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The Different Types of Door Glasses for Home

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Door Glasses for Home – The front door of your house elegantly sets the tone and character of the entire house and it creates the very first and the last impression in the eyes of the guests. Apart from enhancing the aesthetic value and aspects of your home, the front door of your house must also be safe and stronger.

Since the front door protects the home from outside world, it needs to be durable and robust enough. This is where the materials come into the limelight. The most traditional and widely used material is the glass. Glass is the intriguing material for front doors and there are different types of door glasses which are being used today and knowing the Door Glass Price is important before opting for any option.

Textured Glass

Just like all glasses used for doors and windows, the Textured Glass is usually transparent in appearance and this type of door glass offers the ultimate variation because it enables the users to keep the interior of their house protected and private, while featuring the alluring designs on the front doors. The textured door glass is available in a variety of designs and styles including the frosted door glasses which are commonly used, water, bevelled, ripple and glazed door glasses. The Textured Window Door Glass Price varies depending upon the designs and styles you choose.

Insulated Glass

If you are looking for more robust and stronger material for the front glass door of your house, then insulated glass is the ultimate option indeed. It offers great protection against cold weather which is designed by closely sealing the two or more sheets of glass and then infusing dry air in between the sheets for better insulation.

These types of glasses are used in both windows and doors which can keep the interior of your house warmer during winters and also let sunlight to flow in for natural lighting. The Insulated Home Glass Door Price usually varies depending upon the insulation capacity and suppliers of the insulated glass.

Stained Glass

Stained Door Glass is the mixture of lead and glass. It is designed by fusing pieces of glasses of different sizes and colours and they all are protected by a copper foil. The stained glass is often used for front doors and in combination with aluminium or wood to achieve the vintage look. You can check for the Aluminium Glass Door Price online to get the cheaper deals possible.

Clear Glass

This is the types of glass material we all know the best. There are many doors comprising the clear glass material. They offer very minimal privacy, but look really stylish and elegant indeed. This is not the type of glass that can be used for privacy, but it can be used as decorative element for any doors of your house. But for enhancing its durability you need to pair it with wooden frame or aluminium frame or any other solid material frame.

Toughened Glass

Toughened Glass has a multiple applications and you will find it in many buildings, glass partitions, doors, automobiles and more. The best feature of this door glass is that it has been designed and treated to be highly resistant to breakage. Plus it also offers better insulation facility in any room and can also prevent noise leakage. There are many benefits of using it and they are highly preferred in front doors as well.

Laminated Glass

The last on the list is the laminated glass which is very strong and robust because of its design. The laminated door glasses are designed with polyvinyl interlayer between the two sheets of glass. With the help of this interlayer the glasses are bonded together and make it resistant to breakage.

This also produces the characteristic spider web effects which make it stronger to be used for any door that needs durability and resistance to breakage. Laminated glass is mainly used in doors where there is possibility of human impact.

So, these were some of options of door glass that you will find today. There are also other options available in door glass which is worth considering and details of all those options can be found on the website of So, pay a visit to learn about the other door glass options for your home.

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  1. Great list of door glasses. I wanted to know if laminate glass can also be stained or painted like the other glasses. I am thinking of using it for my front door but I don’t want it to be too boring. So, is that a good option or should I directly opt for stained glass only?

  2. This blog gives a good idea about door glass for beginners. I am thinking of renovating some parts of my interior and make it more upscale. This blog has given me exciting ideas to mix and match with the different glass doors and create a character for my home.


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