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Since winter is approaching, finding good plants that match your rooms aesthetics and are sustainable becomes necessary. If you are wondering which plants you should go with that are easy to take care of and will live throughout the winters, we have got it covered for you. We believe a few plants are good for decorating your home and will survive through the cold winters.


Jade plant, scientifically named Crassula Ovata, commonly named as money tree is a small plant with pink or white flowers. It is a common houseplant because not only it needs less care and less water but also it can adapt itself to any type of surroundings and sustain well. They are perfect for extreme conditions and can accentuate the look of your living space to a greater extent. You can also keep them on your study table, computer table, small corners, etc.


Dracaena trifasciata is known as the snake plant is an evergreen plant that requires very little amount of water and sunlight for its survival. Its full length is generally about 2ft and it has patched leaves that look very pretty. Placed in the right spot, the plant goes well in the empty corners of the house and accentuates the whole look of the room. They are easily available online and in offline nurseries, if you are looking to buy one.


cactus is a plant well known for its tendency to adapt to extreme conditions. As the name suggests, the Christmas cactus is a winter plant that can easily adapt to extreme cold conditions. It has extremely beautiful leaves and requires very little care, sunlight, water and is an ecstatic piece of decor for your home.


Chinese evergreens are a great choice of plant if you are a novice gardener looking for plants that need less maintenance and look great. These plants need very little sunlight, and can almost sustain in every condition. They also need very less water to be grown in and keep blooming throughout the year spreading a positive happy vibe throughout. It is also one of the most durable houseplants that one can get for their indoor winter garden.


Jasmine is a pretty plant with cute white flowers that grow well in cooler temperatures. They have an amazing smell and can clean your aura. If you are looking for good winter houseplants, you can get one jasmine plant for yourself and place it in a corner with an ample amount of sunlight or your balcony.


Pothos are leafy green plants that require very less sunlight. They are the perfect winter plants as they need less water and no direct sunlight. They grow well under cold conditions and need less care compared to other plants. You can easily grow them in nutrient-rich nutrient-poor as-poor as well as nutrient-poor soil. 


It is another easy and pretty houseplant to grow. It has long narrow leaves that drape over the edge of the pot with plantlets that have longer shoots which can be easily separated from the parent plant and grown easily. They need less watering (about once a week) and can be suited well in a room with moderate temperatures. They can add to the beauty of your interiors.


Hoya Carnosa Wax plants are known to sustain in cooler conditions while blooming. They only need enough water to keep their soil wet and need very little time-consuming care. They have a slow growth rate and hence, their maintenance is less time-consuming. You can get to see spectacular blooms in a wax plant if they get enough sunlight and are water long-lasting with proper temperature management.


Another houseplant with purple blooming flowers that can completely accent your living space and needs very little care. It is a plant that grows easily during the winter season, needs less water and even novice gardeners can take care of it very easily. They are long-lasting plant as well.

Unique ideas To Take Care of Your Plants in Winter 

Do not Over-Water Your Plants:

It is one of the major reasons behind the death of plants. In summers, when water readily evaporates from the leaves and that is why the intake of water is different in that case. But, in the winter you need to take care of water measurements. In general, Topsoil remains dry, that is why you need to dig your fingers at least 2 inches below the topsoil. If that layer has dried, then go for watering or you can skip it.

Buy a Nice Planter:

You must go for a planter with several drainage holes. These drainage holes will help to channel out all the excess water that otherwise will rot the roots. Some of the plants are sensitive to temperature variations and that is why you must remove plants from all sorts of drafty windows, vents, or heaters. Too cold and too warm temperatures are not good for plants to enjoy their stay. Keep all your plants on the side table near the window. 

Buy a Mister Bottle:

Sprinkle water on the plant leaves in case they turn out dry and crunchy.Cut down on the use of Fertilizers: During winters, plants grow slowly, so you must take care of your plants. It would be good if you cut down on the use of fertilizers at this time. 

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  1. This is a very interesting post, I didn’t know that jade plant, wax and pothos could withstand winters. It is really interesting to know that these plants can actually withstand winters. I would definitely want to try growing them in my garden. Thanks for sharing this valuable information!


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