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Best POP designs for dazzling up your house

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POP designs or Plaster of Paris designs are insanely popular for the false ceiling of modern houses all around the globe. It is made up of white powder and water. These days, the basic and most recent POP plan styles are for the most part used to make misleading roofs and distensions in home insides. 

It is dried out gypsum, or Calcium Sulfate, accessible in a powdered structure. At the point when the dry powder is blended in with water, it rehydrates and sets looking like the shape of hard gypsum once more.

What are the advantages of POP design?


As POP ceilings are false, so it can be removed and attached as you like and want. If at any moment you decide to change up your interiors or renovate then you can remove the POP design anytime from the ceiling easily.


It is quite durable and can last a very long time, as much as 20 years. You do not have to worry about its sustainability or durability as it is a good material to create false ceilings in any part of your house. 

Cools down your home 

It is made up of such material that has thermal insulation in it that helps to maintain and keep your house cool all the time, preventing excess heat from entering your house. 

Does not crack The POP design would not leave your ceiling with any cracks or creeks you would not have to worry about it wearing out. It remains fresh as new even after a few years of installing the false ceiling. 

Fire resistant 

The POP false ceiling design is fire resistant and it does not catch fire or spread easily. It is easy to install as a kitchen pop design because of this feature. 

The ceiling for all parts of your house

If you are wondering where a POP design will be suitable for incorporating into your house then do not worry and ease up as it is suitable for every corner of your house, be it a living room, bedroom, hall, porch, kitchen, etc. 

POP designs not only have various advantages that could benefit in the long run but also are highly creative and aesthetic-looking designs that could give your house a great look overall. 

Ceilings are often the part that people tend to forget about and leave untamed but it is that part that can truly dazzle up your house. We are letting you into this secret that can help you decorate and design your house elegantly and aesthetically as per your requirements. 

Types of POP designs 

Minimalist POP design 

This one is for the neat freak. To make your ceiling and the overall look of the house neat and clean with class and simplicity, a minimal ceiling could be a great idea. If you do not want a lot of colors to pop out then simply go for one or a combination of colors that go with your walls. Minimalist POP design

This one could probably be done at the least cost out of all the other POP designs. A minimalistic design could be best suitable for a living room pop design giving it a chic, smart, and as well as simple look.

Plus-minus POP design 

With a plus minus pop design for the gallery you will have an extravagant look to your house. It can instantly take all the attraction. It is perfect if you have minimalist furniture. Plus-minus POP design

Get the best plus minus pop design to create the most beautiful ceiling designs. It is also ideal for Pop plus minus design for the porch. 

There are several ideas for Bedroom modern pop plus minus design. Be it your gallery, bedroom, or porch, it is best for all to give them a modern and trendy look. 

Multi-layered POP design 

If you want a pop design for the hall then a multi-layered one could be perfect for it. Instead of just one, normal, and regular pop design, you could rather have multiple which is layered at one.Multi-layered POP design 

Its eccentric design is what makes it different and unique from others. It will give your hall a cool and cozy vibe at the same time. It could be decorated with lighting or hanging ornaments like a chandelier in between and any other stuff you would like. 

Artistic bordered POP design 

If you want to give your home a modern infused with a vintage look then this one’s for you. This design could be made either in a hall or a living room or even in a bedroom if you want to live a fancy-looking life. Artistic bordered POP design 

The borders of the pop designs are made very artistically and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. This could give you proper royal vibes. It is also light and simple around the other space and the work is done only around the corners to not make it too bold and chaotic making a perfect blend for both simple and extra. 

Unique POP design 

There are a lot of designs one can create in their ceiling using POP. From simple to extravagant to unique. In unique designs, you can add inspiration to something you like personally to give it a personal touch and build up a connection with your house.Unique POP design 

There are a lot of patterns, to begin with, such as circles, squares, rectangles, slanted, etc. You can choose any you like and create a unique design out of it. People make layered designs with even circle patterns that make your room stand out and various such wonderful ideas.


These were the top 5 best POP designs for your false ceiling at every part of your house. Hope this article made you knowledgeable about POP, its advantages, and the various designs to choose from. 

Now you know the secret to giving your ceiling a new, modern and unique look and creating your house heaven and an eye-pleaser. Do not leave out your ceiling from your home decor and designing part as it can also play a major role in making your house look attractive. Check out Decorchamp for more such ideas! 

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