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Basic Vastu Dosha for entire home and its Nivaran

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Picture this situation:  You have just landed your first job at Deloitte and it pays extremely well.  You feel as though you are experiencing a wonderful streak of good luck because the salary you get from your job has allowed you to buy your first house and furniture for it.  You are excited when moving day comes. Then you pick up a magazine which brings up an interesting point: the layout of furniture in your house can play a large role in determining whether you will have good or bad luck. 

Panicked, you read the article because you really don’t want or need bad luck at this stage of your life! You learn about an interesting concept called vastu. You think to yourself, “I wonder what this concept is about?  I have never heard about it before, but it seems to be interesting, so I’ll read on!”  You read about the following:

The title of the article is, “Did you know that the furniture layout in your house can give you bad luck?”  The first concept it discusses is vastu for almirah.“I wonder what an almirah is?”  You read further and learn that it is a standalone place to store one’s wardrobe or cupboard.   The article discusses a concept called vastu for almirah.  It offers you some tips in regards to placing the almirah(s) in your house.

Almirah Vastu Tips

  • Always place the almirah in the Southern or Western direction of your bedroom
  • Make sure that the room you place the almirah in opens to the North.  
  • Place the almirah in a direction which leaves the North-East, South-East, North-West corners, and North and Eastern directions of your house open
  • Use light colors when painting the almirah – bold colors distract and can give you bad luck!
  • Never place mirrors on the almirah

For entire step by step guide on vastu for almirah we recommend you click on link give above to read deeply about wardrobe vastu and its effects.

“What about vastu for the bedroom?”

“I have heard about vastu for the bedroom.  I wonder what this article says about it!”  Curiosity gets the better of you so you read further.  The article makes an interesting point, ‘bedrooms are generators of spiritual energy since people spend 1⁄3 of their lives in their bedrooms!’  You learn that vastu rules dictate that bedrooms always be designed in square or rectangular shapes because this will bring the person good luck!  Further, important vastu tips for bedroom are mentioned here. Few tips are listed below:Vastu Tips for Bedroom

  • Always build the master bedroom in the South-West corner of the house.
  • The head of the house should stay in this room to optimize good luck for the house and family
  • Build the master bedroom to be the biggest room in the house
  • Place the master bedroom in the South-West corner of the top floor of a multi-storied house

“I wonder if vastu for the living room is important?”

“I know that the living room is one of the most important rooms in any house, so I wonder what this article says about vastu for the living room!”  You learn the following

Vastu shastra for the living room has two steps which must be followed.  The first step is positioning the living room on your house’s blueprint. The second is arranging the furniture according to some rules.  According to the first step, the living room must be positioned in the Northern and Eastern corners of your house. The second step dictates that you follow these rules. For in dept knowledge and vastu tips for living room read here.

  • Always build the living room in the East or North corners of the house
  • Remember that living rooms built in the Northern direction of any house will always bring the most good luck!
  • If it is impossible to build the living room in the Northern direction, the North-Western and North-Eastern corners will suffice
  • Make sure that your living room’s ceiling slopes towards the East or North because this will bring you the most good luck.

“Is there vastu for pooja room?”

“I bet there is vastu for pooja room because the pooja room worships God and God is the ultimate bringer of good luck!”  You are right, there are vastu rules to follow when building the pooja room in your house. Here is the list of vastu tips for pooja room:Vastu Shastra for Pooja Room

  • Ensure that you build your pooja room in the North Eastern, Northern, or Eastern rooms of your house because this will bring you the greatest amounts of good luck and blessings from God!
  • Position the doors and windows in the Northern and Eastern directions.  They should not have any door closers, and they should have two shutters!
  • Build your pooja room’s floor in white or off white marble
  • Position cupboards in the Southern and/or Western ends
  • Remember to have thresholds because they always bring good luck
  • Have a ventilator and decorate and paint your pooja room in white, light yellow, or light blue colors.

“I need a study room, are there any study room vastu rules?”

“I have a demanding job which requires that I constantly study. I was wondering if any study room vastu rules exist which will bring me good luck and will help me concentrate better?”  There certainly are, and these rules stipulate a two step process for you to follow when building and designing your study room.  The first step is to build this room in the Western, Eastern, or North Eastern corners of your house.  The second step requires you to do the following:

  • Place your desk and chair in the Eastern or Northern directions of your house.
  • The windows must always face the Eastern, Northern, or Western walls.
  • The doors should face the North-East, Northern, Eastern, or Western directions.
  • Never place your desk and chair for studying underneath a beam.
  • Never place your desk or chair in a position which will have you facing a blank wall or window when studying.

Here is the step by step vastu guide for study room one can adopt while building study room.

“Are there any vastu for staircase rules?”

“I wonder if any vastu for staircase rules exist because I have heard that the staircase is a core part of vastu shastra!”  You are right, the staircase is definitely a vital part of vastu shastra.  The first step of vastu shastra rules for your staircase center around the placement of the staircase in your house.  You should place the staircase in the SouthWestern corner of your house for maximum good luck. If this is not possible, then the Western or Southern directions of your house will suffice. For entire and deep information of vastu shastra tips on staircase click here. The second step requires you to follow some rules which are:



  • Build your staircase in such a manner that you head towards the Western or Southern directions of your house when climbing it, and that you descend towards the Eastern or Northern directions.
  • The staircase should progress in a clockwise direction
  • Make sure to use the area under the staircase as a storage area
  • The roof at the top of the staircase should slope towards the Eastern or Northern directions.
  • The total number of steps on the staircase should end in an odd number.  
  • The number of risers should always end in a 2 when divided by 3
  • Paint your staircase in light and soothing colors

Please note many vastu points come in effect depending upon the site, location, plot size and many other things. Hence we suggest you to consult with some vastu experts before implementing these tips.

Now you can design the house which brings you good luck

Now that you know the secrets of vastu rules for home and how they can bring you good luck, what are you waiting for?  Start decorating and furnishing your new house according to vastu shastra rules!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these vastu dosha remedies. I have an additional study room in the house so should I apply the bedroom vastu rules for the same? Please let me know because I want to bring in more prosperity in my house.

  2. I recently got into the Vastu Shastra policies and always am on the lookout for blogs that can answer my doubts easily. Kudos for clearing all my questions, and giving me information that I was unaware of. I will certainly be following these principles in my home from now onwards.

  3. It effectively captures the reader’s attention by introducing a relatable experience of moving into a new home after landing a lucrative job at Deloitte. The mention of the concept of vastu adds an intriguing element, arousing curiosity and prompting further exploration.


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