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Ganpati Decoration Ideas to Turn Your House into Lord Ganesha Temple

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Ganesh Chaturthi is an annual and fun celebration in India. It marks the welcome of Lord Ganesha who is the God of prosperity. That is why he is always worshiped before any new beginning. Ganesh Chaturthi falls in the month of Bhadra (according to the Hindu Calendar) or in August and September (according to the Gregorian calendar). This 10-day long celebration is one of the highly anticipated festivals in our country. 

The environment is filled with the smell of sweets and the sound of functions in the air. Since the years 2020 and 2021 have been highly affected by the outbreak of a disastrous pandemic, people have found ways to still maintain the best enthusiasm for this festival at home. Everyone is excited to welcome Lord Ganesha to their homes by decorating them with whatever resources possible! Ganpati Decoration Ideas

You might be wondering how to make this Ganesh Chaturthi a special one with attraction ganesh chaturthi decoration at your home. You can use the smallest resources in your house to give a decorative look to your house. Ganpati celebrations are very exciting and have a different vibe in the air for the next 10 days. Before, there were huge celebrations and dhol playing everywhere, which would fill the air with fun and joy. But, this year isn’t the year for this, so why not bring that little joy by welcoming Ganpati to our houses and decorating it like a pretty temple? 

So, wouldn’t you want to turn your home into a beautifully decorated temple for Lord Ganesha? Well, here are some of the easiest yet beautiful ideas that will make your house perfect for welcoming the God of prosperity! 

Flower Decorations for Ganpati 

Since Ganpati decorations are a must at home as well, flowers are the best way to give your house an elegant look. You can make strings of flowers and hang them where your Ganapati idol will be placed. Carnations are the trending flowers so you can use them for decorations. Ganpati Flower Decoration

You can also go with the classic flowers – hibiscus! These flowers have been used almost every year during Ganesh Chaturthi. You can lay some hibiscus flowers on the pandal (stage) where Lord Ganesha’s idol will be placed. 

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Flowers are 100 percent eco-friendly and are the best way to decorate your home. They have a vibrant color so they bring freshness and joy to the whole environment. Yes, you have to keep changing the flowers every day, but you would love doing that as the enthusiasm for Ganesh Chaturthi will be high!  

Background Decorations 

You can turn the background of the pandal, where the idol is placed, into a beautiful and creative background. If you are looking for an eco-friendly idea for the background decoration, opt for drapes. Everyone must be having beautiful sarees at home. You can put that saree in the background of the idol and put some lights over it. It will give the perfect vibe for a Ganpati celebration. Ganpati Background Decoration

You can use long strings of beads and put them behind the idol. It will give out aesthetic and beautiful vibes. You can also mix these beads with some fairy lights which will make the background glow and enhance the Ganpati idol! 

Paper Decorations for Ganpati 

Let’s bring out the artist in you. Since eco-friendly celebrations are the trending idea these days and are good for the environment, why not use the best resources available to decorate the mandap? If you are creative enough, cut out some chart papers of vibrant colors, put them together and decorate your mandap with these papers. It will look extremely beautiful. Ganpati Paper Decoration

If you are not sure how to make these flowers with chart paper, readymade paper flowers are always an option. These paper flowers and other decorative materials are available online. If you want a budget-friendly and environmentally safe Ganpati mandap, this idea would be a perfect one! 

Lighting Decorations for Ganpati 

Well, if you want a very bright and shining mandap, rather than buying glittery things, go for lights. You can use a lot of fairy lights in your mandap to make it look beautiful. You can add colorful fairy lights or the ones with just one color. These lights will add elegance to your Ganpati celebrations

This might seem like a very simple idea but the whole aura of fairy lights gives the vibe of a divine! 

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If you do not want to use the lights, you can go for a more elegant look and use diyas and candles for the same effect. Diyas look incredible when used for decorations. You can place the diyas around the Ganpati idol and light them up. It will look very pretty and would give an aesthetic look to the whole mandap. 

Rangoli Decorations for Ganpati 

Ganesh Chaturthi and no rangoli is impossible. You can make beautiful designs with rangoli at different places in your house. You can make a beautiful design outside the house and small designs near the mandap. This will add extra elegance to your decorations. You can even draw cute little Ganpati with rangoli to give it a cool look. Ganpati Rangoli Decoration Ideas

Balloon Decorations for Ganpati 

Looking for some modern style to decorate the mandap for Ganesh Chaturthi this year? Balloons would be perfect for it. Gone are the days when balloons were only used in birthday parties. You can add a bunch of balloons around your house or near the mandap and give your house a festive look. Along with this idea being very simple for Ganpati Celebrations, it also becomes a fun activity for your family. 

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Ganesh Chaturthi is a celebration that has its charm, especially in the state of Maharashtra. People have a different enthusiasm 1 week before the festival. There are so many ways to celebrate this festival. And since all the festivals have been somehow shifted to homes, you need to turn your home into a beautiful place for Lord Ganpati to come and sit for the next 10 days. 

So, decorate your house with bits and pieces, and turn it into a beautiful place!

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  1. Ahhhhh!!! The whole I keep waiting for this one festival i.e. Ganesh Chaturthi. And this blog has now made me more excited for this years ganesh puja. Ill do everything accordingly and in a much better way. Thankyou for these tips.!!!!

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