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Recharge Your Body and Soul with our At-Home Sauna Solution

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Concept of Sauna at hotels, resorts, spa’s is very common and has been laying around for hundreds of years now. Saunas are known for its ability to promote relaxation, relieve stress and detoxify the body by sweating out impurities. But,Why go outside when you can make your sauna at home.

Have you ever imagined the feeling of a sauna at home?

Yes, we can make it possible. A home sauna can provide you a retreat of a spa at your own place and there is no need to install it, there are various portable options or permanent fixtures that you can build in just a few hours and can enjoy all the therapeutic benefits.

If you have seen in hotels then you must know that a sauna is basically a wooden room that gives warmth or heat to the body. The temperature rises around 145 Fahrenheit to 190 degrees. It is hundred percent safe and secure. You just need water and electricity to create an ambience and increase the humidity in the sauna room.home sauna

The main aim of sauna is to relax and recharge your mind and soul, besides relaxation there are also some other benefits of having a sauna bath:

  • Helps in common cold problems
  • Helps to recover from muscular pain
  • Helps in cardiovascular health
  • Make in detoxifying your skin
  • Help pregnant women after child-birth
  • Improve performance in sports culture
  • Helps to recover from fatigue and calms the soul

A sauna is slightly different from a steam room as it is much hotter and uses dry heat and envelopes an atmosphere of low humidity. There are several options for having a sauna at home including Traditional wood burning sauna, Electrical sauna or Infrared sauna.

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Finding a perfect sauna according to it’s usage of heating elements is preferably your choice.

Find Your Ideal Home Saunaindoor home sauna

 Steam Room

It is a type of heated room that uses steam to create a warm and humid atmosphere. It is typically designed by tiles
   Electric               It is a type of sauna that uses an electric heater to produce heat. These elements are usually made of stainless steel or ceramic.
   Infrared                 It uses infrared radiation to produce heat which is directly absorbed by the body. More convenient and enjoyable

The Best: Dynamic ‘Andora’ FAR infrared Sauna

It is a type of infrared sauna that is designed to penetrate tissues in our body and gives a relaxing effect. It is better than a professional spa and uses six elements of heating such as carbon heaters which absorbs the body’s warmth and gives a benefit of relaxation, detoxification and pain-relief.

It also enhances the user’s experience by including LED lighting, bluetooth soundproof system and digital touch controls. It makes a good option for limited space and can be used by two people at once. It is easily available on amazon. You just need to install it and it is ready to use.infrared sauna

                         Wood           Natural Canadian Hemlock wood
                        Capacity                           Two person
                          Heater               6 infrared heating panels
                    Temperature                             140F
                          Door               Clear tempered glass door



  • Professional look and style
  • Inner and outer LED controls
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Even heating
  • Affordable

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TheraSauna 4-Person Indoor FAR Infrared Sauna

It is also a type of infrared sauna that is designed for use by up to 4 people at a time. It features a range of carbon heaters that emit infrared radiation. This is also designed with additional user experience like bluetooth system, LED lighting and digital control..

It is similar to Dynamic ‘Andora’ FAR infrared Sauna, the main difference is it has a four seating capacity with curved benches that faces each other. You can adjust the settings with the touch panel and can even control the heating elements. It is also available at amazon with a high price as compared to Dynamic ‘Andora’ FAR infrared Sauna.home sauna-carbon


  • Can adjust temperature and infrared
  • Memory settings
  • Comfortable seating
  • Heats up quickly
  • Maximum space capacity


  • Not the best option for small spaces 
  • High-budget

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  • Take a shower before getting into sauna room
  • Cover yourself with a towel or a cloth
  • Enter and exit as soon as possible, don’t open the gate for a longer period of time
  • Adjust the temperature and don’t burn your skin.


  • Do not sit directly on the bench
  • Do not shave, brush or tweeze in the sauna room
  • Do not leave any litter behind
  • Do not smoke in the sauna room
  • Do not invite more people than the capacity
  • Avoid Drinking alcohol
  • Do not have a heavy meal before entering the sauna
  • At first, use it for only 10-15 minutes to avoid any compulsionhome sauna-precautions


Using a home sauna can be an advantage and privilege too as it benefits your health and wellness. Sauna therapy is known to promote relaxation, reduce stress, improve blood circulation, detoxification, weight control, alleviate pain and overall mental being.

Searching for the best sauna is not a problem at all, you can have a portable sauna at your home with your choice of heating element. Choose the best sauna that matches your comfort and happiness. You can purchase saunas online at ecommerce platforms like amazon and flipkart.

When using a home sauna, make sure to take proper safety measures to avoid any hindrance such as maintaining body temperature, staying hydrated and avoiding prolonged sessions. It is also recommended to consult a healthcare provider before setting up a sauna to avoid any risk if you have any pre-existing medical issues like skin problems or asthma.

Overall, incorporating a method of home sauna can be very beneficial for your wellness routine and improve metabolism in an enjoyable way.

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