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Elevate Your Bathroom Experience: Stunning Shower Designs and Sets for Small Bathrooms in India

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Taking a bath can be a very fascinating and amazing experience if the right type of showers are used. Showering can bring a good change to yair daily shower routine. If you are willing to bring some good changes then you can consider some very great shower designs for bathrooms.

This blog is going to share some great and useful shower designs that one can install in bathrooms. They will help you to have a good bath. Refer this blog for getting great knowledge of types of shower and their designs for small bathrooms in India. The transformation will help you in having a pleasant bathroom.

Bring the modern touch to your bathroom with help of designer shower styles. Let us start exploring some very great shower designs and sets for small bathrooms in India.

Bathroom Showers: Aesthetic and Functional Designs

This section will help you in knowing some of the great aesthetic and functional designs of shower sets that you can consider for your bathrooms. Check the following options.

Rain Showers

They are suitable for people who love to enjoy their baths in a soothing rain-like feel. The good showers from hindware, jaquar and cera can be chosen for rain showers.

The price range for them can vary from Rs 3,500 to Rs 4,000.

Rain ShowersHand Showers

  • Hand showers are easy to use and they offer good relief. You can choose these types of  showers because of their good design and adaptability. The price range of hand showers can start from Rs 1,800.  You can take showers of brand kohler, etc.

Hand ShowersYou may also like to read: Bathroom door design

Shower Sets for Bathroom: Complete Shower Solutions

If you are trying to find some good shower sets for your bathroom then you can refer to options like these.

  • Concealed shower set- a concealed shower set is a suitable approach. Shower head, diverter and a concealed valve comes in this and one can utilise it. Jaquar and Cera offer good shower sets in India at reasonable prices.
  • Exposed shower set- They are good for bathroom decor too. You can choose from many good patterns and designs. One can install them easily and they look stylish. A classic  and elegant look can be obtained with the help of good brands. The price range may vary from Rs 7000 to 10,000.

Exposed Shower Sets

Small Bathroom Ideas with Showers: Maximising Space and Style

Having a good shower in a small space can be of great help. You can consider the options that are mentioned in this section. Less space can have good and appealing shower designs.

Walk-In Showers

Walk in showers are good as they consume less space. The glass and patterns of glass can be chosen accordingly. They look stylish and appealing in nature. Perfect and durable glass doors should be used for walk-in showers. Cera offers a good walk-in shower at Range of Rs 25,000.

Walk-In ShowersAlso read: Bathroom tiles

Corner Showers

Corner showers are good and they offer a good look too. They can be installed in bathrooms that are small. They can be installed easily on corner sides. The designs and patterns vary and one can choose it accordingly. Jaquar solo offers good corner showers at a range of Rs 18000.

Corner ShowersBathroom Hand Showers: Functionality and Versatility

Look at the options of bathroom hand showers that are shared in this section. Bathroom hand showers can be of great help and you can check it out.

  • Multi function hand showers- Multi function hand showers can be utilised in various patterns and designs. The best hand showers from kohler, cera and alton can be chosen. The price range for a hand shower can vary from Rs 1,200 to 5000.
  • Hand shower set with sliders- They can be a very great choice for your bathroom. Their adjustable nature is very great and one can use them. Use them for their flexibility and designs. Hand showers with sliders can be chosen accordingly and one can buy them at Rs 2,500.

Hand Shower Sets with Sliders

Bathroom Shower Designs: Style and Elegance

Refer to some of the best bathroom shower designs and utilise them as per your choice. The shower designs are shared as follows.

Modern Shower Designs

Modern shower designs can be chosen for modern touch. You can get some of the best modern and elegant style showers from kohler, jaquar and hindware.

Modern Shower DesignsMay you also know about: Toilet seat direction as per vastu

Traditional Shower Designs

For those who want a traditional shower set can choose from classic style showers. You will have a great range of traditional shower sets from cera. The price ranges are affordable too. Choose from the types of shower that matches the vibe of your bathroom.

Traditional Shower Designs

Rain shower bathroom- Rain shower bathrooms are great for good use. Get a good range of rainwater showers in the range of Rs 45,000.

Brand recommendations and price ranges.

Consult the list of brands that can help you in having a good shower set for your bathroom. The best brands are as follows.

  • Hindware stainless steel shower at Rs 3,500.
  • Jaquar shower at Rs 1800.
  • Jaquar queen showers at Rs 18,000.
  • Cera shower at Rs 25,000.
  • Alton shower at Rs 1,200.
  • Jaquar artize showers at Rs 45,000.

All these are some good brand options that you can consider while buying the best shower for your bathroom. You will love the options given by these brands.


The shower sets for small bathrooms can be really helpful and one needs to choose the best ones. This blog is a perfect guide to choose the best shower for bathrooms. You can refer to this blog for amazing trendy shower set options .

Read this blog and choose the shower that suits your bathroom. The best brands are also mentioned here in this blog and you can check them out. The price ranges will give you a good idea of the budget required for the elevating look of your bathroom. Transform the bathroom with a good shower.

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