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Burning Incense Sticks For Fragrance

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Have you ever walked into a temple or in a room where some religious practice is taking place? What is one of the most important and common things found in both these places? Of course, it is the incense stick.

Incense sticks have a long history of being used for different purposes, the main being during religious services and rituals. 

But because they have so many benefits, they are also used for aromatherapy or for making a room smell fresh and nice.

Today, there are a variety of incense sticks and incense cones fragrances available in the market you can easily choose whichever aroma best suits your olfactory senses. 

How to Use an Incense Stick? 

If you want to know how to use an incense stick, then, continue reading. Incense is available in a variety of forms as mentioned below.

In order to make use of it efficiently, it is important that you first gently light the tip of the incense with a matchstick. 

How to Use an Incense Stick

Once it has been lit up, blow out the extra flame to keep it extremely minimal.

To not whether the burning of the incense stick has been successful, you need to see if there is slight smoke and a soft glow coming from the stick.

If you said yes to both of them, then, your incense stick has been successfully lit up. 

How Long Does an Incense Last? 

The duration for the burning of incense depends on the type of incense you are using and its size. Whether it is an incense stick, coil, or incense powder, etc., all of them have different approximate burning periods. 

How Long Does an Incense Last


An incense stick and coil might burn for around 30 to 40 minutes quite easily, but this could differ by an increment or decrement in its burning period based on the size of the incense.

Once the incense has been completely utilized, it will stop burning on its own, and you can dispose the remnants off.  

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Benefits of Using Incense Sticks 

Mentioned below are some of the benefits of burning incense sticks in India. 

Benefits of Using Incense Sticks

  1. Because it is typically made up of plant matter, you are assured that it is environment-friendly and does not cause any major form of pollution of the air.
  2. Incense is found in a variety of forms ranging from incense sticks, incense cones, incense coils, and much more.
  3. Since ancient times, burning of incense has been connected to ceremonies, religious and spiritual practices. Thus, its burning is considered as an auspicious event that is undertaken to ward off any form of negative or evil energy.
  4. By burning an incense stick, you will experience peace and calm within your soul that will help you focus on daily activities better. This is why you will notice experienced and professional meditators and yogis burning incense during any relaxation session.
  5. Burning incense is proven to reduce stress levels in a person. You get different fragrance incense for battling different moods and temperaments helping your soul to come back to a position of status quo. One’s mood is instantly lightened up because of a simple pleasurable smell.
  6. If you burn incense before sleeping, you will note that your sleep schedule will be way improved because incense has sedation effects.

    Pairing the burning of incense with essential oils is also highly efficient as any form of anxiety or stress you might face before sleeping will be significantly reduced. But you need to be careful when burning incense when sleeping.
  7. A few studies have noted that the burning of incense purifies and freshens up the space where it is burnt. Bacteria in the air get significantly eliminated which is essential for helping you breathe healthy air in. 

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Incense Stick Fragrances

Mentioned below are the top 10 and best incense stick fragrances available for regular burning. 

Incense Stick Fragrances

  • Citronella incense 
  • Lavender incense 
  • Lemon incense
  • Bamboo incense
  • Fresh rose and lavender incense 
  • Vanilla incense 
  • Sandalwood incense 
  • Cedar and camphor incense 
  • Amber incense 
  • Musk and patchouli incense

Are There Any Precautions to Burning Incense? 

Being precautious to burning incense is extremely important because, after all, incense is a fire hazard, and is prone to setting things that are highly flammable on fire. 

You must follow precautions such as purchasing an incense burner stand to have a stable placement of the burning incense. This incense burner stand will help collect the falling ash also quite smoothly. 

Also, you need to ensure that the incense burner stand is not kept on anything flimsy, but on a sturdy fire-proof surface. And, the last, and very important point of precaution to follow is that you must never leave burning incense alone in a room

If you have pets or little children, it is even more important that you keep them at a distance from burning incense.  Apart from that here, you can also know about Customized Furniture.


If you are looking for the best incense sticks in India, then, you can look for them in any grocery store or on online shopping marts. Figure out why you want incense, what kind of incense you want, for what purpose, and what fragrance of incense you wish to use. Reap the benefits of incense today!

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