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Gardening Tips and To-Do List for Beginners

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Gardening is the most rewarding thing and a great hobby to take up, especially if you love to get outside, burn calories and generate some rewarding results. Whether you are planting any fragrant floral or simply want to do vegetable gardening, anyone can get the rewards by making their hands a bit dirty outside with gardening. With these below-mentioned tips and to-do lists for beginners, you can ease your gardening process and see rewarding efforts with delicious flavours, beautiful visuals and colourful blooms.

Know the Location

This may sound quite obvious, but you need to know that not all plants grow everywhere and hence what you plant is actually determined by where you reside. You need to take a close look at the features of the gardening area, from sunlight exposure to climatic conditions and more. This is the most crucial factor to start with as it helps you understand your limits and other possibilities.

Testing of Soil

You need to test the quality of soil and check the pH and nutrient levels of the soil by sending a sample of soil to the local nursery. The report will let you know the level of alkaline and acid in the soil and how it will affect plants and support it to absorb the nutrients. Different plants have different pH level requirements to thrive and by testing the soil in the lab you will come to know what to plant and how you should treat the soil for better growth of plants.

Apart from this, you also need to examine the soil texture. If the soil is clay-like or super hard, it would become challenging for you and your plant to grow its roots. So, you need to add fresh soil, mulch, and compost to enhance the growth and support the roots of the plants to grow.

Start with Some Easy Plants for Beginners

The easy plants for beginners are different seasonal vegetables. They don’t need a longer time to grow and if you make any mistake in the process you won’t be wasting months of time. Sunflower is a good option to start with as it grows quickly. You may also try the easy to grow ferns. Both these options are easy to thrive and early success is always inspiring for beginner level gardeners and this will support you to move forwards with other complicated and challenging plants.

Creating Plans

In order to avoid crowding, it is suggested that you research the plants at first to know how big it would grow exactly and how much space you would require to dedicate. You need to ensure giving enough room to the new growths and this will help your garden to look filled right away. You also need to know how high the plants would grow. The creeping and shorter plants are required to be planted in edges or front of the garden bed, while the taller plants must be planted at back. You also need to keep in mind the sun exposure and ensure that both shorter and taller plants are getting sufficient sunlight for healthy growth.

Keeping Notebook

Keeping a journal is important and hence you need to pen down the dreams for garden and inspiration. This way you can keep tracking your garden activities efficiently. You may also use it to keep a note about all the interesting plants that you come across this year and have a reminder to include them in your next year’s gardening plan.

Watering The Plants

Providing sufficient and consistent amount of water is important. Here consistent means watering the plants on a regular basis and sufficient means enough water. Remember the watering needs of plants vary depending upon the plant you are including in your gardens. You need to ensure that the water is penetrating into the soil deeply as opposed to just putting a little water on the surface. New plants need more watering and frequently because of the rooting system needs more water to develop. Early morning watering and evening watering is necessary for plants. Watering excessively must be avoided as it may make the plant prone to fungus and other illnesses.

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So, these were some of the gardening tips and to-do lists for beginners. There are many other suggestions and tips from experts that you can find online to make your gardening process easier and healthier.

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  1. Excellent guide, you have touched upon every single detail that I needed. I recently started building my terrace garden and was looking for some genuine tips that are effective and practical. This is exactly what I wanted to know. So crisp and precise. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Excellent guide, you have touched upon every single detail that I needed. I recently started building my terrace garden and was looking for some genuine tips that are effective and practical. This is exactly what I wanted to know. So crisp and precise. Thanks for sharing.


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