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What are the Best Vaastu Tips For a Kitchen?

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We all know we Indians are so superstitious when it comes to decorating our house. We need each and everythingis it a single vas or big couch everything literally everything have to be in place. vaastu Shastra matters a lot in Indian homes. Though Faustus are important and are considered all over your house including each room but the kitchen is somewhere most of the attention gets attracted to. Vaastu is important for the kitchen as it represents “fire” element.

If the actual fire transforms your raw or uncooked food to coked and delicious food then, in the same manner, the symbolic fire provides heat to your physical body and to your spiritual soul. Just imagine what would happen if the spiritual or symbolic fire within you dies? You start losing hopes and won’t get what you actually want. That is why it has been rightly said by our elders or ancestors that everything in our life is it as small as the needle to the biggest thing possible matters. All vaastu that we youngsters feel useless matters.

kitchen ideas

Now here are some important things which need to be considered while setting up your kitchen:

  • Talking about the location at first we all know that the best suitable location for the kitchen to be built in the south-east corner of a home. Read here to for complete information on making kitchen vastu friendly here.
  • One should always avoid kitchen directly under or above the pooja or prayer room. It is said that doing so brings a lot of negative energy in the house. And you should never cook under the pooja house.
  • Now, this point I will more call it as a common sense thing that one should never build a kitchen in front or near to toilets as we do not want to eat those unhealthy stinking bacteria coming out of the washrooms.
  • Also, avoid kitchen that falls under or above anybody’s bedroom.
  • A kitchen facing towards north-east direction can cause mental illness of the family members and with that also leads to great losses.
  • Kitchen with south-west direction leads to clash among the family members.
  • Now the most dangerous direction that the kitchen can face is the north direction. This particular direction is of Lord Kubera’s he is known to be the god of wealth. It is believed that the kitchen facing north direction will increase the monetary expenditure of the family beyond the limit.
  • While cooking too Vaastu Shastra matters like one should never face towards west while cooking it leads to severe health problems.
  • Always avoid black color for kitchen walls and flooring. Yes! You heard it right. You should avoid using dark colors and especially black in your kitchen walls.
  • Use north-east direction to place wash basin or sink in the kitchen. This is one of the tips that most of the people don’t keep in mind. But trust me you should not neglect it. And this can also be termed as one of the best ideas for your kitchen.
  • Use north-east or north direction for keeping drinking water and utensils of drinking water. This is one fact that is recommended by the astrologers as well. It is said to be a good position of drinking.
  • Keep grain boxes, pulses box, rice, flour, spices,and all other food-related items in south or west direction. This is one tip that you should work for as it is very important. Then one more thing that you should keep in mind is these boxes should be air tight, which will keep the grains preserved.
  • Use yellow, orange, red, chocolate, rose or any other bright colors for the kitchen walls and floorings for good vibes. And yes this will definitely increase the positivity in the house.
  • Build mezzanine floor in west or south of the kitchen. DecorChamp can literally help you in making a house with all the perfect places in the right directions.
  • Always clean the kitchen platform, utensils before sleeping. This is a good habit but then you need to do it regularly. This will also help you and your family keep away from all the diseases.

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  1. The blog is quite amazing and the tips mentioned here are also very good. I am also planning to face the kitchen in the northeast direction after reading the amazing tips. The article is frame so nicely and is available with a stunning structure.

  2. Including my parents, I have always followed the vastu culture, whether it referred to our brand new home. This article has simplified our process of posting things according to the directions mentioned in the article. The main plot is brief and easy to understand; thank you very much for that.


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