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How to waterproof a building

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So what do you do when you want to waterproof a building?  Of-course, You use waterproofing solutions. But the question is how, what and where.

You need waterproofing because water damages in a building can be hard to detect and measure, yet it can cost thousands in repairs and can seriously damage the foundation of a building.  Many companies which sell waterproofing solutions in the form of various powders and solutions are currently there in the market.

These products adhere to the cement, concrete, or plaster which they are applied to and create an impermeable barrier which prevents rain or other water from seeping through and causing irreversible damage. You can use various waterproofing paints to protect your buildings and house from damage from moisture and rain water. These waterproofing paints act as a barrier which seals the outside of your house or buildings when applied to their exterior surfaces.

What types of waterproofing methods can you use?

“What types of waterproofing methods can you use?”  Many a homeowner and contractor have asked this important and pressing question. Some of the more common waterproofing methods are cementitious waterproofing and brick bat coba waterproofing. However, today people just call dr.fixit waterproofing company to waterproof their building.  Cementitious waterproofing is commonly used on wet areas of buildings like toilets and bathrooms.  This method ranges from being semi-flexible to rigid and keeps water from seeping into the tiles, cement, and grout in these areas.  The same thing is true of sunlight.  Tapecrete material is commonly used for this method because it is easy to apply and because it is effective.

Brick bat coba waterproofing is the process of applying layers of soaked brick bat pieces over fresh mortar.  This in essence insulates the building and keeps it warm and dry during rainy or cold weather or both.  The average thickness for these pieces is 110 mm, with the range being between 70-150 mm.

What are the types waterproofing in the market?

“What are the waterproofing types currently available?”  As a waterproofing contractor, home builder, or home owner, you may have asked yourself this question many times.  The waterproofing type to be used depends on the part of the building or house you are trying to waterproof.  For example, you use the freezing process to waterproof the foundations of buildings or houses, but you use positive waterproofing to waterproof your basement.

Here’s how to remove seelan or dampness from walls

Some commonly used waterproofing types for foundations are the chemical consolidation process and the electro osmosis process.  You use the negative waterproofing type to waterproof your basement. You use injection grouting when you want to waterproof the grout joints and tiles in your building or house.  There are many types of injection grouting in existence:

  • Polymer
  • Fiber-reinforced
  • Cement – sand
  • Gas-forming
  • Sulfo-aluminate

The list of waterproofing materials you need for a house or building

“What is the list of waterproofing materials I will need to waterproof my house or building?”  Some of the more commonly used waterproofing materials on the list are mentioned below:

  • JHJ international brand waterproofing solution
  • SBS/APP waterproofing materials for construction
  • Asphalt polyurethane waterproof coating
  • Elastomer modified asphalt copper matrix waterproofing materials
  • Geotextile sheet waterproof raw material

Note that these materials rely heavily on waterproofing chemicals to be effective in waterproofing various parts, sections, and rooms of your house or building.  Additionally, waterproofing chemicals are used as the raw materials in these waterproofing materials. These chemicals are the active ingredients and the main catalyst in terms of waterproofing your house or buildings!

What is the approx waterproofing cost in India

“I live in India, what is the approx waterproofing cost in India?” One can get the list of waterproofing companies in india and get the quote based on the requirement. Since the Indian economy and the Indian residential property market are both currently booming, many an old and new homeowner has asked him or herself this question.  The answer is, “it depends on the type of waterproofing system you are using.”  You can use up to 3 systems to waterproof your terrace, for example.  If you use the first system, it will cost you INR 35 per square foot.  The second system will set you back INR 45 per square foot.

It’s easy to waterproof a building or house once you know…

It’s easy to waterproof a building or house once you know how to do it. Now that you have more insight into what is involved in waterproofing a house or building, you can easily waterproof your next house or building.  If you know enough about construction, you can do this yourself.  You can also take the ‘easy way out’ and hire a waterproofing contractor.  Both ways will waterproof your next building project quickly, cheaply, and easily!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing waterproof tips. This makes it easier for me to cut down on labor costs. I just have one more question to ask, how much material does it require to waterproof two bedrooms? Please let me know.

  2. This blog is very helpful. I have been facing water leakage problem in my house since quite some time now and was desperately looking for its solution. This blog gave me a good idea about waterproofing buildings and why it is the best choice.


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