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Vastu Shastra for the Positioning of Work Desk at Office

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Vastu’s history can be traced back to 6000 BC. It is an architectural and designing philosophy found in ancient Indian texts which tells principles that can be followed while constructing buildings and homes in harmony with natural and energy forces.

It is believed that following vastu principles encourages inflow of positive energy which helps with health, wealth and relationships to be stable in homes.

This blog post will help you with different vastu shastra aspects that you would find helpful while positioning your work desk at your office which would attract positive energy by warding off all the negative forces.

Reasons on why the Vastu Shastra Matters

There are several reasons which stand as testimony on why Vastu shastra should be taken into consideration while looking for a position to place your desk in your working space.

Reasons on why the Vastu Shastra Matters

The alignment of any space with the natural forces will contribute to the harnessing of harmony and the attracting of positive energy.

Vastu Shastra states that different directions are in association with certain elements and energies and that each direction is believed to inspire the positive vibrations that are already present in the atmosphere.

It is said to create a conducive environment for whatever work you are trying to do there. It is interesting to know that the Earth’s magnetic force is also taken into account in the calculation of Vastu principles.

A proper alignment with the magnetic north is crucial for the improvement of the worker’s health and the overall well-being.

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Choosing the Right Direction

Vastu Shastra for the Positioning of Work Desk

  • North: It is advised according to Vastu to place your office desk in the north direction. It will enhance positivity and will definitely make your day more productive. This is the reason why it is considered as ideal for the positioning of the table. Also remember to keep the front area of the desk open, so that the positive energy can conveniently flow into the work space, without any obstruction. It will also help you in the creation of a lot of creative ideas, thus helping you earn a good name amongst your colleagues. This can also aid you in securing a promotion and salary raise.
  • East: Placing your table facing in the east direction is also taken into consideration as ideal and auspicious. Placing your desk in this direction will enhance your mind’s focus whenever you sit to work, thus promoting the productivity of your working day. 
  • Avoid South: Avoiding the placement of the working desk in the south direction is often advised in the Vastu Shastra. It is said to attract evil energy, thereby where you would end up wasting your time, unable to concentrate. It is also said to bring a lot of conflicts with your superiors and colleagues due to the enticement of negative energy. To be precise, your work life will never give you satisfaction and peace of mind if you have placed your desk at the office facing in the south direction. 

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Additional Tips to be Kept in mind

Additional Tips to be Kept in mind

  • Declutter the work desk regularly Work desks can get cluttered easily as you must be dealing with a lot of people and hundreds of documents on a daily basis. So, it is advised that you keep your desk organized always which will give you a positive vibe as well as attract positivity and harmony easily. The documents can be stacked in the north, east or the northeast side, which will help you in enhancing your productivity. It will also be helpful in making swift decisions as it will enrich your decision-making abilities. On the whole, it will play a role in bringing success to you in your working environment.
  • Personalize with Care – You can bring in a sense of your personality into your work desk. However, make sure that they are not against the principles stated in Vastu Shastra. Choose the furniture designs that will enhance your comfortability as well as place them in the positions that are favourable to the Vastu shastra. These are also factors that will contribute to the enhancement of your creativity and productivity. You can also place certain plants like money plants which are very good for the sustainability and well-being of your mental health. Similarly, there are vastu plants like the Aparijitha plant which will help you in the improvement of your physical health. You can engage in a thorough research and pick up those plants for your office desk and enhance your mental health and physical health thereby helping you to be more focussed in your work.
  • Selecting the material of the desk according to Vastu: Other than the positioning, another important thing that has to be given importance related to your office desk, is the material with which the desk is made. Giving attention to this factor is also going to help you in increasing productivity and building good relationships with your colleagues. More than any modern materials like glass or metal, Vastu says that wood, the age-old material to make furniture, is going to bring positivity into the area of your work. So, choose wisely when you go for the material. Wood is also very good when it comes to durability and sustainability. It is also going to be a good choice if it is teak or mahogany.

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When these are a few suggestions that are put forward by Vastu Shastra to improve your status in your work and to enhance your relationships with your colleagues.

It should never be forgotten that hard work and honesty are the two qualities that are going to ensure your growth in your work.

It will never fail you if you are it, to follow them and are determined and passionate about your work.

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