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Interesting Tips for Modular Kitchens

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Kitchen is the place for you where you can make your loved ones happy with delicious hot meals served to those hungry stomachs. However, it is possible only when you get a clutter free kitchen and has a proper storage where you can store plenty of things and a clear worktop that makes you work without getting tired and best of all a kitchen that can be cleaned easily.

If you are planning to get a modular kitchen, you should be equipped with useful modular kitchen design ideas and tips for a grand kitchen that is functional.

  1. First you have to know the kind of cooking you will be doing in the kitchen according to the size of the family and their likes. Modular kitchen comes in different sizes, shapes, styles and colors too. The liberty of choice makes it the most preferred kitchen concept in the modern times. To make your kitchen vastu compliant you can check vastu tips for kitchen here.
  2. Based on your requirements, you can choose designs like C – shaped or U; parallel, etc. besides you can choose the material and the appliances too. The mode of cooking like baking, deep frying, boiling should be prioritized so that you know what kind of the cooking range you will need and where to place them.
  3. Use of matte finish should be done carefully as it is not easy to clean, instead choose a high gloss or semi gloss paint. Tiles are best for behind the counter wall.
  4. Chimneys should be appropriate for your style of cooking and provision for a window is a must for good ventilation.
  5. Buy accessories that are rust free and are easy to maintain as well. Besides providing good looks, accessories should be good in function.
  6. Choose plywood that is boiled water resistance and ISI product. Pay attention to the hinges and the telescopic wheels as well. Use only durable products that enhance the life of the cabinets, drawers, etc. Storage is extremely important and in modular kitchen you get to see plenty of styles depending on the cleaning and storing the aspect.
  7. In the modular kitchen you also have to consider the colors, textures, fittings. Color combination that are great or the kitchen is red and white, cream and brown, white and blue and also yellow with green. The finish that is used should be durable, attractive as well easy to clean.
  8. Counter tops for ease of use are granite, marble, and natural stone. Although marble looks great, it is soft and thus stains easily.
  9. Try to get maximum light exposure in the kitchen. Sufficient illumination from the ceiling and even the lights on the wall should be carefully planned.

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  1. I must say that a modular kitchen concept is absolutely refreshing and stunning. No one can deny that the
    Countertops used in most of these kitchens are made using marble, natural stone, and granite. These marbles look absolutely stunning, and soft, and help in getting rid of the stain easily. I am impressed with the entire blog as the information is framed so beautifully covering all the points properly.

  2. This article is very helpful in designing and guiding the establishment of a modular kitchen. The key pointers help in reading the content firmly. If you decorate your kitchen, I recommend reading this article. First, it will be beneficial for you and design the kitchen. It includes all the valuable points that need to be considered when designing a modular kitchen. Thanks for sharing such a good article.


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