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Perfectly Suited Colour Combinations for Homes Exterior

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Choosing the right color scheme for the exterior of your house is very important. The color combination for the exterior must be selected carefully as it makes the first impression in the eyes of visitors and guests.

Whether you decide to opt for the shutter and foundation combine or just a single bold color scheme for the exterior of the house, here is the list of some classic favorites that can help you select the right tone for the home exterior.

Select carefully to ensure that the color scheme is selected to showcase the house’s personality and the unique taste of the family residing there. The outside color combination for indian house must be traditional but cozy in look, while unique enough to stand out from the crowd.

Chocolate Smooth Brown Colour Scheme  

This color scheme for a house is dark with a matte finish that stays timeless and it is less harsh on the eyes of guests as compared to favorite classic black.

Moreover, the chocolate brown colour has a welcoming and softer vibe and looks great on multiple-story houses.

You can even combine it with soft greens or creamy whites to achieve the natural and down-home style.

Have a look here at the two colour combination for living room as well and make your living room trendy.

Silky Sky Blue Colour Scheme

The silky sky blue is all-time favorite color scheme for the exterior of a house which offer a serene, cheerful, yet relaxing vibe in the mind of onlookers.

Blue colour is the favorite color of all as it is reminiscent of the sky, ocean and also balances the emotions for enhanced calming effects.

This will definitely brighten up your house and make it look different from others.

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Natural Warm Green

If you want to bring the crisp and sharper look of a forest to your home, then settle with the natural green color scheme for the exterior of the house. This toned-down green combination is the perfect way to make a statement.

Try these green two colour combination for bedroom walls as well here.

If the exterior of the house has a rustic, vintage-style design, then opt for natural warm green color combination to enhance its overall look.

Do check two colour combination for bedroom walls if you are looking to repaint your bedroom and searching for decent color combinations.

If selected orange colour combination check how to make orange colour paint here.

Mysterious, Hazy Grey

The houses that demand neutral tone color schemes must be painted with mysterious hazy grey color. This color scheme for the exterior is very light but it still has a sexy and mysterious side which makes the house look excited and welcoming.

This color scheme is the best and most effective way to create the foundation which mixes well with the overall theme.

Vibrant and Bold Brick Red

The bold and vibrant brick red color scheme is the favorite home exterior color combination. No matter how old your house is, this bold brick-red color scheme for the exterior would make your house look fashion-forward.

You should also consider reading vastu for colors while picking colors for your home.

Your house would have the curbside appeal which no other house in a close area would have such bold shade.

Beachy and Sandy Beige

In order to bring a relaxed and laid-back vibe to your house, you may opt for the perfect sandy beige color scheme which is the perfect choice for homes located close to water or beaches. It gives the house a sandy beige look.

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It may seem to be a bit upbeat but it makes a great combination for foundation, especially of homes close to water bodies.

Neutral, yet Dark Navy Blue

With more bold and vibrant punch than light hazy grey, the neutral navy blue color scheme for the exterior of a home speaks of eclectic more. This is the color combination which is commonly used for uniquely constructed houses for appealing and alluring style and look.

Playful and Happening Yellow

This is a classic all-time favorite color combination for classic family homes. Yellow combined with some other dark bold colors always make the exterior happening and makes everyone smile indeed. This color scheme may not be the best option for a bedroom or living room, but the yellow color scheme tends to shine the exterior for years to come.

Check asian paints colour code with image here to view entire range of colors available in asian paints.

Cuddly, Creamy White

Creamy, sultrier white is the basic and most commonly used color scheme for exteriors of a home. It can be coupled with a variety of shades. But to bring most out of this color scheme you must combine it with hunter greens or any subtle of camel colors. It can also be combined with any other bold colors like blue or red etc.

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  1. Amazing combinations you have shared. I specially love the sandy beige and neutral color walls for exterior walls. Do you think, it is easy to maintain them? And can they sustain the harsh weather conditions especially rains?

  2. You have given an existing few inconceivable combos. I especially such as the sandy beige as well as nonpartisan tone outside walls. Do you accept they happen to be easy to keep up with? furthermore, could they at any point endure the super weather patterns, especially downpour? these specific combo walls happen to be not difficult to keep up with as well as has the ability endure downpour, on the possibility that they happen to be appropriately fixed.

  3. Colour combination makes a huge difference in giving the perfect look to even a small budget house. i have often seen beautifully constructed house with odd colours. The right colour combination not only makes a house eye catching but gives the perfect elitist look. Very helpful article.


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