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Plant names you must aware of that surround you

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India has a rich flora with a huge variety similar to the diverse cultural heritage of this country.  Knowing about these and being able to identify some of the common plants we see around will be quite interesting. Many people probably know the plant’s name in Hindi and others might identify the common plant’s name in English easily.

Whatever it is, basic knowledge of the flora around us is desirable, especially for the kids. This helps them to gain a better understanding of the environment. Overtime their fascination might increase, and it will lead to a love for the green to last their lifetime. It is quite interesting to have an Indian plants name list which carries plants name in English and in Hindi as well.

Apart from this, it is sometimes useful to know the scientific names of plants as when we read information in any medical or scientific journal; it comes handy. It is also important to gain some knowledge on air purifying indoor plants which everyone can grow to clear air of their house.

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Common Garden Plants

The tropical, hot climate makes the greenery thrive in our garden. Often we attach religious significance to some plants as well, and so you find some of these commonly in homes throughout India. Though plants with common names such as Tulsi are easily recognizable, most people do not know that Tulsi is called Basil in English. Even, few might be knowing vastu benefits of tulsi plant.

People love to have flowering plants in their gardens. Vibrant and colorful these add to the beauty of the home outdoors. But they often are not aware of their names. So here, we are talking about the various plants we picked from the Indian plant’s name list. For knowing more about the a-z plant’s name list you can check it below. You will also find the name of plants with pictures that make it easy to recognize the plants around you.

Common Names include the following:

  • Marigold: used commonly in religious ceremonies you have to plant the sapling in your garden, and it grows best in bright sunshine.
  • Hibiscus: sometimes people recognize the scientific names of plants quietly commonly as is the case with this plant. These blooms also find use in pujas commonly.
  • Rose: people consider their gardens incomplete without these blossoms. Available in a variety of colors these grow the best in light Indian winters.

Other common garden plants are bougainvillea, night jasmine, plantain, money plant, sunflower, and ferns.

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Flowering Plants

A-Z plants name list would be incomplete without mentioning flowering plants separately, and there are approximately 15,000 species in the country. Lotus is our National Flower. The North Eastern regions have profusely growing marigold and orchids. The maximum growth of flowers is during the summer and the spring.

Flowering Plants Names

Outdoor Flowering Plants

Medicinal Plants

Through the years, there has been stress on the medicinal properties of some of the commonly grown plants in India so knowing about them is often fascinating especially when you realize their benefits first hand.

  • Tulsi: Indian plants name list elaborating on the medicinal value mentions basil as queen of the herbs. It is useful for treating cold, cough, and other respiratory issues.
  • Aloe: commonly seen in gardens because of its medicinal properties the sap is used for treating inflammation, cuts, wounds, and burns. Aloe vera works as vastu remedy as well. Check vastu for aloe vera here.
  • Calendula: this is useful for treating wounds, bites, stings, sore eyes, sprains, and varicose veins among others.
  • Gotu Kola: this herb is capable of healing skin injuries, open sores, and ulcers.

Other common plants known for their medicinal value includes thyme, German chamomile, rosemary, lavender, methi/fenugreek, sage, lemon balm, and peppermint among others.

Medicinal Plants Photos

The plant’s names in English and in other languages tell you much about the growing habits and the shape. Horticulturists and gardeners remember plants often by the common names. Derived from plant shape, color, historical facts and the formation identifying and remembering them becomes easier this way.  Name of plants with pictures is the common way to help children learn about the flora around them.

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  1. I am very good at identifying most of the common flowers. However, when it comes to identifying medicinal plants, I am clueless. I need to improve my knowledge in this area so that I can be more helpful to my family at home. This blog helped me get started on the basics. Identifying medicinal plants is not as difficult as I thought it was, and I am grateful for the tips shared here. I am looking forward to reading more blogs like this so that I can learn more about medicinal plants and how to identify them. Thanks for sharing this valuable information!

  2. This is very informative for me as I love to gather information about the plants that I am growing. For any plant lover, your blogs are like a boon.

  3. Yes, as you mentioned these plant names are must to know. In general we see these plants in our balcony but i never knew their names, but after going through this blog i got to understand the importance of these plants.


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