Bathroom Designs and Trends To Follow in 2022


With time evolving, people are trying to figure out ways in which they can change the interior of their home and the Bathroom is one such corner of the home that is often ignored. As we are progressing with our lives, trends are also changing. 

Now, even interior designers and architects are rethinking the whole decoration and designing techniques. Gone are the days when bathrooms used to be strictly seen as a service or a utilitarian. They are in the spotlight these days. In the coming years,  trends for bathroom designs are going to be more comfortable yet chic in look. To know more about the coming bathroom trends, keep reading this blog. 

Be Authentic and Go with Organic Bathroom designs

In bathroom designs, oval and round shape designs are considered the trendiest shapes. You can transform your bathroom lighting, wall mirrors, and bathroom fixtures into oval and egg-shaped designs.

Curved shapes bring out organic designs into the architectural interiors and it also defines the latest trends in bathroom design. 

Follow Japandi Style 

You will find the Japandi style in trend as it includes all the key principles established from Japanese and Scandinavian. This style has clean lines, calming color palette, and matt surfaces. In short, you want to have a soft and zen vibe in your space, then follow Japandi Style for your bathroom.  

This particular style includes wood, pebbles, stone, and texture for a minimal Japandi look. For the materials, the Japandi style consists of sleek lines and neutral color schemes. You can even mix various wood tones to add a unique texture to your bathrooms. For instance, you can go with bamboo and rattan furniture for achieving a perfect look. Tatami mats and Origami shades are just perfect for adding the essence of Japanese style to your bathroom. 

They are calm interior designs that are mesmerizing and it will be seen as one of the emerging trends in upcoming years. 

Use Green Marbles 

Marbles are considered one of the most luxurious materials to be used in the bathroom It will be a huge hit in the coming year. Marbles have evolved from the common grey and white scheme to new green, pink, blue, and brown shades and they seem to get the most attention. 

You can pair this cool tone green color with the brass fittings to add warmth and other bring-in stones to layer up the natural patterns and textures.

Use Wooden Tiles on the Wall

Wood is that king of material that brings coziness and warmth to any space. Tiles that look like wood are also called ceramic wood or parquet tiles and they look fabulous on the floors and walls. These trendy wooden effect tiles can be used in your homes if you are looking for a sense of luxury. 

Water can destroy the wooden flooring with ease that is why wooden-looking wall tiles are in trend. The best part about wooden-look tiles is that they look completely unique and inexpensive. In addition, they not only make your bathroom look beautiful but spacious too. 

Create a Dark Theme 

If you are looking for a particular theme, then the black color will be dominating in the coming year. Remember, that you do not go all black, with the black theme, we simply mean pick a few items black for your bathroom. This will make your bathroom look updated and refreshed. 

Go with the latest matt black tiles and sanitaryware or you can even choose some black furniture and accessories such as stand-out fixtures or matte black bathtubs. Black tiles on the shower walls or near the tub will create a striking contrast. 

Lighting For Bathroom 

Bathroom lighting ideas are considered one of the most practical parts of bathroom design. It will be more about how you keep the focal point of lighting. Make sure that you keep safety as your priority as a pendant light should hang around 6 feet above the floor and it should not position a low hanging light close to the water source. 

Neutral and Earthy Color Tone 

Many experts have revealed that next year the focus will be on neutral and earthy colors. Whether it is about the living room or bathroom, you will find neutral colors everywhere. 

Warm tones of terracotta, green, and slate shades are considered best for creating serene, comfortable, and relaxed spaces. So, instead of going for vibrant and colorful tiles, go for textures or accents of color palettes in your stylings such as rugs or towels. 

For creating a monochromatic look and theme, go for neutral and natural shades such as beige, burnt orange, brick shades, and apricot colors. You can also use them in tiles, paint, and accessories for adding chic and edginess to your space. These neutral shades and tones will be on the top bathroom tile trends in the next year. 

Look for Stylish Bathtub and Basins

Interior designing trends for bathrooms are going to be all stylish and sleek. So, no matter if your bathroom is big or small, minimalism can be seen.

Go for bathtub and basin designs that will look stylish and can easily be placed in compact spaces. And, with a few but functional items you can easily refresh the whole look of your plain and boring bathrooms. For the smaller spaces, go for minimal storage and freestanding basins instead of the built-in version. It will add drama and character to the space. You can improve the look of your old bathroom with modern interior designs for the bathroom. 


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  1. This is a very modern and updated bathroom design idea that you have shared with us. The colors are very sleek and inviting, the fixtures are all new and there is plenty of storage space here. This would be perfect for a small home that needs an updated bathroom. I love the sleek and modern design of this bathroom! The colors are so inviting.

  2. I was so tired of my boring and basic bathroom, always wanting to change it up into something trendy and cool but could not find the right ideas and designs. I’m so thankful for this article. It helped me out of my dilemma in choosing a perfect style and designing my old bathroom into a brand new one. Honestly, I loved all the design ideas so much that I mixed up all the ideas and created a gorgeous Neutral and Earthy Color Tone bathroom with wooden tiles and a dark theme design Bathroom. It came out to be so beautiful with all this greenery in my bathroom, making it look so calm and down-to-earth and peaceful to look at. The dark theme gives so much classy vibe to it and putting up a matching, and stylish bathtub and basin truly changed the entire look of my bathroom.

  3. I was renovating my house and had no ideas for my bathroom designs. This blog gave me a lot of ideas for my bathroom decoration. This would be a perfect match for my tiny house and make my bathroom look lavishing.

  4. I recenty bought a 2 bhk.I am searching online various ideas of home decor.These bathroom designs deserve wow.Fantastics ideas.Really helpful.


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