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Decorate Your Home Floors With Exxaro Tiles

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Exxaro tiles, as the name suggests as it provides versatile tiles to decorate each and every corner with unique and delicate tiles.

It has experience of working in the industry for more than a decade, working since 2007. Ranging from creativity, quality, perfection, to eye catchy it has included all requirements in its niche products.

They are basically involved in manufacturing of fruits, which actually works as a raw material for the production of diverse vitrified tiles. 

Categories of Tiles

They have two broad kinds of tiles:


  • Double charge vitrified tiles: These are long wearing tiles prepared by pressing print patterns with double layer pigment. The thickness varies from 3 to 4 mm as compared to other tiles. These are excellent options for the one with heavy traffic commercial products.
  • Glazed vitrified tiles: These kinds of tiles are made of ceramic materials for example clay, feldspar and quartz. For manufacturing, with these materials many other kind of additives are added along with glaze materials and then heated at high temperature to increase its strength and to decrease its liquid absorption quality.

They have more than 1000 designs available to décor our home with their versatile time available in more than 6 sizes based on one’s need. There major series include:

  • Topaz series
  • Galaxy series
  • High Goss series

Have a look at bathroom floor tiles.

Exxaro’s key products


  • 3D effect in double charge vitrified tiles
  • High transparent glaze tiles
  • Replica of natural stones in double charge vitrified tiles

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Exxaro tiles based on sizes


Callisto marble

  • Available in sizes ranging from 800*3000 mm to 800*2400 mm
  • Has 117 varieties in this marble
  • Has variety like high gloss look but more variety in high gloss with matt finish

C Marble series (FGVT tiles)

  • Available in size 800*1600mm
  • Have 120 varieties
  • Only available in high gloss vitrified tiles

Surface FGVT tiles

  • Available in 600*1200 mm and 600*600mm size
  • Have around more than 560 collections
  • Available in high gloss, high gloss with matt finish, matt finish, rocker finish

Spanzia collection

  • Available in 600*1200 mm size
  • Limited collection with 42 varities
  • Finishing includes matt finish, rocker finish, only

PRIMA double charge vitrified tiles

  • Sizes include 800*800 mm and 600*600 mm
  • Limited collection with 30 tiles
  • Available in high gloss variety

Full Body vitrified tiles

  • Available in different sizes
  • Collection with 30 plus tiles
  • Finishing includes high gloss with matt finish or matt finish looks

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There are ample varieties based on its applications


  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Homes
  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Retail malls
  • Museums
  • Spa and Wellness centers
  • Ventilated curtain walls
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Interior design and furnishings

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Commendable technical applications of Exxaro tiles include


  • Chemical resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Bending strength
  • Perfectly flat
  • Hygienic
  • Easy installation
  • Resistant to traffic wear and tear
  • Light weight so easy to handle

Here is small living room floor tiles design.

Price List of few Exxaro tiles


  • Exxaro-Tile Royal Bottochino Floor Tile, 2.5 x 4 feet, 10-15 mm 

₹ 40/- square feet

  • Exxaro-Tile Travertino Classic Floor Tile, Size: 800x1200mm

₹ 45/ Square Feet

  • Exxaro-Tile Harmony Grey Floor Tile, 5-10 mm, Size: 800x1200mm

₹ 40/ Square Feet

  • Exxaro-Tile Vienna Brown Floor Tile, Size: 800x1200mm

₹ 45/ Square Feet

  • Exxaro-Tile Silver Portoro Floor Tile, Size: 800x1200mm

₹ 40/ Square Feet

  • Exxaro-Tile Cream Satvario Floor Tile, Size: 800x1200mm

₹ 40/ Square Feet

  • Exxaro-Tile Travertino Creama Floor Tile, Size: 800x1200mm

₹ 45/ Square Feet

  • Exxaro Vitrified Floor Tile, Thickness: 12-15 mm 70/-
  • Exxaro Designer Floor Tile 95/-
  • FGVT Exxaro Designer Floor Tile, Size: 1200×600 mm, 1200/- box

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