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List of Indoor Plants: Beautify your Internal Area

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List of Indoor Plants – The natural environment makes a different look of the area and therefore there are a lot of people who love to have such an environment that can offer different energy and feel to keep calm and concentrate on work. To avail such benefits and make the environment of home and office livelier, people prefer to have plants that do not require more care and a good amount of sunlight but still grow and add a different charm to the area. There are a lot of indoor plants that can create a huge difference in the environment of the area and prove beneficial to the people.

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List of Indoor Plants – There are a lot of plants, some of which have a different fragrance, some have flowers, some have an excellent look while some have a lot of other benefits and therefore these sorts of flowers have now, gained an important place in the homes and hearts of the people. Before keeping any particular type of indoor plant, one must know its pros and cons and accordingly one has to choose the best fit that can help the environment. Many people prefer to have plants that can offer quality flowers, while some though do not have that much excellent fragrance but have a wonderful look that can help them stand in the leading row of the indoor plants.

The Plants And Types:

The dendrobium, palm, Lilly, orchid, ferns, Schefflera, anthuriums, Song of India, pothos are few important plants usually found in houses and offices. Here is the list of indoor plants in India you can opt for:

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Aglaonema / Chinese Evergreen

One of the easiest of all houseplants to grow. This plant looks stunning with its dark green leaves having shades of pink/red and it also purifies the air. You just need to water it when the soil dries out. Buy Now.

Aglaonema Plant


Aphelandra / Zebra Plant

It’s a flowering plant from Brazil. It requires proper care else it can easily lose its leaves. Never allow the zebra plant to completely dry out. Prefer lukewarm soft water while watering it to keep the soil temperature elevated. Bright light (not direct sunlight), humidity and warm temperature are required to get the best out of it. Buy Now.Aphelandra Plant


Araucaria / House Pine

It’s the popular Christmas tree for tropical places. It’s very easy to care for. You just need to spray it with some water regularly. Never cut off the top or trim the sides of this plant, this will stop its growth. Buy Now.


Araucaria Plant

Aspidistra / Cast Iron Plant

It is known as cast iron plant as it can survive in almost any kind of conditions. It grows quite slowly. It can deal with any kind of light and needs just occasional watering as it can work fine with dry soil. Buy Now.


Aspidistra Indoor Plant

Calathea / Peacock Plant

Peacock plant needs high humidity so you need to spray it regularly to keep the soil consistently moist. It grows best in cool places. Hot temperatures cause the leaves to curl. Remove any yellow leaves to keep your plant strong and growing. Buy Now.

Calathea Indoor Plant

Chlorophytum / Spider Plant

It can survive in almost any kind of conditions. Browning of leaf tips is quite normal and it does not harm the growth of the plant. They do not like to be too dry or too wet. Spider plants need bright light but not direct sunlight. Buy Now.

Chlorophytum Spider Indoor Plant

Codiaeum / Croton

When you buy new croton, it will lose all its leaves gradually. This is because the croton plant does not like to be moved. When it is moved, it goes into shock and starts to lose all its leaves. You just simply need to maintain proper care and it will regrow in a short time. Regular misting is required for this plant to stay healthy. Croton dies below 15C temperature. Buy Now.

Codiaeum or Croton Plant

Dieffenbachia / Dumb Cane

This plant dies in bright light. If chewed or eaten, it can cause temporary loss of speech and some swelling in the tongue that can even cause suffocation that’s why the name, dumb cane. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. This plant requires a lot of humidity. Pour a glass of water in the pot once in a while. Rotate the plant every time you water to prevent it from leaning to one side as its reaching for the light. Buy Now.


Dieffenbachia or Dumb Cane Plant

Dracaena / Dragon Plant

Dragon plants are slow-growing in nature. It’s best to grow them in a bathroom or kitchen for humidity. These plants prefer underwatering to overwatering, i.e, let the soil dry to a few centimeters before watering again. It helps improve air quality. Buy Now.

Dracaena Indoor Plant


Ferns love to grow in humid conditions. Mist it at regular intervals to maintain the humidity in the soil. Rest it’s easy to grow and maintain. Buy Now.

