Vastu Shastra for Ancestors Photo Location


Vastu sets down standards for each niche which we have and in like manner it lets us know which can be the perfect position for wall artworks and family pictures. We all have propensity of setting pictures generally ancestor on wall or in worship room however such things are strictly disallowed as per Vastu standards. Vastu don’t permit hanging particular pictures and late predecessor’s pictures in any particularly worship room.

Any individuals even keep the representations of their dead predecessors in the puja room. They do this to show appreciation to their older folks. Be that as it may, as indicated by Vaastu Shastra, keeping pictures of dead ancestor in the worship room is not viewed as promising.

Vaastu suggests us to keep the representations of the living parts of the family in the North Eastern, Northern or Eastern bearings just. As per Vaastu Shastra, the worship room ought to be set up in the North Eastern manner and representations of dead predecessors ought to be kept in the South Western, Southern or Western way.

Any infringement of these Vaastu standards may draw in negative inestimable vitality which may influence the mental peace of the relatives.

There are some chosen bearings in which we can put our family photos and our portraits with the goal that they have great impact on viewers. Pictures have immediate influence on our brain and if they are fused in mistaken course or place then they can have against Vastu influence. Vastu tells accurate position of family and predecessor’s portraits such as Pictures portraying war, shrewdness, sorrow and dejection ought not to be clung on wall. Pictures portraying displeasure make aggravation and mind-set of uneasiness ought not to be joined on wall. Theoretical painting and pictures with no obvious & significance make perplexity and stretch as a main priority of prisoners and such pictures ought to be maintained a strategic distance.

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