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What ways can you follow to get the most out of your place

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Interior designing is basically art which helps in decorating house internally and enhancing the look of the house. Interior designing not just include putting heavy expensive items in decorating or enhancing the look of the house but also creating a peaceful, mind settling, and stress-free environment inside the house so that it not just makes it look good but also create a good environment that has a positive vibe in it. Interior designers are the one who plans, research manages and coordinates such projects. It is not in the books that interior designing can only be done by professional interior designers. We Indians prefer our vision of setting works and things at a place as compared to approaching any professional.  Before designing any home we need to look after all small things like VastuShastra, what will look best with what, how and where things should be arranged. Every time before setting up the house we literally go for weeks of planning about the things that need to be placed, how to be placed, where to be placed, for whom to be placed etc. And once you are done with all of this just check out the Vaastu Shastra for your home.

Talking about home designing then we must not forget that every time we design interiors of any place we must not forget the theme first. Not understanding what I am trying to say? Well okay, let me make it clear. Not going deep and technical about it lets take an example of a simple house. What will you choose with the accessories when you are setting up your bedroom? Off course bed, lamp, maybe small chairs, TV and what if you design your living room? Then couch, TV, table, and walls full of frames etc. see we all know how to differentiate as per the theme of the area. So theme decoration is very important as it helps in maintaining the look of the house. Just like the right things inthe right place always look best.

Here let’s have a look over how many types of theme designing can be done:

  1. House: This is something we all have done at one time or other. Right from being the smallest in the house which cartoon picture should be painted in your room’s wall to which cartoon’s bed sheet you always want to see every time. This is the basic type of designing that comes under interior designing. It basically includes designing of the living room like couch, TV, pictures on the wall that are hanging how all pictures should be framed and what kind of color should be there in walls so it soothes your mind and releases all the stress out. Yes, it matters the color of your living area does matter a lot according to science it helps in relaxing your mind and giving you positive vibes if color combination is decent. There are different rooms in the house which includes different and specific things to be there so as to enhance the look. For example, you cannot put your dining table to your bedroom or vice-versa.
  1. Workplace: When it comes to the workplace then their interior designing need specific details like coordination in each thing. You cannot draw patterns on the wall or paint it out all fancy if you have book’s shop because it needs to look decent. And you cannot color or paint walls all dumb and decent if you have a saloon. No this is not how it works. Processes should be done according to their kind and how it should be done. So there also theme matters a lot.
  1. Fancy place: Fancy places like restaurants, cafes, lounges, bar, clubs etc have alittle fancy theme like all they need is to attract more and more customers to visit their place. as it is said the first impression is the last impression so it is very important for owners of places like these should go for showing off the best. The better and fancier their place looks the chances get higher of them getting customers the most.
  1. Relaxing place: This basically includes a place where a person after facing a week or a month full of hectic schedules a person gets to spend some alone and relaxing time on their own. So if it is all about relaxing then the theme should be something which relaxes one’s mind. And on DécorChamp we know exactly what you would like.

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  1. I’ve been developing plans to make my workplace more attractive and relaxing. I get it if you’re going for a more industrial look with book sleeves and texture paint on the walls. I believe it would be an excellent approach! However, I was also thinking of something else unique. Instead of the typical bookshelves, I was thinking of using floating shelves. As for the texture paint, I think it is a great idea! I think it would add interest to the space and make it feel more inviting. Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. While going through the blog, I found exciting ways to make the most out of my place. Here are some ways that you can do it too.

    House Tips: You can palace paintings on the walls and place handing pictures of family members to make it feel at home.
    Workplace Tips: You can also coordinate all the stuff in your cabin or on your desk and palace books.
    Fancy Place tips: Fancy places like clubs or restaurants can add a good ambience to beautify their place.


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