Ferns Indoor Plant

Ficus / Weeping Figs

List of Indoor Plants – Ficus needs to be watered weekly. It loves lots of bright, indirect sunlight. Ficus plant looks like a tree. It helps to filter the air. It is used in many herbal medicines. This plant is toxic to cats and dogs. Ficus plant does not like to be disturbed. You can’t move it frequently. Let it sit where it is. Buy Now.


Ficus Indoor Plant

Helxine / Baby’s Tears

It has teardrop-shaped leaves that’s why the name, baby’s tears. Baby’s tears plant never likes to dry out. Quickly water it as soon as you see the soil drying out. Keep the soil moist all the time. Avoid too much light, it burns the leaves of baby’s tears. It works as an air purifier. Buy Now.

Helxine (Baby’s tears)

Maranta / Prayer Plant

It is known as a prayer plant because it’s leaves stay flat during the day and folds up like praying hands at night. It likes to grow in warm and moist places. It needs bright light (but not direct sunlight). Prayer plants need to be watered generously. These plants are too sensitive to fluoride, so avoid using hard water. These are non-toxic plants. Buy Now.

Maranta Prayer Indoor Plant

Monstera / Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss cheese plant has heart-shaped leaves with slits. Since they have aerial roots so you require a moss stick to grow them. Average to high room humidity is needed. Buy Now.

Monstera Cheese Plant


It can be an expensive choice for your home but it definitely looks stunning. These plants do not like to be disturbed. So don’t move it until necessary. It doesn’t require a lot of water. Just water it when the soil dries to a few centimeters. Buy Now.

Palms indoor plant


You need to water it weekly. Allow the soil to dry out before watering again. It can grow in any kind of humidity level. These plants are very tiny. These are non-toxic plants and clean the air surrounding it. Buy Now.


Peperonia Indoor Plant


These are very easy to grow as they easily adapt to conditions inside the home. It’s normal for older leaves to become yellow. Keep the soil moist at all times. This plant is toxic in nature (if consumed mistakenly). Buy Now.


Philodendron indoor plant

Sansevieria / Snake Plant

It is also getting famous as “Mother in law’s tongue”. These plants efficiently improve your house’s air quality. It has long dark green leaves with yellow edges. It’s a very tolerant plant. It’s very hard to kill this plant. It is said to protect you from witches. Since they produce oxygen at night so they make a great bedroom companion. Buy Now.


Sansevieria / Snake Plant

Scindapsus / Devil’s Ivy

List of Indoor Plants – It is sold as a climbing or hanging plant. Devil’s ivy should be protected against the cold. The paler the leaves, the more light it needs. If it grows too long, it can simply be cut back. Buy Now.


Nephthytis / Arrowhead Vine

You should always keep the soil of this plant moist. It must not dry out. This plant is native to South America. Since it matures into a climbing vine, so it needs to be cut down to keep it manageable. Buy Now.


Money Plant

This plant is believed to bring good luck and financial success. It has low maintenance watering needs. It grows best in cool places. Other than watering, mist the plant once a week. Buy Now.

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Money Plant

There are many people who prefer plants with a different fragrance while some prefer them with flowers also. Corporate offices love to have plants with a different look so that they can pass a message to the visitor that they care for the environment. There are many plants which have some Ayurvedic and medicinal benefits and therefore people keep them in their home and office. According to Vastu shastra and feng-shui, the plant of bonsai is believed as prosperity booster and therefore those who believe in feng-shui, they keep a bonsai plant at their workplace.

Advantages of Indoor Plants:

There can be any reason, but there are a number of benefits of plants, if they are kept at home or office. The foremost important benefit is they offer cleaner and fresher air hence the air quality which is breathed by the people in this area is superior which helps people to keep away from many problems related to breathing. Those who suffer from allergies of dust particles can feel better in the area where such plants are kept. They increase the levels of oxygen in the atmosphere which makes one breathe healthier air.

The plants also help to reduce the stress at the workplace as it has a natural look and many times fragrance also. Those who feel poor health conditions can also get more health benefits with the help of indoor plants.

They also help to reduce the noise levels if the home or office is situated on a roadside. Hence, they provide natural insulation and reduce unwanted noise naturally.

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