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How to Propagate Spider Plants for Good Results

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Having plants at home can really refresh our moods. Although proper attention and care is required for healthy growth of plants, the ways of caring can be rewarding.

Everyone should have plants of their choice at their homes. Having plants at home is good for mental health too. 

Plants act like babies and our best friends. You can talk to them in a very nice manner and you can share your secrets with them.

Having a spider plant at home is a common thing. Many people like having spider plants and ways of propagating them are also cool.

In this blog we will discuss how one can propagate spider plants easily at homes and  how one can do it in an appropriate manner.

We will discuss this step by step. Let us learn the right ways of propagating spider plants.

Tips to propagate spider plants easily

The tips for propagating spider plants are shared as follows and one can learn to propagate them properly.


  • Know the right time of propagation– If your spider plant is having babies then it is easy to propagate them. You need to check the plantlets of spider plants that can be propagated.
    If your plant does not have any plantlets or babies then you need to focus on the root production.
    Give them adequate time to mature. In normal conditions this plant can be propagated throughout the year although summer is considered the best season.
  • Grow new plants from seeds- You can grow spider plants directly from seeds. Avoid growing spider plants from leaf cuttings.
    You need to take the seed or else you can take spideretts too for planting in water or soil.
  • Take care of temperature- If you are growing them inside then pay attention to the temperature and make sure that they are getting the right amount of sunlight and other required things.Temperature should not go below 50 F.
  • Type of soil- soil type is to be taken care of. Almost all types are preferred but you can get better results in loamy or draining soil.
  • Choose the right fertiliser- You have to provide them with the right fertiliser so that you can have better results.

All these tips are to be taken care of while propagating a spider plant. As told earlier plants need proper care and attention so make sure that you provide them best.

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Propagate spider plants with water

Let us now talk about the ways in which you can propagate spider plants with the help of water.


Follow these instructions that are shared as follows-

  • Take an empty jar and pour water in it. Let that water stay there for a while and you take other utensils like blades or knives for other steps. After collecting all that you can proceed towards the next step.
  • Now you need to take the stolon from the mother plant and you need to cut spidereets in an appropriate manner. You need to take care while cutting and always cut from the base.
  • After the cutting is done you can place the cutting in water. Make sure that the base of spiderette touches the water. Do not let the leaves touch water.
  • Now let this spiderette in a jar and wait until the roots start to appear. The water will become cloudy. You can place it in the sunlight for a while.
  • Let the pot out and then dig a hole in the soil. Make sure that the hole is accurate and the hole should accommodate the new spider plant. You have to place your cutting in this pot and you can observe it.
  • Take that pot and place it in indirect sunlight. Take care of the pot and keep checking your new spider plant.

With all these simple ways you can propagate a new spider plant from an old plant. You have to keep checking the plant so that it develops in a nice way. This will help you achieve a good new spider plant.

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Some amazing benefits of spider plants

Let us now talk about some very great benefits of spider plants. These benefits of spider plants will make you feel amazed and you will want more plants.


The benefits are as follows-

  • Spider plants help reduce anxiety. It was observed that spider plants when placed in hospitals lead to a better recovery.
  • Spider plant is super good for air purifying and one can have air purification with the help of spider plant. Choose spider plants for the best air.
  • Increased humidity caused by spider plants can help in saving from many airborne diseases. It is good to have a spider plant for reducing risk of airborne disease.
  • It can be placed in baskets or other pots for decorative items. You can use this plant for decoration too.

Thus one can see how beneficial spider plants are. Take a spider plant and then make new spider plant babies from the mother plant and you will get a lot of collections of spider plant babies.

The method is easy and you can achieve it easily. Make sure that you pay a lot of attention to their growth.

You can have the benefits by having spider plants at your home or office. Place them wherever you want.

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Propagations of spider plants can be  time consuming but one can simply have a lot of spider plants once the process is learnt.

Cutting spiderrerets in an appropriate manner can help you in achieving a lot of plantlets. Cut the spiders from the mother plant and then grow them accordingly.

The plant can be placed in indirect sunlight and you can have a very good growth. These plants do not need a lot of watering and one can water them when the soil is dry.

They have moisture inside them due to which not much water is required. Go through the propagation tips and observe the growth of new spider plant babies.

You can grow as many as you want if you know the good way.

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