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Living Room Granite Flooring – For Having An Aesthetic Floor

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Living rooms give us a feeling of safety and security. Nothing feels as close as our living room. Our living room is a storehouse of all our memories.

Rooms are a really important part of our lives. Floors of good designs again makes it possible to have a good living room. Many kinds of flooring designs are now present.

Granite flooring is being chosen by people for having many large advantages . Granite flooring requires low maintenance and can give you beautiful designs.

That is why granite flooring is opted for the living room. This blog will help you to have very great options in granite flooring. 

You do not have to worry about the designs and features as this blog will help you to have a very great choice.

Make your mind and opt for granite flooring for making your living room more aesthetic and great. The main benefits of using granite flooring are shared in the next section.

Granite flooring: Benefits

There are many great benefits of using granite flooring and the main benefits of using this are shared as follows-


  • Granite flooring helps in adding a beautiful view to your living room.
  • Granite floors are very easy to clean and thus they require little maintenance.
  • By using granite flooring you reduce the risk of injuries.
  • Granite floors are weather resistant.
  • One can even sanitise the floor of granite with sanitizers for safety purposes.

YOu can have benefits like these with the help of granite flooring. Make sure that you opt for a good design of flooring.

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Granite flooring designs to try

Let us now talk about the designs of granite flooring that can be tried and the designs are shared as follows.


  • The colour black on floors looks really amazing and the black polished granite is something that can be used without any worries. You must have seen this type of granite flooring somewhere as this is one of the common and most widely used types of granite flooring. Add this in your living room for great effects.
  • Another granite flooring that one can use is ivory granite flooring. This neutral kind of granite flooring will look good in the living room. If you want a simple but appealing look then this is the one. Add a touch of ivory in your room.
  • Mixture of brown and red stones makes the rosewood granite. This granite looks mesmerising on the floors of living rooms. You can  have this granite flooring for making your room perfect.
  • Silver shade granite flooring is also a good choice when it comes to granite flooring. This tone of granite flooring is readily available and also this type of granite flooring goes well with any colour of wall. You can use this granite flooring for a simple look.
  • Go for a multicoloured granite flooring if you want a vibrant look in your room. You will definitely love this and you will find this affordable too.

These were some types of granite flooring and you can opt for any of the granite flooring for your living room. Add a spark of granite in your living room and feel the magic.

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Price list of granite flooring

Talking about price is very important and in this section we will discuss the price list of granite flooring in India. The price list is as follows and you can check it out-


  • White galaxy white granite flooring tiles with polished surface for making your room look clean . The price is Rs 25 per sq ft.
  • Multicolour granite flooring with a blend of brown and white. Thickness of the tiles is 15 to 20 and the texture is polished. You can get this at Rs 21 per sq ft.
  • A tone of sky blue can be installed in your living room and this can be done with help of sky blue granite floor tiles. The price list of this is Rs 50 per sq ft.
  • Magic black granite with a design of black and brown in a polished texture can be obtained with the help of this flooring. Buy this style of granite flooring at Rs 115 per sq ft.
  • Green pearl granite is also a loved one and you can use this at Rs 115 per sq ft.

While considering the price you should consult the local trader and then you should opt for the type of granite flooring that will suit your floor. Always choose the best one for yourself.

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Some things to take care of while using granite flooring

There are some things that one need to take care of while using granite flooring and the things are shared as follows-


  • Make sure that you wash the tiles of the floor with appropriate cleanser.
  • Maintenance with good handling should be done.
  • Do not leave any spilled marks left on the floor.
  • Avoid slipping by making the floor clean.
  • Leth the floor dry completely after washing.
  • Make sure that debris does not remain on top of the floor.

Like this with the help of these small tips you can take care of your granite floors and also you can take care of using them appropriately.

Cleaning them will make them shine great. Using a good cleanser will also add extra shine to your floors.

Avoid rubbing the surface of granite floors  as the rubbing can harm the texture of the floor.

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Granite flooring is used by people due to its great features. Some of the main features are that it is shiny and it is also weather resistant.

It helps by giving a great look to the living room and thus can be used in rooms. If you are wondering which type of flooring to use in your room then you can consider this type of flooring.

Choose the granite flooring with help of the price list that is shared in this blog and also opt for the best granite flooring design for yourself . This will definitely look great.

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