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Color on Open Shelves: Appealing Kitchen Visuals

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Open Shelves are something that creates a stunning visual in our kitchen design. And, the best part is we can go for several design choices in open shelving. For instance, showcase your rustic and minimalist lifestyle using open shelves. Or, you can communicate modern sophistication with the clean line. Colors on Open Shelves are a new concept that adds a unique touch to your kitchen. 

If you are into interior design, then you must be looking for ways to style your kitchen shelves. So, go with a white, gray, or black dishware that can instantly accentuate the look of your kitchen and offer you a brighten-up place. So, add functionality, liveliness, and design to your kitchen by adding colors on your Open Shelves. 

Go With Green Color 

The green color is definitely in. So, if you are planning on adding this color to the open shelves then it is absolutely a brilliant idea. For modern and contemporary spaces, Green is going to be of brilliant use. It feels elegant and dashing with the lighter tones and shades. So, kitchen walls painting ideas and photo gallery in cream or grey, you can try out this or open shelves and cabinet color in a shade of Green. 

Keep the Aesthetics in Mind

Open Shelves are amazing for your tiny kitchen. It can make your kitchen feel airy and open. So, choose the cabinet color and doors in such a way that they showcase aesthetics. For instance, you can go with a backsplash tile, popping paint color, and natural wood for enhancing the look of your kitchen. 

  • Try out Eye-catching Blue colors such as deep blue and rich blue. It may bring a big impact on your kitchen. Or, you can try out lighter and muted shades of blue such as peacock blue, cobalt, deep blue, and lighter hues of velvet in the kitchen. It will create a great visual impact while leaving your space undisturbed. 

Go For Bright Red Cabinet 

If you want a dramatic kitchen, then try out open shelves having red color with a light background showing off at the centre. It will add a subtle bright twist in your kitchen making it look amazing. 

One can also use items available in a variety of sizes and shapes on top of it to style. You can start by placing your largest objects such as framed art, wooden cutting boards, tall vases, etc, and spread them out across the shelves. Colors and patterns can instantly enhance the look and with different shapes of cutlery, you can get a more casual display. there are so many latest kitchen almirah designs that look great with this.  

Open Shelves with All White Theme 

It is a wonderful way to style your kitchen and give it a stunning twist. You can start with wooden shelves against the white planked walls and the marble countertops giving a focal point. An all-white shelve will easily blend with your kitchen aesthetics making it look even bigger. In addition, you can create an accent by placing simple dishes and utensils on it. 

Brass Open Shelves 

Adding colors on Open Shelves is ok, but have you ever tried brass open shelves. If you are someone who likes to add a touch of traditional style to your modern kitchen, then it is an amazing idea. Make your kitchen look extremely fantastic and trendy by adding open shelves with open brass color.

Experiment With Neutral Palettes 

Open Kitchen Shelving can make your kitchen look really beautiful if you choose a color palette precisely. For instance, go with a Neutral palette. For instance, try out wooden cutting boards available with creamy color palettes to make your kitchen aesthetics look astounding. Here you can take advice related to interior designing from experts.

Dual Tones For Achieving a Unique Look 

Add an essence of calmness in your kitchen by choosing a color theme in dual-tone. For instance, you can begin with a pastel shade palette. Or, you can try out open shelves in white and pale blue color. These lighter shades will not only ease the eye more than the collected dishes but also would not disturb the look of your kitchen look. 

Mixing Up The Texture 

Open Shelving works the similar way as you style your bookshelf in your kitchen. So, think about the texture and color that can bring depth to your space. For instance, you can try by adding a basket, wooden bowl, along a different texture for ceramic appeal. 

Opt for Warming Yellow or Orange 

If you look at the top kitchen trends in 2022 then you will find that bolder and warmer shades are a lot in demand. So, do try out your open shelving with these energetic shades like Warm Yellow and orange. It will make your kitchen look amazing.

To keep the look contemporary make sure you go with traditional cabinets. In the kitchen shelves, bolder versions of these colors look really amazing. So, make sure that you go for these dominant shades. 

Achieve the Industrial Kitchen Look With Grey

As we all know, Texture infuses depth into the design available in your kitchen. So strategically use the combination of neutral colors with bold textural accents. For an industrial kitchen look, you can opt for dark grey textures on the walls with a cream-colored wooden cabinet.

Also, note that textured laminates are available in various designs and they will instantly stimulate the look and feel of natural materials such as silk, suede, natural stone, silk, and so on. You can also use LED lights that flash and make your open shelves look chic and stylish.


If you are having a smaller kitchen then try out open shelves and use these above-mentioned color ideas that you can implement to achieve a classier look in your kitchen. 


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  1. I agree! I think that open shelves are a great way to show off your personality in your kitchen. I love how they can be styled with different dishes and cookware. And, neutral colors are always in style. They help to create a calming atmosphere in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Aesthetic kitchen shelves have always been such a great choice. Thanks for this blog. Kitchen shelves are just another necessity and it has to be designed so well. This blog helped a lot


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