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Wooden Almirah Designs: Almirah Designs in Sunmica & Wood

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An almirah keeps your items in order and adds beauty to your interior design in today’s world. Almirahs are most frequently found in the master bedroom of an apartment in India.

If you want to make your storage more stylish and more efficient, here are some contemporary bedroom almirah designs that will assist you.

Your almirah is more than simply a storage piece for your clothing. It’s a practical device that serves as room decoration while also keeping your personal area neat.

We provide an abundance of almirah design ideas to pick from, whether you’re looking for inspiration or need help deciding on the right one!

We recognized that it would be difficult to choose the finest almirah designs because there are so many types. As a result, we decided to assist you with this comprehensive guide on all things almirah-related. You should bookmark this page!

Readymade Almirah Designs

These are some of the almirahs that are available online. You can buy these almirahs instantly if you like any of them. Have a look below at these wooden almirahs:

Have you ever observed that irrespective of their best efforts, other wardrobes just cannot match the elegance and flair that a wooden wardrobe exudes? 

Wooden wardrobe designs give more than just a regal appearance. Good bedroom wardrobe designs meet all the requirements, from tidy and roomy compartments to the durability that lasts a lifetime. 

The next part may allay your concerns if you’re looking for a wooden wardrobe but aren’t sure if it’s right for you. In the sections below, we go over the top five wooden wardrobe designs for your bedroom.

Solimo Lindsay 3 Door Engineered Wood Wardrobe (Wenge Finish)

With three doors, a drawer, a mirror, and several shelves, this wardrobe may be perfect for you as it is used to store and organize clothing.

Solimo Lindsay 3 Door Engineered Wood Wardrobe

Three doors on a large wardrobe with several shelves, hanging space, and a lockable drawer enabled for effective organization. It has a locked drawer where you may keep valuables, personal goods, papers, and other things.

It is engineered wood of the highest grade, providing strength and durability. A stylish appearance is provided by contemporary design and a durable, smooth wenge finish.

It is equipped with a front mirror to help you in getting ready. To ensure durability, the door action was rigorously tested for over 10,000 cycles and the drawer action for up to 5,000 cycles. 

Solid Sheesham Wood Wardrobe with Niwar Design

This unique Wooden Almirah design is made of solid sheesham wood of the highest quality and best origin. There are two drawers and four shelves in this almirah.

Solid Sheesham Wood Almirah

On this almirah, lacquer finish was utilized. The almirah’s polish gives it a shiny and matte appearance. Stylish furniture with a honey oak finish the doors features Niwar design blocks, which look traditional in this gloss.

Lower doors may be locked with the use of a magnetic catcher, while the top doors have a lock function. The upper doors have handles with a chrome finish, while the lower doors have knobs with a shining chrome finish. 

Bruno Engineered Wood Almirah with Storage-1 Door

This Bruno-engineered wood almirah’s particle board’s melamine covers offer a barrier that is impervious to water, stains, and scratches. Melamine coating makes engineered wood more resilient and long-lasting by increasing its strength and endurance.

Bruno Engineered Wood Cupboard

The handles are really durable. To ensure strength and longevity, they are made with precision using high-quality materials. A nice and firm grip is provided by the handles, which are also quite practical.

To give the bottom of the furniture a tiny bit of space between it and the floor, plastic buffers are employed. 

They are also employed to attenuate vibrations, lower noise levels, and provide some space for cleaning. 

Sharan Almirah Premium Metal Steel Mini Wardrobe

Sharan Almirah premium metal steel is a mini wardrobe with designer doors, a wooden finish, and branded locks.

Sharan Almirah Premium Metal Steel Mini Wardrobe

It has levitating legs, a basic component of CRCA Sheet, which is useful throughout the house. It is very resilient thanks to its premium components. 

Solid Wood 2 Door Almirah

Solid wood 2-door almirah has furniture-grade wood. It is expertly seasoned for the ideal moisture content.

JAE Furniture Wooden Wardrobe

Due to the fact that this is a handcrafted item, the size, and color may significantly differ. The product is delivered fully constructed; no further assembly is necessary.

It is the typical woodwork of Rajasthan. The beautiful woodwork that Rajasthani artisans have been producing has gained their products international acclaim. 

Latest Customized Almirah Designs

Have a look below at the customized designs that you can get constructed according to the size available in your room or accordingly by contacting an interior designers.

Sliding Wooden Almirah Design with Sunmica

An almirah with a sliding door almirah is a must if you’re searching for the most recent bedroom storage ideas. Sliding almirah design wall fixing looks sleek and modern, making them an excellent match for city apartments.sliding wooden almirah with sunmica

Furthermore, sliding almirahs are frequently large enough to hold all of your clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

Hinged 3 Door Wooden Almirah Designs

Hinged cupboards, on the other hand, are perfect for those who want to go conventional. A hinged almirah is ideal for traditionalists! Hinged almirahs never go out of style! hinged 3 door wooden almirah designThese standard doors may be used with any wardrobe and come in a variety of colors and finishes. With swing doors, you can get a classic look by choosing a wooden almirah design.

