Top 10 Vastu Items for Home that bring Positive Energy and Good Luck


Vastu Shastra is an important ancient science that is followed by millions of people to eliminate all kinds of negative energy and bring in positivity at home. Human beings are always concerned about bringing in prosperity to their homes and Vastu Shastra plays a huge role in that. Vastu helps us in identifying the right place for every nook and corner of our homes. It helps us place our Pooja Ghar in the right direction. The way a house should be built, where should be the bathroom, and more. Vastu for home is important if you want to live in harmony.

So, why do we need good energy around us?

Let us explain this to you in the form of an example. You meet many people on a daily basis. Some must be your close friends and some you avoid for good. Now, why is there a distinction? Why do you prefer some and ignore others? People who you ignore the most are the ones who make you feel disturbed in some way or the other, however, people who you keep are the ones who keep you happy and composed. Similarly, good energy always keeps us calm. It helps us to be better human beings. It helps us grow.

Having said that, we are going to tell you about 10 such things as per Vastu Shastra that you should keep in your house to ensure that you are always surrounded by positive energy.

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1. Laughing Buddha

According to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, Laughing Buddha is not just a showpiece but has a greater significance. When you place a laughing Buddha in your home, the surroundings of your home become harmonious. Laughing Buddha helps in eliminating negative aura from the home.

You can place the laughing Buddha statue in the east direction if the main door of your house is facing east. In case if the entrance door is facing the northeast, then place it in the northwest direction.

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  1. Interesting ideas. I haven’t heard of most of the things on the list but I am glad I came across this article. This gave me a lot of useful ideas to put Vastu-related objects in my house. Thanks for such a detailed explanation. Love reading your blogs.


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