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Don’t forget these 10 things when placing Lord Ganesha at home or office

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The first thing that anyone would do before initiating something new and good in life is worship the Lord of prosperity that is Ganesha. As we all know he always blesses his devotees with happiness and fortune. No wonder most of us have Ganesh idols in our homes and offices. But did you know that the Lord has to be placed in specific places in your home or office so that you get the desired positive results? Here are some useful vastu tips which one must follow while placing the Lord in their homes and offices.

  1. Significance of white Ganesha:

White Ganesha is known to bestow happiness and bring lots of prosperity. Therefore if you are looking forward to being happy and rich then get a white Ganesha idol or hang a picture of white Ganesha on the walls of your home.

  1. Significance of vermillion Ganesha:

For those who wish to make better progress in life, they should place vermillion colored Ganesha at home. It is also important that you worship this idol on a regular basis to get the desired results.

  1. Significance of sitting Ganesha:

If you have been wondering about the posture of Lord Ganesha then keep in mind that you should get a sitting Ganesha idol in the house because this is believed to be lucky. Worshipping this Ganesh idol daily brings success.

  1. The position of the trunk:

While talking about Ganesha idols the trunk is of utmost importance. Remember that the Ganesha idols which have a trunk going towards the left are easier to please as compared to those who have trunk going towards the right. Therefore always opt for a Ganesha idol with the trunk tilted on the left hand side.

  1. The importance of standing Ganesha:

Standing Ganesha is ideal for those who wish to place them in their offices. Placing the idol of standing Ganesha in office is said to bring in lots of positive energy and zeal to work more.

  1. Mushaka and modak:

Remember that it is necessary that you place mushaka (mouse which is lord Ganesha’s vahan or vehicle) and modak (Lord Ganesha’s favorite sweet) in front of the idol as this is considered to be auspicious.

  1. Regarding number of Ganesha idols:

More than one Ganesha idol in the temple of your house is not liked by Lord Ganesha’s wives Riddhi and Siddhi. Therefore make sure that you place only one Ganesha idol in your temple.

  1. Durva offering:

Lord Ganesh loves durva or grass. Therefore everyday you must offer Durva to the Lord and while doing so chant the mantra “Om Gan Ganpateya Namah”

  1. Importance of Swastika:

If you have a vastu dosha in your home then you should place the symbol of Ganesha that is swastika in your home.

  1. Importance of Hibiscus flower:

The hibiscus flower is Ganesha’s favorite flower. Offer this flower to the Lord daily for prosperity. This also helps in destroying enemies.

If you have plans to get a Ganesha idol in your house or work place or you already have one then make sure that you follow these simple but useful tips to please Lord Ganesha.

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  1. Amazing tips you have given on placing Ganesha in Office. Honestly, I had no idea that different styles of Ganesha have different significance. This is like an eye-opener. I love how you have given the details of all elements that are offered to Lord Ganesha. Thanks a lot for such valuable information. Keep up the good work.

  2. It would help if you placed the statue of Ganesha according to the results you want in your life. There is different importance of different statues such as Swastika, durva offering, sitting Ganesha, vermillion Ganesha, or the position of the trunk, which should be on the left side.


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