Fitted Wood Almirah Design

If you want an almirah that is both space-saving and stylish, fitted or wall fixing almirah designs are ideal for you! Fitted or wall-hanging almirah designs have several benefits, making them a popular option. wall fitted wooden almirah designThe greatest advantage of a built-in almirah design is that they maximize the amount of vertical space available. They’re also wonderful to utilize on odd corners in your bedroom.

Stand Alone Bedroom Almirah

The most popular style of almirah is the one seen in most homes. Cupboards that look like traditional ones are available in several designs that complement your bedroom decor. stand alone almirah designIf you like to change up your look by rearranging furniture, pick a stand-alone almirah.

Minimalist Wooden Almirah

The most frequent and frequently utilized almirah materials are wood. A wood almirah design for your bedroom may give it a warm and rustic atmosphere. These cupboards also go with all types of bedrooms, making them the preferred choice for most individuals. minimalist wooden almirah designsYou may pick from a wide range of wooden almirah design designs when looking for one.

Consider getting a built-in storage area with a modern wardrobe design to showcase your lovely decorations or keep extra things in, as an alternative to a stand-alone closet. If you have a tiny room, wall-mounted wooden almirah designs are available.

Glass Almirah With Wood Panel Design

When it comes to the most recent bedroom almirah ideas, glass almirahs win for their elegance! A glass almirah design may improve the entire appearance of your room if you’re a fashionista with some fashionable apparel. glass almirah with wooden panelIf you have some fashionable clothes, consider displaying them in a glass almirah.

Also try these trendy modern crockery cabinet designs for your dining room that matches with your wooden almirah designs as well.

Plywood Almirah

This is a basic sliding almirah design. Silver steel borders are used on the plywood sliding doors in this example. plywood almirah designThis is an easy wall almirah design for an Indian bedroom, and steel rods were used to complement the overall style.

Have a look at some popular kitchen almirah designs here.

MDF Amirah

A hardwood is any wood that has been processed to be used for construction. Average hardwoods, such as oak and maple, are easily damaged by fluctuations in temperature and humidity. mdf wood almirah designThe durability of MDF is excellent, yet it has no particular resistance to climate change. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your bedroom almirah design being ruined due to extreme heat or dampness. If you’re searching for a cheap and easy almirah, get an MDF model with bold accent colors.

Try these wooden pooja mandir designs for home that are matching with your wooden almirah design as well.

Wood Laminate Almirah

Laminate is the finest choice if you want to add a beautiful, cost-effective end to your cupboard. Laminate finishes are scratch-resistant and come in a variety of styles, making them an ideal choice for high-use units such as almirahs. wooden laminate almirah designWhile many laminate finishes have a glossy appearance, you may choose for a matte look by opting for a wood-like laminate wardrobe rather than choosing from a wooden almirah design catalog.

Also, read and view the latest trending Indian style pooja room designs for your home here.

Membrane Almirah

The most common and popular finish for bedroom cabinets is the membrane, which is a PVC foil that’s rapidly growing in popularity. membrane wood almirah designThe biggest benefits of using a membrane over other finishes are its low cost and long-lasting durability. A water-resistant, glossy, matte, or wood type of membrane finish is available.

Matte Wooden Almirah

A matte finish almirah design is the most elegant and sophisticated kind of storage. While glossy finishes have long been standard, people are now experimenting with numerous finishes for their wardrobes, such as matte.matte wood finish almirah Matte Finished Mirrors diffuse light, enhancing color consistency. Another advantage of a matte finish is that scratches and flaws are less noticeable. This makes it ideal for high-touch surfaces like wardrobes.

For stylish and modern mandir design for home check these designs also.

Glossy Wooden Almirah

With its timeless appeal, a high-gloss almirah is hard to beat! Gloss-finish cupboards are simple to keep clean and operate. Nothing compares to the brightness or wow factor of a cabinet in a bright color and glossy finish. modern glossy wooden almirahThis elegant black high-gloss almirah with a mirror, for example, will instantly update any area! What an unusual wardrobe option!

Wooden Almirah With Mirror

Apartments in large cities, such as Mumbai and Bangalore, are very limited. As a result, architects are developing new and inventive solutions to preserve space. wood almirah with mirrorGetting an almirah with a mirror is another popular option. A cabinet with a mirror not only enhances the look of your bedroom, but it also saves space.

Also, read about the wooden main gate here.


There are many different types of almirahs to choose from, so we hope this guide has helped you narrow down your options! If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to consult with a professional interior designer. In addition to this, make sure to measure the space in your room before making a purchase.

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  1. There are several types of designs available in Almirah to choose from and the guide mentioned here precisely described each and every point. One can easily choose these designs in elegant and beautiful shades. All those who want to have amazing interiors, pick from these options.

  2. Love the glass and MDF almirah design. I guess it will be more costly than a wooden almirah though. But the look of it is really good. I’ll talk to my interior designer and think over it but thanks a lot for sharing such amazing almirah designs.


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