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Narrow Kitchen Island: Embracing Functionality and Style

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More than serving their functionalities, with the arrival of the interior designers, kitchens have started to become a space that are the stylish centrepieces of the home.

The interior designers in this modern day and age rack their brains to explore brilliant design ideas and concepts that would make the cooking space aesthetically appealing without stripping them of their functions.

Apart from the common large, wide common islands, narrow kitchen islands are gaining wide popularity and have managed to become a part of the mainstream architecture and designs in no time.

Charm of Narrow Kitchen Islands

The reason for the surge in popularity of the narrow kitchen island is the fact that when they save a considerable amount of space, they do not fail to bring the added functionality into your culinary space.

Charm of Narrow Kitchen IslandsIf you are concerned about every inch of the space that the design of your kitchen would occupy, then these narrow kitchen islands are no doubt a suitable option for you.

It brings to the table, the expert way to creative storage and is an incredible space-saving solution.

And do not forget that these kitchen designs in a way would steal the aesthetically pleasing feature that your kitchen would otherwise offer which makes it more charming.

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Space-Saving Streamlining and Optimisation

In your quest for an efficient narrow kitchen island that is space saving, two other features, streamlining and optimisation comes as part and parcel. Space-Saving Streamlining and Optimisation

These kitchens would help you maximise the vertical space by placing the cabinets and other storage spaces in a very strategic manner.

These small islands are integrated into the kitchen spaces in such a manner that they would occupy relatively little space on the smaller side.

You can also think about other smart storage solutions such as pull-out drawers where you can keep your culinary essentials.

This will be an aesthetically appealing sight to look at when it has already made a statement by elevating its functionality.

They also provide the occupants with a counter space that can be efficiently used for meal-preps, serving and dining.

A productive flow of work

Who doesn’t know that a perfect kitchen will place its functionality above anything else? And if you choose a slim kitchen island that would be the best solution for this. You can also opt for the idea of ‘kitchen work triangle’.

This is a design concept where the stove, sink and refrigerator would be efficiently arranged in such a manner that it would ensure a smooth flow for tasks like cooking, cleaning and storage of food.

This would be the best way to elevate the efficiency of your kitchen space.

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Appealing Physical Appearance

When functionality is significant, who would want to compromise with the aesthetics of their cooking area?

These narrow island kitchens would give you endless options to add a sense of personal style to one of the important rooms of your home.

All your design preferences for your dreamy culinary space, ranging from modern and streamlined to rustic and industrial can be fulfilled with the aid of these kitchens.

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Modern Kitchen Island Ideas

Now that we’ve discussed the attractive qualities of narrow kitchen islands, let’s look at some of the innovative concepts that would make your kitchen islands extraordinary without sacrificing either utility or the aesthetics:

Simple and uncluttered Marvel

In this modern age where the dominant mantra is Less is the New More, a modern kitchen with minimalistic space usage would be the best option where everything will be uncluttered and do not fail to look marvellous.

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas

Avoid all the complexities and try to keep only the essential items where simplicity would be the highlight.

The countertop can be designed in the form of waterfalls which flow all the way down to the sides of the island to achieve the most sophisticated look.

Opting for a monochromatic colour palette will also be a brilliant idea to increase the aesthetic appeal. 

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Marvels with Many Levels

This is another best idea to keep in mind and embrace while designing your kitchen. Plan a thoughtful integration of heights so that you can create a dynamic environment.

When one side can be completely assigned for food preparation, which also features additional functionalities like butchers’ block, the other side can be a beautiful bar area or a stylish dining space.

This designation of space can be a clever way to maximise utility of a relatively small kitchen space.

Fashionable Open Shelving

Installing fashionable open shelves is another great way to compromise the lack of storage space. Fashionable Open Shelving

This wise choice can definitely provide your kitchen with a sense of openness and it can also serve as an instrument to showcase your colourful utensils or any other decorative culinary items or even your culinary books.

Thus, try this to miss the visual pleasure which also maintains the everyday convenience.

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Distinctive Colour Components

An ideal way to make your kitchen island stand out from the rest of the space would be to give it a splash of vibrant, bright colours.

The background can be kept simple with a light shade so that the slim island will look more elegant and take the centre stage.

The colour palettes that would compliment each other can and the rest of the areas of the house can be chosen to make it an ideal space.

Aesthetics of Industry with Elegance

Try to make the environment more harmonious by infusing the contemporary aesthetics of industry with your choice of contemporary design.

Aesthetics of Industry with EleganceThis can be done by incorporating the raw materials such as metal accents and exposed wood elements which is the current trend.

A personal touch can also be brought to the scenario by choosing the bar stools that have leather seats whose colour would complement the background colour of the kitchen.

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Innovative Use of Technology

Your culinary space can be turned into a work of art by incorporating the currently trending technology into your contemporary design.

Elements of technology like wireless charging stations, built-in speakers, or even tablet holders can be installed in the space that is in your arm’s reach to make your kitchen more fashionable and dreamier. 


Thus, today’s design concepts of the kitchen area would never fail to meet your needs as a utilitarian while keeping up with the modern aesthetics.

The designs and ideas that were discussed so far will definitely help you design a great cooking space that would be an object of envy for the outsiders.

You can also add your personal touch to make the space feel more close and homely.

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