may vary according to location or other additional things.

One needs to consider this as an estimated charge which can help you in starting to plan the construction budget.

Some of the Best Construction architects in Bangalore.

The list of best construction architects in Bangalore is shared as follows and you can check the list for good consideration.

  • Kite’s construction is considered as one of the best architectural sites. You can consult them.
  • Kamat and rozario architects in Bangalore have the 4 star rating and they can be consulted too.
  • Evolve architects has a rating of 4.9 and can be consulted for fine ideas.
  • Tejesh architects is a team of professionals and they work really hard for their customer’s satisfaction.
  • The best results can be seen with design thought architects. Consult them for premium buildings.

All these are some of the best architects for consulting in Bangalore and you can simply choose the best one. Consult your friends and family members or relatives for knowing their known architects. Choose the best.


Having a good construction plan in Bangalore requires in-depth knowledge and one needs to have basic layout ideas for construction prices in Bangalore. 

This blog offers construction prices and also according to plot dimensions one can check  the rates. Charges are estimated and may vary accordingly. Start your building journey with a list of good architects.

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