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Jharokha Brick Patterns: Modern Designs, Wall Images and Its Vastu

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Your work is not limited to buying a house. Real task starts when you want to make it a home. Your home should be a serene place where you can relax, distress and feel at peace. It should not be less than a meditation space. Your home interiors can make lots of difference here. It can be executed in various ways as shown in the later part of this content.

One of the latest evergreen and classic trends is none other than jharokha patterns on wall. There are many reasons why jharokha brick patterns are so popular when it comes to home decoration. The captivate jharokha designs is one of the prime reason why it’s a preferred possession of every household.  Rajasthani Jharoka can invoke your aesthetic sense to the next level.

Jharokha architecture is designed in a way that can attract anyone. Its brick like texture is treat to the eyes. Modern Jharokha are always on top of the charts not only for residential outlets but for commercial set up as well.Jharokha Brick Patterns on Wall

Before digging deeper into the innovative ways you can make use of these Jharokha brick patterns, it’s important to know the meaning of jharokha.

Jharokha Meaning

A Jharokha is a special design that gives a feel of sneak peek through a window. It’s like those royal forts where such Jharokha’s were designed for the queens. They were than not allowed to step out. Only option for them was to sit at their floor and glance through a outlets called as “Jharokha”. This word takes us to the ancient times and gives the touch of enriched royal heritage. That is also one of the reasons why such styles are so popular.

After understanding about the Jharokha style it’s good to know how you can make best use of them at your home or elsewhere. Here are some smart tips.

Make it Centrally Aligned or Customize as per your Home décor

Jharokha Patterns Living RoomThe best way to place your jharokha brick pattern is to keep it somewhere central between the sofas’s or chairs. If you wish to place it differently than try to align with your existing interiors. Not only will it complement your design but will be the reason for appreciating your taste as well.

Use Jharokha Variations & Patterns

As you know these jharokha designs comes in different style. You can utilize all kinds of jharokha architecture to amend the outlook of your ambiance. From modern jharokhas to traditional rajisthani jharokha none will leave you disappointed.Jharokha Wall Designs

Add Swag to Your Jharokha Designs 

The beauty of these jharokha patterns is it can be placed in various ways in your house. Hang jharokha patterns on wall or Just fix it on the balcony it will not go unnoticed. Thanks to the wide variety of Jharokha designs that has made our life easy. Not only you can choose as per your budget but can get the choice of collection that you want. Enhance the beauty of your house and flaunt it with the Swag.

Apply Some Vaastu to Jharokha Walls

When it comes to your home interiors, vasstu can never be ignored. It may be a daunting task to decide where to craft the Jharokha pattern. Taking the help of vaastu shastra experts can give you many ideas and help to give maximum benefits as well. Have a look at the vastu tips for colors to execute it perfectly. The placement of your Jharokha design must strike a right balance between the suggested space and your current set-up.

Check: Vastu Shastra Tips from Construction Stage

Crave it in Style

In order to make it stylish you can always mix and match and get the gorgeous outcome. Give it a designer touch by giving the finesses that you want. This may differ based on the Jharokha design you choose. Modern Jharokha can be placed differently as compared to your rajasthani Jharohka. Whatever style you may choose it should be attractive and value for the money.Jharokha Modern Designs

Paint the way you wish to jharokhas bricks

The best part is these jharokhas can be painted the way you like. You got the option of making it as colorful as you wish it to be.  Just go by the color of your zodiac or simply choose the one that is good contrast for your current home interior. Rajasthani Jharokha pattern are usually more colorful than others. The color palette showcases the enriched culture of the state. Besides that, ensemble adds charisma in the entire outlook of your home.

Your home décor can be complete by following these above steps.  When it comes to Jharokha brick patterns you get perfect conglomerate of antique and modern design. Some people are so obsessed by it that they have used the style all over their house.Colored Jharokha Wall

At the end of the day choice is your’s. It’s always good to have your home furnished in the choicest yet the latest trends. Jharokha design is here to stay for long. You can choose the collection as per the latest fashion or simply stick to your choice.  The crux is chosen design should reflect your aesthetic sense and let you lead a stylish life.

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  1. I never knew that a classic brick style pattern on a wall was called Jharokha. I feel jharokha patterns make any room look traditional and castle type. This blog is really informative and well written!


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