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Marble vs Granite vs Tiles

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Stones of different colors and texture give your home an elegant look

At the time of construction, various types of stones like marble, granite, limestone, tiles etc are required to fulfill decorative as well as essential needs. We at DecorChamp try to give you best decoration ideas always. These stones give a magnificent and elegant look to the interior and exterior of any kind of commercial or residential building. Other than providing elegance and beauty, these stones require less time in construction and offer excellent durability.

The stones are easily available in the market as they come in different textures and colors. We cannot think of constructing our home without using these stones. Thus, constructing a dream house is no longer a dream and converts your dream into reality by using these stones at the time of construction.

Marble Grenite Tiles

Now the question that comes in our mind at the time of construction is: which stone is better? Let’s discuss about the most commonly used stones: marble, granite and tiles.

Marble: Marble stone is easily available in the market and used for flooring and wall decoration. The nature of marble is dense, sound and hard as it come from rocks and is 10-15 feet in length, 5-8 feet in width and 10-20 mm in thickness. The slabs get cut before selling in the market. Depending upon the marble, it is more expensive than granite and tiles and heavy in weight. It is considered as a style symbol and used to make monuments and sculptures that are enough to prove its durability.

Marble Flooring

Granite: Granite stone is more attractive and durable when compared with marble. It is tough and hard in nature as it comes from igneous rocks. Little polishing gives more shine on the granite. Today, granite becomes a necessity to construct modular kitchen as it is available in various colors and texture. Granite is used on wall decoration, granite flooring, stairs, pathway, corridors, counters etc. It gets easily maintained and re-polished to retain the shine.

Tiles: Tiles are known for its durability, slippery, scratch and strain free nature. It comes in various styles, patterns and colors and used to decorate the kitchen wall, flooring, entry gates and bathroom wall of the house. Tiles are available for rough and shining surfaces and can be maintained by simply swiped or mobbed. Granite and marble are also available in the form of tiles.

Floor Tiles

All the above stones are different in their characteristics and can be used accordingly. They provide beauty and elegance to our house when used in an appropriate place and provide multiple benefits.

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  1. An excellent comparison between granite, tiles, and marble. This overview provides the pros and cons of the three types of flooring. I have all three components in parts of my house and I can relate to the differences between all the three you have mentioned in the blog. This will give great insight to people who are confused about what to pick.

  2. This was helpful for me since I have a hard time making decisions. It was nice to see both the pros and cons and the kind of homes these flooring’s would go hand in hand with. I think we will be going with granite flooring since your post mentioned it’s best for modular kitchens!


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