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Top 8 Small Bedroom Ideas and Tips to make your home look bigger

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The small bedroom is not something that would be on your dictionary if you had the wit to understand the ways by which you can well arrange the things in your room. If you have the art of keeping things properly, you would not fail to get the space you need in your bedroom as well. So it is not an option for those who keep things recklessly.

But still, if you don’t know how to manage things then here are a few mind-blowing ideas that are going to give you a way to make your house a better place. Here are 8 small bedroom ideas for you.

  • Paint your rooms with lighter colors

Oh yes, this is not just a myth now. If you want your bedroom to look spacious you need to paint it up with a lighter color. There is a simple logic behind this. If you are going to have a light color paint on the walls of the bedroom, it would reflect the light from all the walls and make the room look bigger, whereas if you paint it up with dark colors, you are going to feel as if the room is smaller because the paint will absorb light.

  • Use space-saving furniture

Your furniture takes a lot of space in your room. Getting too many furniture inside would definitely make things claustrophobic. So there are chances that you can always use furniture that would save space. Like a fold-up chair. You can keep it somewhere in your storeroom and take it out when you need it. This will allow you to carry on the decorating room idea.

  • You can get a bit creative as well

There are so many ways by which you can save space like you can arrange a futon bed or a double-decker couch. You can also cover up with the pull-up bed or something like that. At times, we get to realize that saving space is an art and if you are not good at it, things might look a bit oversized, even when they don’t be that. Isn’t this a fine décor idea for bedroom?

  • Use transparent furniture

Now, this might sound like another funny idea or hack but trust me this works. If you are looking for a place which is small then you might need a hack to save yourself from all the problems. For this, you can use transparent furniture. Just because of the see-through the property of the transparent object you can simply enjoy the fact that space has enlarged. You can get some more room decorating ideas with this.

  • Lower to the ground

Now you might not agree with me here but yes it is true. If you keep yourself attached lower to the ground, there are chances that you feel your bedroom is huge. And trust me, it is the right thing and not something absurd. You will feel it when you are going to be there. If you are in a room which is small then just place your sleeping mattress on the floor rather having high beds. This will give you a lot of space and you wouldn’t even realize that the place is small. It is also one of the finest room bedding ideas for you.

  • Exposing legs of furniture

This is a tried and tested way to make your bedroom look enlarged. All you need to do is expose the legs of the furniture. This will allow you to see beyond your furniture.

  • Make more shelves

Shelves are always a saver. You can always check out the ways to make more shelves and it will definitely help you in saving the space and make your place look bigger.

  • Corner yourself

Yes, if your bed is in the middle it would definitely make space a problem. So don’t middle yourself, just place your bed in the corner and check out the increased space.

So these are a few quick hacks and ideas that you can apply in your house if the bedroom is small for you. If you need to know something more about your house, be it Vastu or something else regarding your house, it would be definitely helpful if you reach out to the other articles on DecorChamp.

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  1. Interesting idea to use transparent furniture in the room because it’ll give a spacious look instead of cluttering the room. I also like your idea of putting the bed closer to the floor. I think that it would be more comfortable for people who are used to sleeping on the floor. Can we use a loft bed instead of a regular bed?

  2. Wonderful blog! It had all the perfect solutions and helped me in every way to make my house bigger than before. The main plot behind it is very informative and useful, especially the wall painting and transparent furniture method.

  3. Maximize space in your small bedroom with these 8 ingenious ideas. Start by painting your walls with lighter colors to create the illusion of a larger space, enhancing the overall brightness and openness of your room.


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